ACA Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – High! Get High With Me!


Not bad, still tolerable. Only that the tune was barely adequate, so they had to get used to it bit by bit…

Gu Qingyu was so drunk that she was totally unaware of the crowd, “yi~yi~yi~ If you’re not here, I’m not here, yi~yi~yi~ then, who would be there~!”

“yi~yi~yi~ If you’re not here, I’m not here, yi~yi~yi~ then, who would be there~!” Qi Wan sang along.

Every time they went “yi”, the people downstairs would shiver.

“En uh~uh en~uh~~en~eh!” Gu Qingyu began the next part, and the crowd started to nod their heads.

“En uh~~~~” Qi Wan continued on.

The crowd downstairs felt, for some reason, a kind of chilling feeling…


When everyone thought that Gu Qingyu was done with singing!

Gu Qingyu suddenly sang out, in an even louder voice, “MOUNTAIN TOOOOPJUST COME WITH MEEVERYONE GET HIGH WITH ME!!”


Qi Wan also increased his voice, “MOUNTAIN TOOOOOOOOP—! JUST COME WITH ME—!”




Gu Qingyu wrapped up, “Wuu~~”


The song finished. A cold breeze brushed past her, making her a little more sober. She lowered her head, and spotted the crowd down below in the middle of being windswept splendidly into plaster.

Just as everyone wanted to sing in chorus: When the northern wind blows~ The snowflakes floats~1

Gu Qingyu looked down at everyone, “Huh? What are you all doing?” She waved her hands, her legs seemed unsteady. Qi Wan quickly held out his hands and grabbed Gu Qingyu incase she would fall down.

“Did you all get stunned by my overly amazing and wonderful voice?” Gu Qingyu covered her rosy cheeks and said in a timid and shy manner.

“…” Qi Wan weakly said, “Boss, you’re drunk!”

“@£!”?! You can be drunk!” Gu Qingyu batted him an eye.

“Ok, ok, ok. I am drunk, I am. Hurry up and go sleep!” Qi Wan tried to sweet talk her into going back down.

Gu Qingyu batted him an eye, the smell of alcohol reeked as she spoke, “Are you treating me like a kid?!”

At this moment, a beautiful voice arose, “You can go sleep. Let me handle her.”

A light blue robe, it was naturally Jia Qizhe.

Qi Wan looked at Gu Qingyu first, then at Jia Qizhe, and revealed a knowing smile, “Brother Jia! If you’re thinking of doing something, then just say it out boldly! I’ll always support you! Hwaiting!”

Jia Qizhe swept Qi Wan with a glance, “I suddenly have the urge of twisting your brain off. Only this and nothing more.”

“Please don’t. You can’t just randomly throw out these types of jokes like that!” Qi Wan jumped off the roof without delay, and before he prepared to jump down, he cheekily added another, “Brother Jia, you can do it!”


“…” Jia Qizhe remained silent.


“…” Qian Cheng’s lips curled.


“Hahaha!” Gu Qingyu lost it.


“Are you finished yet? If you’re done, then go back and sleep.” Jia Qizhe looked at Gu Qingyu.


With the help and communication of Mo Bai, Qi Yichen, Murong Zuoyu and Xiao Qi, the masses slowly dispersed. Qian Cheng thought Jia Qizhe was refraining to himself and help animosity towards him, and vanished in a flash..


Right now, only the two of them remained on the rooftop.

It was calm and serene, even the lightest breeze could be heard.


Jia Qizhe slightly narrowed his eyes at her, “Suddenly decided to get drunk tonight, huh?”

Gu Qingyu nodded very honestly. She didn’t know why, but she got the shivers when she heard that last “huh”.

“And you even got Qi Wan to join you?” For some reason, Jia Qizhe’s voice turned very gentle and soft.


Too gentle.


Gentle to the point it felt strange.


It made her somewhat frightened.


Under that gentle tone, a piercing chill hid beneath.


“Hehehehe…” Gu Qingyu got scared sober, then smiled as she beat around the bush, “Ah! The weather today is so nice! How can the sun be so radiant!”

“It currently middle of the night.” Jia Qizhe “kindly” reminded her.

“Ah! There are no clouds, and the stars are shining brilliantly!” Gu Qingyu waved her hands and said again.




As her words faded, thunder sounded and sudden rain drizzled down.


Jia Qizhe’s smile under the moon was even more enchanting than usual, “Brother Zhu, you went a little overboard today.”

“Uh?” Gu Qingyu stared at Jia Qizhe, drunken and bleary eyed.

“Hehe.” Jia Qizhe softly chuckled, “Brother Zhu, are you cold?”

Gu Qingyu sobered up for the greater part of his random question.

Her clothes were very light and frilly, standing in the midst of the cold wind on the rooftop!

Gu Qingyu nodded at once.

“I think you look very warm.” Jia Qizhe slightly narrowed his eyes, “Cooling down a little more doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Brother Jia, I think I’ll take my leave first…” Gu Qingyu weakly gulped, “Goodbye, Goodnight…”

She changed direction and took a step, “Ah!”

Jia Qizhe grabbed her, and spread out his blue wings and flew up together.

Seeing Jia Qizhe flying higher and higher, Gu Qingyu became completely sober.

“Wuaah, Jia Qizhe! Let me go!” Gu Qingyu was shivering in the cold wind into a ball, “I am scared of heights…”

“Tsk, are you feeling better now?” Jia Qizhe asked unhurriedly from above.


She could hear from his tone that he was in a bad mood.


Very bad mood!


