Do you want to share an awesome story with the world? Hone your Chinese skills with flowery language? Or want to contribute to a faster pace of your favorite novels?

Please fill out the contact form below if you’d like to start translating a new series or apply to be an editor!

If you’d like to apply to be a translator, please translate the following blurbs and send it in with your application:


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Much less than the secular cultivators, looking at the changes on his body and the trump cards he now held, how many sect disciples could also boast of these conditions?

Please mention the respective series if you’d like to join the translator’s team:

Cultivation Chat Group: Premonition

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei: 1314dreamer

Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort: timebun

Fleeting Midsummer: tranzgeek

Great Demon King: etvolare

Hidden Marriage: timebun

History’s Strongest Senior Brother: Mexhistence

King of Hell: kakaoo

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO: Premonition

Pivot of the Sky: RenarduSud

Poison Genius Consort: Ruyi

Poisoning The World: Grenn

Prodigal Alliance Head: Chiyomira

Release that Witch: Roxerer

Sovereign of the Three Realms: etvolare

Special Forces Spirit: Selutu

Star Rank Hunter: Craxuan

Sword Spirit: Beehugger

True Cultivators: Hungry



  • FishWithoutMercy

    Do you guys still need editors for the Special Forces Spirit?:)
    I tried sending an email as well, hope senpai will notice me:D

  • Hi Etvolare I was wondering if you need a grammar editor for Sword Spirit. I noticed that a lot of sentences in the series are badly structured which interferes with flow when reading. I would like to offer my assistance if you still need it.

    • etvolare

      Hi Quil, thank you for reaching out! I’m not the translator of Sword Spirit, that’d be Beehugger! Please leave him a comment on the Sword Spirit table of contents. 🙂