Celestial Employee Chapter 23 + Author note

Hey all! This chapter has an author’s message at the bottom and I have translated it as it really speaks about this the type of novel this is. You can read it at the bottom of the chapter, or at the bottom of this post

For those who don’t already read the novel, you can check it out on the TOC page to see if you would want to try this novel out.

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Chapter 23 Blue Pills

First regular chapter of the week enjoy.

Author note: It’s the eve of the lunar new year, let me say some things. Secondly, issues with the plot, those who read my novel would know. My novel isn’t like those where the lead is super powerful from the start (TL:and/or MC doesn’t power up like most/every other chinese novel MC on steroids.). Therefore those looking for an invincible MC from the start (TL:and/or power ups easily) would inevitably be slightly disappointed. I prefer to write the process of how a person slowly becomes stronger, as well a the lead’s normal and dull life, rather than him being invincible immediately, and proceeding to become almighty under the heavens, and XXOO (TL: You know… >.> <.< those things) with beauties.

End of what i translated. With some omissions.