ACA Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – You’re not that simple either


It was quite obvious to them who it was.

Qi Wan walked up to them with a smug look on his face, but as soon as he detected the murderous intent directed at him, he hid behind Jia Qizhe, “Hero Jia! If something bad were to happen to me, you must come to my rescue!”

Jia Qizhe’s mouth twitched.

Mo Bai continued to stare at Qi Wan with a deadly gaze.

In the end, Mo Bai slowly shut his eyes for a couple of seconds. When he reopened them again, he had turned back to a gentle and calm young man.

He smiled and started to leave.

It was not wise to start a dispute here outside of Gu Qingyu’s room.

Suddenly, Mo Bai received a message through a transmission from Jia Qizhe, “I know who you are. The only reason why I’m letting you do as you please is because you still don’t pose a threat to us. Mo Bai.”

As Mo Bai turned his head around, he saw Jia Qizhe smiling devilishly at him.

Mo Bai’s eyes turned sharp for a split second before he lowered his head and left.

However, Qi Wan had curiosity written all over him, “Brother Jia, what were you two talking about?”

Although he couldn’t decipher what was said, he could still sense whenever someone sent transmissions.

What could’ve possibly been said for Mo Bai to show such expression?

Qi Wan seemed puzzled.

Jia Qizhe started to get going as well, “Don’t poke your nose into matters you’re not supposed to know. You’re not easy to deal with either.”

Qi Wan, “…” Hero Jia, does your family know how tsundere you can be!?

Qi Wan curled his lips and continued to guard Gu Qingyu’s room. However, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

Jia Qizhe’s right! Who in this group is easy to deal with to begin with?

Twilight arrived.

Gu Qingyu yawned and opened her eyes. She still felt a little pain, but it was much more bearable than before.

Qi Yichen heard movements inside the room and lightly knocked on the door, “Boss, are you awake?”

“Qi Wan?” Gu Qingyu didn’t expect to hear a voice so soon, “Come in.”

Qi Wan opened the door and walked in. He had brought some medicine and a white-looking fabric that resembled a bandage.

“Boss, it’s time to change the dressing on your wound and medicine~” The homely and handsome youth smiled. He pulled a chair close to the bedside, “Here, open your mouth~ Let’s finish up the medicine first, ahh~”

“What ‘ahh~’? Are you sick somewhere?” She rolled her eyes unhappily at him and tried to sit up on the bed.

“Boss, take it easy…” Qi Wan quickly placed the bowl on the table. He used one hand to support her up and swiftly stuck a pillow behind her back with the other, “Aiyo, my great aunty, don’t be in such a hurry…”

“Yes, yes.” Gu Qingyu picked up the bowl. She looked rather disdainfully at the brown liquid, “Ugh, it looks so bitter.”

“This is made by our divine healer Mo. As the saying goes, good medicine tastes bitter!” He kept coaxing her to drink the medicine like an old woman.

Gu Qingyu took another look the medicine again, then finally, with no turning back, she gulped it down in one breath.

“Wow! So amazing!” Qi Wan cheered and applauded.

Gu Qingyu glared at him, “Wow, so pretentious.”

“Definitely not!” Qi Wan put his hand up and swore.

Gu Qingyu looked at him dubiously, “Do you think I’ve never amused a child?”

“Huh? Boss, you have kids?” His interest peaked, “Is it a boy or a girl? How old is the kid? What does the father do? Is the father still alive? If no father then I’ll fill in for him!”

“Get lost!” Gu Qingyu shook her head earnestly, “My friend’s kid. I have been babysitting a couple of times. By the way… that woman, who is she? Do you know her?”

Qi Wan’s expression turned cold when she mentioned her, “Sigh! The boat of friendship is so easily turned over! I had not a single clue that this was her real motive! Never once had I imagined to get betrayed by her! Sh-… she was one of the most capable and trusted among my people. Unbelievable! You can’t trust anyone in this world anymore!”

“Enough with you. Can you stop acting like a resenting old widow?” Gu Qingyu couldn’t help but find Qi Wan’s antics amusing.

Fenyi*? This name was quite fitting for that woman!

[TL: Fenyi .lit. meaning – pink dress.]

“Okay, okay.” Qi Wan held up her hand, “Little Yu’er, be good~ We’re going to take a look at your wound and change the dressing now~”

What the heck is “little Yu’er”?

“How do you manage to change from an “old widow” into a “doting father” from one moment to another?” asked Gu Qingyu, she was genuinely curious, as she continued to stare at her hand.

Qi Wan started to untie the old bandage. Although the cut on her palm had pretty much healed up, you could still see the faint initial flesh wound.

“Ugh, just seeing this makes my heart ache.” Qi Wan frowned. He streaked across the wound with his slender fingers. It felt ticklish, but it didn’t hurt.

Qi Wan looked very focused as he concentrated on gently applying some sort of herbal medicine on the cut.

Gu Qingyu suddenly lowered her head, “Qi Wan, thanks.”

Qi Wan wrapped the white cloth around Gu Qingyu’s hand, and topped it off with a pretty bow at the end, “Mm? Did you say something just now? I didn’t hear you~”

“Thank you very much!” Gu Qingyu shouted out loudly, but the wound in her chest stirred painfully and she started to cough.

“My bad, my bad…” Qi Wan immediately started patting her back gently, “Little Yu’er, you know, this isn’t something that you have to thank me for. Everyone does what he needs. If you’re alive, then I have a way home.”

“Really? Just to get back to our world?” Gu Qingyu settled down and swept him a glance.

Qi Wan chuckled. He looked very graceful, “On the other hand, you could say that I’ve taken a liking to this kind of atmosphere.”

