BPC Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Get Lost!

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A quilt and a pillow!

The revelation left Ji Yunshu feeling as if the clouds shrouding her mind were slowly dispersing.

The victim’s body didn’t show any injuries, so something soft must have certainly been used as the murder weapon.

She should have thought of it earlier!

Luan’er had a more relaxed expression. Underneath her low eyebrows, her spirited eyes seemed to be covered with layers of fog clouding her thoughts. “Miss, are you alright? Could it be that I said something wrong?” Luan’er asked.

“You didn’t say anything wrong. Rather, you reminded me.”

“I reminded you?”

Ji Yunshu nodded. She returned to ponder over it and continued mumbling. “If a person died a natural death, their flesh would turn rigid after two or three days. The same phenomena will happen to poison victims. However…”

She was hit by a sudden realization!

‘I understand! It was so obvious. Everything was all linked together!’

She clapped her hands and exclaimed happily, “As expected, the Heavens are still fair. The hand of justice is all-encompassing; the guilty shall not escape. They can’t escape from their fate!”

Not waiting for Luan’er to react, Ji Yunshu quickly strode out. She planned to go to the yamen to reverse the verdict. But after several steps, she remembered that she still hadn’t changed into male clothing.

Changing clothes several times a day was incredibly annoying! If she was in the modern times at this moment, she really wanted to travel to Thailand! She was about to return to her room when a small cuju ball1 rolled to her feet.

“Don’t touch my ball.” A high-pitched voice rang out.

‘Fine, fine, fine. Your ball is your ball; just get lost with your ball!’ Ji Yunshu kicked the ball, and the cuju ball was hit several times into the air before it landed next to a decorative flower patch.

Lingzhi scuttled here just in time to see her cuju ball kicked up and down. She ferociously glared at Ji Yunshu before she went to pick it up from the ground.

She swung toward Ji Yunshu while pointing at her. “Why did you kick my ball? This is something Third Brother gave to me. If you break it, how are you going to compensate me?”

Ji Yunshu frowned. “That thing went into my courtyard. Don’t tell me I can’t kick that thing a bit when it landed in my courtyard?!”

‘Little one, do you believe that I can also kick you out if you argue with me again?’

Ji Lingzhi’s flame of anger was fanned. She ruthlessly shouted, “Disgusting and shameless! This is obviously something Third Brother gave me. When did it become yours?”

So small and yet full of spirit, but that ruthless personality totally didn’t match her age.

‘How extremely unsightly!’

“I don’t feel like arguing with you. Hurry and take your ball and go.”

‘Hurry and get out!’ She turned away and walked to her house. She needed to hurry to the yamen to reverse the verdict first.

But how could Ji Lingzhi, who was such an unreasonable individual, easily let this matter slide.

Her small body directly blocked Ji Yunshu’s path. She lifted her head and revealed a vengeful expression. “Earlier, you kicked my ball. I want you to apologize to me.”

“Get out of the way. I have no time for your nonsense.”

“Apologize to me, and I’ll let you go.”

Ji Yunshu simply pushed her out of the way, but since she was afraid of hurting her half-sister, she didn’t use much strength in her wrist. Instead, Ji Yunshu got shove by Ji Lingzhi into staggering back. With the slippery snow under her feet, her body became unstable and she fell.

She braced herself for the impact, but unexpectedly, someone held her waist and shoulder. Her body was on the verge of falling once again, but the support was firm.

“Are you alright, Yunshu?” A voice that seemed as clear as a spring rang in Ji Yunshu’s ears. It was Ji Wanxin’s ever so pleasant voice.

Ji Yunshu waited until both of her legs were stable before giving a side glance, and Ji Wanxin’s delicate face was very closed to hers.

That woman seemed like a polished sculpture.

Several times, Ji Yunshu really wanted to peel off her skin and find out what was underneath.

At this moment, when Luan’er heard the commotion coming from outside, she peeked out for a look and became alarmed.

