DWGMSFF Chapter 48

Bonus chapter as a gift for a new school year.

Chapter 48

Translated by 1314dreamer

Edited by ororomunroe90

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  • Thanks for the chapter.

  • Dreamer is there a schedule on when u update DWFF? Like is there a specfic days for each eg 1st dose of the week is every WED then 2nd on SAT? Since u only really update 2x a week. Im going crazy waiting for the update. The cliff hanger is killing me. Im even went on counting the gap on the dates u post ur 2doses thinking aha maybe, just maybe Dreamer updates 1st dose of the week 5 days after the last weeks 2nd those and then post 2nd dose 2 days after the 1st dose. IDK

    • ororomunroe90

      Hi, there isn’t a specific date for each release, sorry. Dreamer uploads it and I edit then release soon afterwards. Because we’re both have busy lives, we cannot guarantee a fixed schedule because we might not make it work each time and that would be disappointing to our readers. I hope you understand! 🙂

    • 1314dreamer

      i dont have a specific day of uploading, but I do two chapters a week. I translate the story and orormunroe edit it. So it depends on whether we are free some days in the week to upload