ACA Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – A Breathtaking Song


To her surprise, the first one to perform was her elder sister, the one who she met in the Zither Hall the other day! In fact, this was actually to be expected, right?

Exactly. Apart from some exceptional acts, weren’t the first and the last performers usually the ones that left the deepest impressions on the audience?

She was definitely one cunning woman…


Gu Qingyu sucked in her cheeks, “But, I have to win today and seize first place!”


The person on stage performed on a long zither. Her melody contained a mixture of sorrow and joy, as if it was telling the thoughts of a young girl, stories of the past. The piece revolved around the feeling of grievance and sadness, and a faint mist pervaded the air.


Once the song finished, everyone in the audience stood up and applauded,

“Amazing! What a great performance!”

“This should be Gu Manor’s Second Miss? As expected of her!”

“I heard that the third miss will also participate this time!”

“What? Hasn’t she always been training in martial arts?”

“Who knows! It’s indeed very strange!”

“Let’s see what she has to show us first!”

“As long it’s not some swordplay related stuff!”



“Heh…” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes, “Bunch of fools, wait until I make your eyes pop out of your heads with my spectacular performance!”


As the competition continued, more participants showed up on stage, but none of them were as good as the second young miss, so the reaction from the crowd were only so-so.


Suddenly, Gu Qingyu’s feline instincts warned her; Someone was approaching her!

Gu Qingyu stayed on guard as she turned around…

Standing on the roof, dressed in blue as the robe fluttered in the wind.


Jia Qizhe.


He… came to watch her performance?

Their eyes met at the same instant. Jia Qizhe smiled at her, and the message behind his smile could be nothing other than, “I’m here to watch how you’re going to fail”-related.


I mustn’t fail! I’m absolutely not going to become a laughingstock to him!


She clenched her fist against the counter and glared at him.


At this moment, a purple dressed young lady entered the stage, carrying a pipa, and began to play.

The melodious sound caught Gu Qingyu’s attention.

Her melody made the listeners feel very comfortable and relaxed, and sprinkles of magic glittered in the midst of the pristine and pure sounds.

This girl was certainly not ordinary.

Gu Qingyu merely gave it a slight thought, as she wasn’t overly concerned about her.


The applause roared like thunder as the last note ended.


It was her turn. Gu Qingyu walked up to the stage, casually bringing along a long zither.

She set up the stage, and began to play.

The melody started off subtle and serene, letting the listeners to ease up first.

Gu Qingyu slowly and steadily started to sing,

“~La~ la ~ la ~ laa ~ la ~ la…~

~Drifting petals scatter amidst the living world~

~Laughing at the ever changing seasons of the cycles, the rise and fall of the mulberry fields~

~How much tragedy and joy entwine themselves with human destiny~

~They are caught within, unknowingly~”


As the song was about to enter the main passage, she let her slender fingers pause for a brief moment, and a pleasant melody flowed out shortly after,

“~Gazing towards the starry skies~

~As beautiful and pure events of the past, slowly appearing before their eyes~

~The time froze as they stared quietly on the water surface, reminiscing the olden times through the reflection~


The song gradually reached its climax,

~Sealing the ever burning flame of no regrets~

~Nothing will change, no matter how many years pass~

~A moment of memories~

~In the end, it all melt away like snowflakes~

~Realizing the sworn oaths as one wakes up from the dreams…~”


The beautiful sounds of the sweet and soft melody lingers on…1


As the song came to an end, everyone in the audience was stunned by the song.

Because they had never heard this kind of melody or poem style, however, after experiencing it for the first time, they unexpectedly thought… that it was very good.

Ohoho~Of course they did~

Gu Qingyu laughed to herself, “Hehehe! Keep on being amazed!”

A couple of people started to slowly clap, then following, people looked as if they had just awoke from a long dream, and suddenly, a thunder of applause roared throughout the arena!

“Hey, that’s Gu Manor’s Third Miss? Such an angelic aura!”

“Right! Who said that she only knew how to fight?”

“What a poem, what a beautiful concept…”

Gu Qingyu smiled as she slightly bent her knees and bowed her head, then slowly got off stage, just like an innocent and noble lady.

Jia Qizhe slightly narrowed his eyes, “To think that she actually possesses such an exceptional talent. I even thought that she only knew a bit of martial arts, who knew that she also had such literary grace like this…”

“Why don’t I just bring her with me.”

In a flash, Jia Qizhe vanished.


At the same time, Gu Qingyu glanced to the spot where Jia Qizhe stood earlier…

She missed him by the blink of an eye.


Where is he! Huh? He left? Since when? Why wasn’t she aware?? Did he watch her brilliant performance or not???

“You are really talented, miss.” A voice sounded from behind.

Gu Qingyu turned around, “Haa? Who are you?”

The man stood behind her, holding onto a fan, dressed in elegant white clothing. He emanated the heavenly aura of a fallen fairy.

“This little one is called Qi Yichen.2

“Hi, Young Master Qi” Gu Qingyu gave him a curtsy, “May I help you?”


She had to keep up the collected and refined facade, because they were still at the location of the competition.


“This little one witnessed your outstanding literary talent. I cannot help but admire you.” Qi Yichen smiled faintly, “This little one believes that the champion around this time will be none other than you, Miss.”

“Thank you, Young Master Qi.” Gu Qingyu returned his faint smile, “There are still many girls who are better than Qingyu~.”

“Qingyu?” Qi Yichen blanked, “Is your surname ‘Gu’?

Gu Qingyu nodded, “Indeed.”

Qi Yichen laughed, “Then I haven’t come in vain. To be honest, the reason I’ve come to the capital is because of you.”



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  1.  Gu Qingyu’s Song – For True Love, listen to it~
  2. Qi Yichen – 齐逸尘