She witnessed her young miss, who was about to fall, being helped by Ji Wanxin. She dashed to her miss to support her.

“Miss, are you alright?”

Ji Yunshu shook her head.

“Second Sister, why did you protect her? This bastard should just fall and die.” Ji Lingzhi complained upon seeing Ji Wanxin helping Ji Yunshu.

Ji Wanxin’s slender and jade-like fingers released Ji Yunshu’s shoulder. She displayed a nondescript countenance as she walked toward Lingzhi.

Ji Lingzhi believed that her second big sister loved her the most and thought that Ji Wanxin wanted to stroke her head and comfort her.

But how could she have guess that reality was far from her imagination.

Slap! The slap resounded. The hand fell firmly on Lingzhi’s tender face.

“Who taught you this kind of misbehavior? Yunshu is your big sister and your elder. How can you speak to her like this? Didn’t the teacher at school teach you that you can’t treat people in such a rude way?”

The rebuke and the slap followed one after another!

The good tempered Ji Wanxin could unexpectedly show such a severe and fierce face, scaring everyone present.

Ji Lingzhi covered her burning cheek, staring at her second sister in shock.

Ever since she could remembered, her second sister loved her the most and would never hit or scold her. But today, did she eat the wrong medicine? “Second Sister? Why did you hit me?” She didn’t understand; thus, she became enraged.

Ji Wanxin held her hands in front of her abdomen and returned to her usual appearance. “You have been pampered and spoiled since you were small. Your temper is becoming more and more unruly and wicked. Your birth mother died giving birth to you, and dad also didn’t taught you. As for grandmother, she wasn’t concerned about you. We send you to school, but you refuse to go. Instead, you followed Third Brother all day long, causing trouble everywhere and only learning a bunch evil tricks!”


The words coming out from the taciturn Ji Wanxin were like strikes of lightning hitting Ji Yunshu. Why hadn’t she  discovered that she had such an eloquent, well-rounded, and talented older sister!

Lingzhi’s anger caused her small body to shake. She absolutely couldn’t accept it. She pouted her mouth the more her anger grew, making her expression more intense. She moved around Ji Wanxin and murderously looked at Ji Yunshu.

“It’s all your fault! I am going to kill you!”

As soon as she said that, she dashed toward Ji Yunshu and pounced on her.

Ji Yunshu quickly evaded while pulling Luan’er away at the same time, resulting into Ji Lingzhi throwing herself at empty air.

Because of the stone slab on the ground being covered in snow, adding to the fact that Ji Lingzhi was wearing smooth flat purple embroidered shoes, she couldn’t stop herself in time as her body became unsteady. She unexpectedly ended up throwing herself at a porcelain flower vase.


The porcelain flower vase shattered on the ground while her tiny body fell on top of it.


Ji Yunshu’s kindness surfaced, and she stepped forward to help Lingzhi up.

Behind Ji Yunshu, Ji Wanxin was scared frozen! Because of the broken porcelain, Ji Lingzhi’s two hands were injured, and blood from the wound dripped to the ground.

As Ji Lingzhi let out a resounding cry, she didn’t forget to push Ji Yunshu away.

“I loathe you. I hate you. I forbid you from touching me. My hand…”

“Luan’er.” Ji Yunshu anxiously shouted. “Quickly take the fourth miss into the house for medicine.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Luan’er stepped forward, but Ji Lingzhi kicked her without restraint and happened to hit right on Luan’er tibia.

“Get lost!”

So much strength from such a small person! Unflinchingly, Ji Yunshu  solemnly warned her, “If you want your hand to be impaired, then go ahead, continue…”

She didn’t care about anything else as she cried or shouted. “I will tell father! I’ll tell him that you bullied me. I will make father kill you! I hate you all!”

When she was done, she spread her bloody hands for all to see and ran out of the courtyard while wailing.

‘Hey! You don’t want your cuju ball back?’

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  1. Cuju is the equivalent of soccer/football in ancient China