Adorable Creature Attack!

Adorable Creature Attack! Beauty is Irresistible! (萌兽来袭,美色难挡)


Written by: 梦梦 – Dreamie

*cough*Ying Lan Meng (盈蓝梦)

Translated by: PetiePotter

Edited by: Xun, etvolare

Raws: Zongheng


Schedule: 5x a week

Ke Ai Couple’s Synopsis:

What do you get when a modern day girl transmigrates into the soul of a beautiful young lady from a noble family? You get Adorable Creature Attack!

When Gu Qingyu finds herself in a new magical world as a young miss from a noble family, the first thing she does is to pack her bags to go out on an adventure, leaving her family behind while picking up male heart throbs along the way.

Join Gu Qingyu and her merry band of misfits as they travel the world, kicking ass and picking up more boy toys!

MC Information

Name: Gu Qingyu

Age: 23 (Mental age: 8)

Job: Psychiatrist(Nonexistent), Self-proclaimed team captain(Almost-nonexistent)

Personality: Childish, Lazy, Shameless, Lax, Adorable

Hobby: Shopping, Eating, Sleeping, and Ogling at Cute Boys

Raws Synopsis:

When a modern day psychiatrist transmigrates into a young miss, skilled with literature and martial arts, of a general’s residence in ancient times, how should she fit in? If she won’t, why not just pack up your things and travel the world!

Magic? Monster slaying? Sometimes just showing up to do nothing before leaving~ All of the monsters have long fled already because of all the powerful experts in the party~ However, this party is truly unusual!

Let’s start with that guy next door who’d transmigrated with her. He’s comical, handsome and a homebody, but er, shouldn’t heroes be domineering? Aren’t divine doctors detached and removed? Shouldn’t scholars be gentle and kind? Shouldn’t demon lords be evil and vicious?

But in this squad, we have a devilishly charming Hero, a kind and delicate Divine Healer, a playful and mischievous scholar, and lastly let’s not forget that freaking adorable demon!

Introductory Post

Chapter Listing

Chapter 001: Transmigrated Just Like That
Chapter 002: Project: Escape
Chapter 003: Illusion Spirit Grass
Chapter 004: Divine Healer Mo
Chapter 005: Performing Arts And Craftsmanship Competition?
Chapter 006: Preparing For The Competition
Chapter 007: A Breathtaking Song
Chapter 008: Medical Skills?
Chapter 009: Our First Little Assassin Buddy!
Chapter 010: Could It Be That You Don’t Know How To Fly?
Chapter 011: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
Chapter 012: Qi Yichen Is Injured!
Chapter 013: Hundred Whirling Leaf
Chapter 014: Individual Roles
Chapter 015: A Piece Of Rock!
Chapter 016: Cross-dressing
Chapter 017: Are You More Handsome Than Me?
Chapter 018: Dear Sister! What A “Coincidence”!
Chapter 019: The City Lord Of Bloodglaze City
Chapter 020: Dispute
Chapter 021: Murong Ranyue
Chapter 022: Ancient Frost Seal
Chapter 023: To Go Shopping With Jia Qizhe!
Chapter 024: A Present
Chapter 025: Abnormal
Chapter 026: Little Apple
Chapter 027: His Lordship
Chapter 028: You Who Haven’t The Strength To Truss Up A Chicken
Chapter 029: I’m Her Husband
Chapter 030: How Can You Treat Your Fiance Like This?