BPC Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – This Prince is Alright

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Ji Yunshu really underestimated Jing Rong. She would have never imagined that his martial arts was this surprisingly outstanding.

While he fought, she spared no effort to drag Fu Bo to the side.

It was better to watch from the sidelines!

Jing Rong fought with his bare hands. He was engaged in a heated battle against several men in black. His tall and stalwart body was deadly, and he didn’t lose out in agility.

After he dodged the swords, he forcefully yanked away a sword from one of the mysterious attackers. But instead of using the sword to protect himself, he immediately counterattacked by killing his enemies which was completely out of Ji Yunshu’s expectations!

His usually noble and lofty appearance felt like it was ripped apart, revealing underneath that layer a vividly vicious, stern and somber entity.

The sword danced in his hand, claiming lives and causing mortal wounds. Three amongst the black-clothed men were already lying in a pool of blood.

The scene of the swords clashing and flashing under the candlelights dazzled the spectators’ eyes.

Ji Yunshu felt her mind tense up. Her hands were still tightly grabbing onto Fu Bo and dragging him away from the fight. The safe and secure place where she stood earlier seemed as if it was hit by a storm.

Right at that moment, one of the black-clothed man noticed Ji Yunshu squatting in a corner. He switched his target and changed his sword swing into a thrust toward Ji Yunshu.

When the sword edge neared her, her eyes widened two-folds in shock.

She was in the youth of her prime, yet she was going to die in such a way. Wasn’t it sad? In that single instant, many thing went through her mind.

For example, the money that she hid under her bed which Luan’er had no knowledge of; the set of calligraphy brushes and inkstone from the Treasured Calligraphy house that she hadn’t used yet; the money for the insoles that she still owed Great Aunt Li who lived on Beixie street!

Ah! She also forgot to tell the people in Ji Mansion that when she’d be buried, she didn’t want to be buried underneath a sandalwood tree. The smell was very strong and she wouldn’t be able to rest in peace. It was better to bury her under a pine tree.


Her chaotic thoughts lasted merely a fleeting moment. Because in reality, the sword had yet to pierce her. It was only a few centimeters away from her. She was about to be stabbed!

Merciful Buddha! Heavens, protect me!’

‘JING RONG!’ If that deity could save her, she would make a mud-clay statue of him.

When Jing Rong saw that the sword was about to pierce Ji Yunshu, his hand accelerated and his sword slashed the black-clothed man’s neck in time!

Blood splurted out and basted Jing Rong’s clean clothes in red along with Ji Yunshu fair and tender face!

The last three men knew that they lost the battle. One of them took the lead and yelled, “Retreat!” They dodged Jing Rong’s sword and jumped onto the roof and escaped into the night.

Do not chase after a cornered enemy.

Jing Rong’s dark and icy gaze were fixed towards the place where they disappeared.

When he turned around, he saw Ji Yunshu’s bloody face. Her face revealed an expression of intense worry. He quickly went in front of Ji Yunshu and grabbed her slender arm. He inquired, “Are you alright? Did you get hurt?”

She shook her head. She appeared to be haggard! She used her sleeve to clean off the blood on her face. After that, she looked dully at Jing Rong and said, “Your Highness has killed people. Can you go a bit farther? If their blood was poisoned, I’d already be dead in an instant.”

“You still have the leisure of saying such things at this time?” Jing Rong had a grave expression.

“This humble one is being serious.” Her eyes glinted as she tried to explain that she wasn’t joking.

Jing Rong helplessly distanced himself from her and went to Fu Bo. He stretched his hand under Fu Bo’s nose, checking to see if he was still breathing. However, to Jing Rong’s surprise, Ji Yunshu hit his hand away. “Fu Bo is not dead yet.”

“I only want to confirm. What are you getting all excited for?”

That was true. She was acting quite emotional and making a fuss over nothing. It must be due to  the lingering fear from the near-death experience.