GU Qingyu nodded frantically and wept without tears, “Yes, I am feeling better now!”

“Have you sobered up?” He asked unhurried again.

“Yes! I am sober now!” Gu Qingyu shivered like a sieve.


It’s freezing cold!


She could even hear her own teeth go “ge ge ge”.


Uwuwu, this unforgettable night!


Jia Qizhe lightly pulled and placed Gu Qingyu into his embrace, “If you’re sober then good.”


“Wuuu…” Gu Qingyu tightly gripped around Jia Qizhe, while sneezing and sniveling.

“Ai.” Jia Qizhe suddenly sighed, “What should I do with you.”


As his words fell, Gu Qingyu felt a wave of warmth enter her body.


Was it… Jia Qizhe?


In the night sky, his light blue robe and long black hair fluttered around with the wind.


Indescribably cool.


Gu Qingyu shivered, then gradually eased up.


“Are you feeling better?” The same exact sentence as earlier, but this time with a mix of concern.

“Mm…” Gu Qingyu slowly shut her eyes.


Her consciousness slowly to faded…


She opened her eyes anew, and saw a white wall in front of her, finding herself lying on a table.


On the table laid a couple of white sheets, a pile of folders and a ballpoint pen.


Slow down! A ballpoint pen?!


Gu Qingyu stood up immediately, and found herself dressed in a white doctor coat.


A person entered the room, “Dr. Gu, I’m here.”

“You…” Gu Qingyu stared at him and suddenly came to a realization.


She was very well much familiar with this face, it was her director back at the hospital.


“What is it, Dr. Gu? Are you not feeling well today?” The director stood in front of Gu Qingyu, and waved his hands, smiling very gentle and warm. He looked like to be around twenty something..


For some reasons, his face seemed to resemble a certain person.


Suddenly, she started to recall the memories of the past.


“No, I’m fine…” Gu Qingyu quickly came back to her spirit, “Director, I’m great!”

“All right, do your work then.” Director smiled.

Gu Qingyu nodded and sat down.


Yi? Didn’t she already transmigrate to the ancient era already?


Jia Qizhe, Qi Yichen, Mo Bai, Xiao Qi, Xue Zang, Murong Zuoyu, Qi Wan, Venerable Flames… where did everyone go?


I’ve… returned to the modern era?!


No! I want to go back!


They are… waiting for me!


Gu Qingyu immediately stood up. Suddenly, someone opened the door.


“You are…” Gu Qingyu was completely gobsmacked, staring at the red robed, coquet man, with his long black hair trail over his shoulders, “Venerable Flames? How did you get here? I-…How did I return?”

“You never returned.” A faint smile was playing at the corners of his mouth, “It’s just a dream.”

“I’m… in a dream?” Gu Qingyu looked at Venerable Flames, puzzled.

“This is merely a part of your memory.” Venerable Flames shrugged indifferently, “Take your time and reminisce, this is something I made, with the help of your memories. Take it as a employment benefits for everything you’ve done for your master.”


Employment benefits?


This rock!


Quite knowledgeable!!


Gu Qingyu nodded, “Why thank you!” Gu Qingyu’s eyes turned, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome” Venerable sat down on the chair, with his arms crossed. He said effortlessly, “You are welcome.”

“Eh?” Gu Qingyu was started by his sudden English, “You know quite a lot! But… are you just going to sit here?”

“Of course.” Venerable Flames smiled brightly, “Relax, the people here can’t see me.”

“But I can!” Gu Qingyu opened her eyes wide, “Big boss, don’t make it so awkward, please!”


Suddenly, a person pushed open the door and walked in.

“Doctor, I stumbled on a couple of problems recently…” A girl came in and sat in front of Gu Qingyu.

Gu Qingyu looked at Venerable Flames, then at the girl, and found out that the girl really couldn’t see him.


Okay, seems like this rock is telling the truth.

Since it’s a dream, then let’s just take this in as an experience.


“Tell me, what is troubling you?” Gu Qingyu suddenly revealed a professional gentle smile.

The girl’s complexion was deathly pale, her lips also as pale, “Dr. Gu, recently, my friend has cast me aside… and not only that, she even treats me like I’m an alien…”

Gu Qingyu blanked out for a moment.


These types of cases were too common!


She nodded, “Although she’s keeping a distance from you, then that means that she didn’t have much of a sincerity towards your friendship from the start. Or it could also be that you two had a couple of happy moments together, but she’s ultimately unable to accept the current you. Why don’t you go find some new friends.”


She suddenly thought of herself.


A cat demon.


But, Jia Qizhe, Qi Yichen, Mo Bai, Qi Wan, Xiao Qi… and Venerable Flames. None of them showed contempt towards her.


Shouldn’t I be rejoicing then?

Having so many great friends.


The girl shakes her head, “It’s useless. I’m already… too scared to confront anyone anymore.”

“But, when you are spending time with true friends, you will feel like that the past doesn’t really matter.” Gu Qingyu shrugged, “Don’t lose your head out of fear because being at a loss presently. You should be positive, and keep trying to find your own friends.—There will definitely be one that will leave the most unforgettable and precious memories with you.”

“Thank you, Dr. Gu!” The girl laughed heartfeltly.

The girl went out.


“Not bad.” Venerable Flames laughed and applauded.

Gu Qingyu smoothed out a smile at him, “Thank you, Venerable Flames!”

“Why thank me?” Venerable Flames raised his eyebrows.

Gu Qingyu happily tilted her head to the side, “This was all you, right? That girl just now should be someone you set up? I’m truly grateful to you, I know your intentions!”


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