Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 13

1st regular chapter of the week!

Cultivation Chat Group now accepts donations at $50 per chapter, I’m placing this higher than CEO because it’s longer and much much harder to translate than CEO. Do support if you’d like!

Reader Khuja has volunteered to help with editing as well, thanks!

Chapter 13: If……

TL: Premonition

ED: Khuja, Asvare

  • Will this be also 3 regular chapters per week? 50 dollars is fine with your scheduled releases and maybe have it as 3 regular chapters a week it’s fair.

  • LOL technically a donation is when your going to do something an people give to say thanks, by you setting a price it has turned into a purchase not a donation. LOL Not complaining just informing the correct english useage of wording.

    • etvolare

      I almost feel like the word donations is outdated now. Tips? would be more accurate.

    • Hmm
      What about some one, such as hurrican-strike people, or some organizations (such as UNHCR), do something that definitely NOT relate to me and ask me for money. Is that not donation?