“A liking?” Gu Qingyu looked at him suspiciously, “You’ve taken a liking to getting beaten up by Mo Bai and getting chased around by Jia Qizhe, kind of difficult lifestyle?”

Cough, cough, cough, cough!” Qi Wan almost choked, “Boss, sometimes I really admire the way your brain is structured!”

“Sure, thank you. Are you finally back to normal now?” Gu Qingyu looked up at him with a smile on her face.

‘Little Yu’er’, that’s really cringe worthy.

Qi Wan nodded. He placed her hand at her side, “Boss, why don’t you try to get some sleep?”

“What do you mean by sleep? I just woke up. Your Majesty needs to visit the toilet!” said Gu Qingyu with a pompous tone.

Cough, cough, cough!” Qi Wan stood up from the chair with a complexity written all over his face, “Boss, you’re not even trying to conceal the boldness of a modern one! Let me go call for Xiao Qi!”

Gu Qingyu nodded at him, and said very sincerely, “Okay, thanks. I’ll do my best to persist.”

Qi Wan stumbled and nearly fell.

Shortly, Xiao Qi entered her room with a pair of puffy and red eyes, “Xiao Yu… how are you feeling?”

“Mm, pretty good.” Gu Qingyu looked at her, baffled, “Silly lass, did you cry?”

“I was worried about you…” Xiao Qi rubbed her red eyes.

Gu Qingyu pulled Xiao Qi to her side and asked her to sit down first. She extended her hand and patted Xiao Qi’s head, “Good girl, my silly lass. Do you not see me lying here, all good?”

“Mmm.” Xiao Qi rubbed her eyes again. She bit her lip and looked at Gu Qingyu with her rosy cheeks, “Xiao Yu, someone told me that you wanted to go on the toilet….”

“Oh yes. I’ll have to trouble you for this short period of time.” Gu Qingyu looked at Xiao Qi, smilingly.

For a young woman of the olden times, it was absolutely not the level of acceptance to be hearing from a man that her very own miss wanted to go on the toilet….

Xiao Qi resolutely endured it, and helped Gu Qingyu straighten out her clothes before she supported her up, “I almost forgot. I’ll have to help you change your dressing later, Xiao Yu”

“Huh? Didn’t Qi Wan change it for me already?” Gu Qingyu looked at her, puzzled.

Xiao Qi looked aghast, “You can’t be serious, Xiao Yu? You… Geez, it’s not that I want to nag you, but you are a woman! What disgrace!”

“Uhhh… he just changed the one on my hand…” said Gu Qingyu as she suddenly realized what she meant.

“What about your chest?” Xiao Qi looked at her in doubt.

Gu Qingyu grabbed Xiao Qi’s hand, “Of course! I was in waiting for my most beloved Xiao Qi to come~”

The day gradually darkened.

Gu Qingyu looked outside as she rubbed her belly, “I’m hungry. Let’s go downstairs and grab some food!”

For some reasons, Xiao Qi felt like she had received the honorable and glorious mission to just babysit this wimpy brat…

“Why don’t I go bring some dishes here?” asked Xiao Qi thoughtfully.

Gu Qingyu sat on the bed and dangled her feet. The wound on her chest had stopped hurting after applying the new herbal medicine. Mo Bai was truly worthy of his title. It’s decided, she’ll definitely go and learn when she had some time to spare, “I’m going to grow mold if I stay in this room any longer! Take me out and let me get in contact with some fresh air!”

Xiao Qi helped Gu Qingyu up, “Xiao Yu, can you slow down. Let’s take one step at a time, okay~”

As soon as Gu Qingyu walked down the stairs, a group of people turned their heads towards her simultaneously.

Mo Bai knitted his brows. Just as he opened his mouth, Jia Qizhe beat him to it before he could say anything, “Why did you come down? Is the wound fully healed?”

Gu Qingyu nodded and revealed a smile, “All thanks to Mo Bai! I’ve pretty much recovered from my injuries!”

“Brother Zhu, I have missed you so~” said Qi Yichen with tears drizzling down his face.

Xue Zang continued eating his food in a slow tact, “Come here, little kitty, eat with us.”

Gu Qingyu walked over and sat down on a free spot. Between Jia Qizhe and Mo Bai.

Xiao Qi sat down as well. Her face turned bright red when she noticed Qi Wan smiling at her.

Geez, women nowadays.

Gu Qingyu sighed and shook her head, she picked up her chopsticks and began to help herself to some food.

But as soon as she lifted her head up, she discovered a small mountain of food right in her face. Jia Qizhe heedlessly continued to pile up more food.

Gu Qingyu clenched her teeth, “Jia Qizhe! Are you trying to feed a pig!”

“You’re too thin. You should eat some more.” Jia Qizhe grunted, “I’d like to feed you into a pig.”

“Tsk.” Gu Qingyu snarled in disdain.

On the other side, Mo Bai was also slowly and methodically adding food to her bowl.

“Uhh… Mo Bai, this much is enough already.” She couldn’t be as harsh towards Mo Bai. There’s no way she was going to be fierce towards her male idol.

Mo Bai smiled gently, “The wound is not completely healed yet, so you should eat more.”

Sigh, okay.” Gu Qingyu stared helplessly at the pile of food in front of her. Just as she was about to start, she noticed that Jia Qizhe was still continuously and diligently press more food on her plate.

Gu Qingyu flickered his chopsticks away, “Enough is enough!”

Instead of adding, Jia Qizhe started to pick off all the food Mo Bai had added, all at once.

Mo Bai glared coldly at Jia Qizhe, but Jia Qizhe was totally unaffected by his gaze and ate with relish.

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