EEWC Chapter 25

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 25: Who Are You Calling a Good-For-Nothing? (4)

However, the moment Gu Ruoyun saw the spiritual weapon, she finally understood why this spiritual weapon had been left for so long in Weapon Refining Sect’s Heavenly Spirit Formation without getting taken away.

How should she put it? This sword was indeed a spiritual weapon, but unfortunately, this spiritual weapon had worn out long ago. Its surface was spotted with rust. Like an expert that had lost their spiritual power, it was no different than an ordinary person.

Of course, that was for the average person.

What’s Gu Ruoyun’s identity? A genius in the East Peak Mainland and the owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. It was nothing at all to her to save this formerly majestic spiritual weapon. All she needed was time…

“Zixie, I don’t have a weapon at hand now. Although this spiritual weapon has already lost its spiritual power, it’s still stronger than an ordinary weapon. Furthermore, that strong spiritual Qi I felt just now was most likely what it accidentally absorbed while I was cultivating, that’s why it guided me here!”

There was a period of silence from within her soul. It was only after a long moment that Zixie’s voice rang in Gu Ruoyun’s ears.

“Then take it first, we’ll find a much higher grade one later. Although this one is also a spiritual weapon, it’s of the lowest level, it doesn’t match your status.”

The corner of Gu Ruoyun’s mouth twitched and she held her head helplessly.

Does this guy think that spiritual weapons grow like cabbages? A single low level spiritual weapon would already attract many experts to fight over it, let alone a high level spiritual weapon.

“Let’s go. I’m almost done cultivating, it’s time to leave.”

Outside the cave, many people were already gathered. After seeing Gu Ruoyun walk out from within the cave, there was first a patch of silence, before a mass of questions came from the crowd.

“Gu Ruoyun, what’s a good-for-nothing like you doing here? I felt the strange fluctuations from the cave just now, some treasure must have appeared. Bring out the treasure now, and maybe I’ll spare your life!”

Gu Ruoyun’s brows furrowed slightly. Following the sound of the words, she looked towards the young man dressed in blue standing in the crowd, and the corner of her lips curved up.

“Son of the Vice Minister of the Department of Revenue, the follower of the Ling family’s young master… Who did you call a good-for-nothing just now?”

The young man sneered: “Who else could I be talking about? Isn’t it you, the one that everyone knows is a good-for-nothing? Gu Ruoyun, if you’re smart enough, then bring out that treasure. Otherwise, this official’s son will make you kneel down and kowtow. You’re going to die here anyway, so your brother won’t even know, ha…”


Before he could let out the last sound of laughter, everyone heard a bang. The young man’s body transformed into a point of light, and with a whoosh, he was thrown to the sky before he fell down harshly.

The others felt their minds freeze. They turned their heads a little and their gazes landed on Gu Ruoyun’s thin and weak body.

She was nonchalantly swinging her arm, not even bothering to glance at the young man on the floor.

“He was pretty strong. This strike even made my hand hurt.”

Although the young man was Young Master Ling’s follower, his strength wasn’t inferior to Young Master Ling’s. He was also Qi level 5. Gu Ruoyun, this good-for-nothing who had just reached Qi level 3, could actually slap him to the point that he went flying?

She was even able to say that his strength wasn’t too bad, that it made her hand hurt…

Was this woman complimenting him or insulting him?

“Oh yes,” Gu Ruoyun’s gaze turned to the crowd of people while smiling, “Who else called me a good-for-nothing? Do you dare to step out?”

Actually, the moment she ad contracted with the Ancient Divine Pagoda, it had already cleansed her body and soul. Not only had her soul and abilities grown stronger, it had also raised the level of all aspects of her body. Unless they broke through the Qi levels and reached the martial artist ranks, none of them could be an even match for her.

Looking at the current Gu Ruoyun, the crowd exchanged looks, but no one dared to step forward.

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