YH Chapter 95

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“She came to give me an invitation.” said Lian Feng.

“What invitation?”

“Ever since the former Martial Arts Leader Qin Hao Tian was killed twenty five years ago, the martial arts circle has been missing a leader. This time, Sword Spirit Hills is organizing a general convention to select a new and suitable leader to lead the heroes.”

Oh, I see. So he’s not looking for trouble. Lin Shan sighed a breath of relief. But very quickly, she realized something: “What did you say the former Martial Arts Leader’s name was?”

“Qin Hao Tian.”

Lin Shan was shocked and her mouth was wide opened like an O shape: “Qin Hao Tian? Qin Yu? Could they be….”

“You’re correct.” Lian Feng nodded, “Twenty five years ago, Ji Hong Lin used poison and killed off Qin Hao Tian’s family. She took Qin Hao Tian’s infant son and adopted him as her child. Three years ago, Qin Yu finally got his revenge for his parents.”

After hearing this, Lin Shan deeply sighed. She actually had no idea why Ji Bai Yu suddenly decided to switch sides when they were in the stone chamber. Now that she realized he had been suffering in silence for years, she couldn’t help but admire him.

“So, are you going to go to the convention?” Lin Shan asked. Based on martial arts abilities, Lian Feng was definitely not under Qin Yu.

Lian Feng shook his head: “Didn’t I already tell you? I have no more ties with the Imperial Court and Jiang hu. All I want to do is….” When he got to this part, he paused and looked at Lin Shan.

Lin Shan’s face immediately turned bright red. Her heart felt like it was going to burst: It’s over! We’ve already been married for a while, yet he only needs to look at me and I turn so fluster! Ah, how embarrassing!

Lin Shan awkwardly tried to turn away. But Lian Feng grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go. I’m going to take you to a place.”

“It’s almost dinner time. Where do you want to take me?” Before Lin Shan could question further, Lian Feng had already pulled her out of the residence.

It was evening and the Sun was about to set. The setting Sun was turning the horizon red, and the afterglow bouncing off the roof tiles made the little town look extremely enchanting.

They have already been here for three years. From the far and distant north, they took a long and difficult trek to find this place of serenity.

As they walked along the narrow flagstone path, they passed by Jiangnan’s thin river course. Across from it were the homes of many households. The sweet scent of cooked meals drifted through the air.

When Lin Shan looked up, the clear shallow river appeared red from the sunset. It was gleaming reflections of waves. It was extremely pleasing to the eye and Lin Shan was caught in a daze. She was no longer in a rush to go home to eat. The sight was as alluring as a painting.

At the end of the road was a newly built stone bridge. This was funded by the Martial arts building from a few months ago. Currently, the sunset had painted it red.

Lian Feng pulled Lin Shan to the bridge and stood in the middle of it. From where they were standing, they could clearly see the end of the river. From a distance, the afterglow made the sky and the river merge together. It was hard to tell which was the sky, and which was the water. It was so breathtaking that it could suck someone in.

Lin Shan felt like she was dreaming. In a daze, she noticed three graceful words on the stone tablet in the middle of the bridge.

“Three life bridge…” She softly whispered.

“Do you like the name?” Lian Feng asked. His voice sounded like it had been painted by the sky and river. She felt like she was in a trance. The sunset had also dyed her cheeks red.

“Do you want to know why I named it that? It’s because…” He paused as he held her hand. The heat from the palm immediately transferred into her heart. She even had trouble standing firm.

Lian Feng pulled her into his arms as his fingers stroked the hair on her shoulder. He slowly murmured: “Because I want to make a pledge. Three life…forever…we shall never be apart……”

At that moment, Lin Shan felt like her heart was turning into the gorgeous river water, flowing towards the horizon.

Forever, you and I. We shall never be apart!

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