YH Chapter 94

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Three years later

“Mother, child wants to practice wu wu*. Child wants to practice wu wu…”

“Practice martial arts? You can’t even talk properly. Go go go. Go play elsewhere! Don’t hinder your mother from making money!” Lin Shan impatiently waved her hand as she continued looking at the accounting book.

The little boy continued to pull on the corner of her outfit: “Mother, child wants to practice wu wu..practice wu wu…”

Finally, Lin Shan snapped: “Lian Yun Cheng! If you keep bothering me, I’m going to tell Boss Huang to bring Ru Hua over to play!” The little boy stared at her blankly as he turned and wobbled away.

“Miss!” Xiao Lu saw this and couldn’t help but comment, “Young Master is so small, why are you scaring him? It’s not like you don’t know Boss Huang’s daughter always kisses our Young Master whenever she sees him. Yesterday, Young Master even cried because of her!”

“WHAT?!” Lin Shan was shocked, “That Ru Hua dares to eat my son’s tofu?”

“Not only Ru Hua. Yesterday, the wet nurse took Young Master to watch a sideshow and he was ambushed by the young ladies. Aside from Boss Huang’s, there were also Boss Qian’s, Boss Li’s, and Boss Yang’s daughters….”

“Are you kidding me?” Lin Shan exploded, “How dare they eat my son’s tofu? They don’t want to live anymore, huh!? That’s it. I’m going to go and hunt them down!” Lin Shan slammed down the accounting book and stormed out.

Xiao Lu rushed behind her as she yelled: “Miss, don’t go out. There’s a bunch….”

Lin Shan didn’t care. She lifted her sleeves and was about to reason with the mothers. But the moment she came out, she was surrounded by all the mothers.

“Ai ya, Miss Lian, you’ve finally came out! My Ru Hua says she fancies your Yun Cheng. I think they are quite compatible with each other. Why don’t we set them up? We can plan ahead. What do you think? Miss Huang smiled as she came up to her.

“Uhhh excuse me. It’s not your turn?! Your daughter Ru Hua looks as fat as a pig. How can she compete with my Duo Duo?” Miss Qian shoved Miss Huang as she turned to Lin Shan, “Sister. Don’t listen to her. Our Duo Duo is much better. Her name is good luck too. Qian Duo Duo**. The moment she marries into your family, profits will come in from all sides!”

“Pah! Why are you trying to gain wealth from a daughter in law? You might as well ask the God of Wealth!” Miss Li got in between the women and grabbed onto Lin Shan’s hand, “Miss Lian, they’re all speaking nonsense. My daughter is the best choice. She has both integrity and talent, and she is very clever. Where else would you find such a good girl?”

Lin Shan started to sweat: “Isn’t your daughter a bit too old?”

“What’s wrong with that? An older woman means more gold blocks. If your son marries my daughter, he can carry five gold blocks***!”

Lin Shan: “…..”

“What the heck. What is with all the commotion? Miss Lian, my Fang-er is the best match for your son!”

Lin Shan was almost in tears: “Isn’t your Fang-er a boy?”

“Yeah! What the hell! He’s a boy. Are you nuts? My Ru Hua is the best choice!”

“My Duo Duo is the best choice!”

“My daughter is the best choice!”


Lin Shan couldn’t stand the bickering anymore and went back inside: Mother, this world is too scary! I can’t even protect him as his mother. I guess I should let him learn martial arts!

Lin Shan decided to allow her son to learn martial arts.

In the courtyard, Lian Feng was currently practicing his sword moves. He could tell Lin Shan was frustrated and he pulled back his sabre and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Lin Shan muttered: “I have decided to let our son learn martial arts!”

Lian Feng chuckled: “Yun Cheng is only two and a half. Why are you in such a rush?”

“How can I not be?” Then, Lin Shan explained the dramatic scene from earlier. After she was finished, she started to wring her wrist, “If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have wanted a son. A daughter would have been much better….”

Lin Shan started becoming more and more unreasonable, “It’s all your fault. Why do you have to look so hot? Look what you did to our son. He’s so young and all these little girls already want him…oh yeah! I heard a pretty woman came to find you in the Martial arts building yesterday. Who is she, huh? Tell me the truth. Are you having an affair with another woman…..?”

Lin Shan was getting too ridiculous and Lian Feng reached out to cover her mouth: “You speak too much nonsense.”

“What nonsense….I’m just…mmm…. trying to take preventive measures…. &*^&%*”.”

“That was a female disciple from the Sword Spirit Hills.”

“What? Ji Bai Yu sent someone to look for you?” Lin Shan was surprised. After what happened three years ago, they had never seen him since. Ji Hong Lin died in the stone chamber and Ji Bai Yu left the antidote and disappeared. Legend had said that he had disbanded The Red Phosphorous Group and changed his name to Qin Yu. He used all of Ji Hong Lin’s treasures and formed his own Sword Spirit Hills and quickly became one of Jiang hu’s righteous figures. Lin Shan was pleasantly surprised.

But why did he send someone to contact Lian Feng? What did he want? Lin Shan was confused and gazed at Lian Feng strangely.


*wu = martial arts. Think of wuxia. He’s saying wu wu like a baby… either he is stuttering or he doesn’t know how to say just “wu” LOL

**qian means money. Duo means a lot. Qian Duo Duo could sound like “a lot of money”. The author is trying to be punny.

*** I don’t understand that logic but ok…

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