“Fu Bo must have fainted from fright. Please lend me a hand to bring him back into the hall.”

Jing Rong grunted and lifted Fu Bo all by himself. Ji Yunshu wanted to help but was rejected by Jing Rong. He lightly spoke, “Go wash your face.”

It came out like an order, but it was possible to sense the awkwardness in his voice.

Ji Yunshu nodded. She had yet to tell him where the medicine was, but Jing Rong had already carried Fu Bo inside.

Then she looked at the five corpse littering the ground. She didn’t know whether she should be happy or worried.

She’d still need to take the corpses and burn them. She really shouldn’t have gone out tonight.

After washing her face, she was about to go see Fu Bo when Jing Rong came out with a serious expression. “Fu Bo is resting. Don’t go in and disturb his rest.”

“The wound…”

“I’ve already bandaged it.

Ji Yunshu nodded, then looked at him before showing her gratitude, “Your Highness, thank you very much for earlier.”

“No need to thank me. Saving a life is like building a seven-floor pagoda. Besides, my case is still unresolved. If you die now, who can this prince find to replace you in such a short time?” Jing Rong’s stubborn temper was stimulated.

Ji Yunshu was used to his temper. She gave him a few glances of gratitude.

But then, one of the men in black rose from the ground without anyone noticing and used the last of his strength to lift his sword and slash at the nearest person who was Ji Yunshu. Her back was faced towards the black-clothed man, thus she completely failed to sense the danger.

“Be careful!”

Jing Rong was caught off guard. He pulled Ji Yunshu into his embrace and faced the attacker. Without any time to think, he reflexively raised his arm to shield Ji Yunshu from the sword. The sword cut into his arm, creating a long gash.

There was no time to think about his wound. He used his leg to scoop up a sword on the ground and kicked it with all his strength. The sword flew and deeply embed itself into the man’s chest.

He dropped onto the ground, dead!

At this moment, Ji Yunshu was safe and sound in Jing Rong’s arms. Their bodies were so close to each other that she could smell the inherent scent of a man hovering at the tips of her nose, causing her to heat up.

She raised her eyes and cautiously peeped at Jing Rong. Her gaze travelled from his jaw to his long thick eyelashes, lightly trembling with each blink. He was extremely good-looking! Both his hands were monopolizing her waist. It was unclear how much strength was concealed in those hands. At this instant, her heart skipped a beat!

When her recovered her spirit, she retreated back a few steps and lowered her eyes. It took her a lot of effort to calm her heart. After that, she raised her eyes and looked at Jing Rong’s unsteady posture. His expression was weak and his lips were pale.

“Prince, how’s your body?” She stepped forward to support him. Then, she discovered the wound on his arm which startled her. “You’re injured?”

“This Prince is alright.” Jing Rong stubbornly tried to support himself as he incessantly blabbered, “This is just a little injury, nothing to make a mountain out of. When I was on the battlefield, you weren’t even born yet.”

‘Hey! Your logic makes no sense! What you once did is none of my business.’

Ji Yunshu didn’t argue with him. She looked at the wound on his arm. Blood was flowing out from the wound, but wasn’t blood supposed to be red? Why was it black?

“Your Highness! That sword is poisoned.” Ji Yunshu became angry at Jing Rong.

Then, it must’ve meant that Fu Bo didn’t faint, but was poisoned by the sword cut!

As soon as her words left her lips, Jing Rong’s body slumped on Ji Yunshu. Her small shoulder trembled. How could she support such a heavy body by herself?!

Their bodies stucked extremely close together. Jing Rong’s head rested on Ji Yunshu’s shoulder. His nose was letting out warm breaths on her neck, tingling and tickling her skin.

The sensation made her whole body shiver from head to toes. This was the first time in her life that she hugged and was hugged by the same man several times.

Jing Rong’s mouth slightly parted. In a daze, he spoke into her ear, “This prince… i-is alright.”

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