YH Chapter 9

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The door was tightly shut. Not only that, since Lin Shan had used the Princess to threatened everyone so badly, no one dared to come close. As a result, despite Lin Shan knocking furiously, no one heard her.

At this moment, Lian Feng was inching closer and closer. Lin Shan could smell the male odour coming out from his body. She couldn’t help but feel goose bumps running down her spine.

One hand landed on her shoulder.

Instantly, Lin Shan jumped like she was being fried.

“Don’t be so rash! I’m a man! A MAN! Look carefully! It’s true! You see this? I don’t even have a chest!” Lin Shan turned around and started slapping her breasts very loudly.

Hello? Say something! At the rate I’m hitting myself, my internal organs are going to bleed before you even touch me!

Sensing no movements from Lian Feng, Lin Shan secretly opened her tightly shut eyes and peered at him. His current expression was hard to describe. He looked weak and helpless. It appeared he was going to turn nuts, yet he looked a bit composed as well.

“Prince Consort, you…..don’t have to worry…” Due to the drugs, it was making it difficult for Lian Feng to speak. But since his internal strength was deep, he was able to somewhat restrain himself.

“You’re like this, how can I not worry?” Lin Shan anxiously pulled on her lapel.

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched: “Prince Consort. Please do not worry…based on my abilities… I can restrain myself.”

“Really?” Lin Shan looked at his expression. He didn’t look like he was lying. Therefore, she immediately relaxed as she tapped on his chest, “Aiya, why didn’t you tell me sooner? I was so concerned!” Huh? Ohhhh feels pretty damn nice! -_-

“Don’t touch me!” Lian Feng’s expression changed, and it was full of caution.

Lin Shan reacted as if she had touch a thorn and quickly pulled back her hand, looking troubled: “….didn’t you say you can restrain yourself?”

At this moment, Lian Feng had all sort of feelings welling up inside of him. It was as if there was a fire burning at the spot where the Prince Consort had touched him. It was about to burst at any time. His vision began to blur and the person in front of him became a cute woman instead. Her feminine scent was starting to come out and he couldn’t help but want to inch closer to verify.

Lin Shan thought she was safe a moment ago, but seeing how Lian Feng was getting closer and closer to her, she started to freak out. His nose was nearing against her face now. She was backing up as far as she could. Soon, her back was right against the door.

Lian Feng was still inching closer. His lips were dry, and she could feel his hot breath on her face. There was a sense of danger lingering in the air; causing Lin Shan to break out in cold sweat.

Bro, I just want your sabre. There is no need for you to repay me with your body! How about I just don’t take your sabre?

Lin Shan was so scared, she wanted to cry. Despite the fact that Lian Feng was nice to touch, he was wearing a mask. Who knows the reason why? Maybe his face was damaged by acid. If that was the case, wouldn’t she have a bad deal? Lin Shan cried from the inside as she desperately tried to touch the door for an escape route.

At the same time, Lian Feng’s conscious side seemed to be fighting an intense battle. After losing his mind for a bit, he had now somewhat snapped out of it. He realized he was extremely close to Song Luo and felt a bit bad. He opened his mouth: “I….ah!” After yelling out, the legendary owner of the golden sabre, the Imperial bodyguard -Lian Feng, fell face down.

Lin Shan had used a wooden pole used for locking doors from the inside to hit Lian Feng. She calmly breathed out a sign of relief: Mother, that was dangerous!

Although seeing Lian Feng flat against the ground was comforting, Lin Shan quickly became nervous. Yo, isn’t he the leader of the Imperial guards? How can he fall down with one strike? Hey… at least move a little so I know you’re still alive!

Lin Shan trembled as she took out her leg to lightly poke Lian Feng.

Oh no! It’s over! Could he be dead? Lin Shan was freaking out as she quickly crouched down to check his breathing. Whew. He’s still alive. He just lost consciousness.

Then, Lin Shan’s eyes continued to go lower and her eyes shone: The golden sabre?! What a good opportunity!

Evil thoughts began appearing in Lin Shan’s mind. She looked at the unconscious Lian Feng, and then she looked at the golden sabre. Her mind was struggling in a fierce battle. In the end, logic lost.

Bro, I did save your sabre from the bad guys. Although I knocked you unconscious, we can call it even, ok? Just let me touch your sabre… As she thought about this, Lin Shan evilly reached out her hands to touch the sabre that had been on her mind day and night.

Huh? How come it wouldn’t move? Lin Shan took a closer look. She realized that despite being unconscious, Lian Feng’s grip on the sabre was tight as hell. She couldn’t pull it out at all.

Are you kidding me? It’s just a sabre, why do you have to be like this? Lin Shan was depressed. After she failed again and again, she gave up. Fine! I guess I owe you! Lin Shan was so tired, she was breathing very loudly. She sat down on her butt as she glared angrily at Lian Feng.

How much is your sabre worth? Even the Third Prince wants it. And you’re holding on it so tight. Could it be an ancient artifact? Lin Shan thought from the inside. The more she assumed, the more irritated she became. She reached out her leg and kicked Lian Feng. Since he didn’t budge, she kicked a few more times. Then, he started to move.

Oh my goodness! I thought you were unconscious. Lin Shan started to freak out again and quickly ran off to a corner far away from Lian Feng. She fearfully looked at him.

Lian Feng did move slightly, but there wasn’t any more movement coming from him. He was still.

Lin Shan looked from a distance as she examined him entire body from head to toe.

Honestly, this man’s body is top quality. Look at the waist, those legs, and arms…. poor face. Why does he have to wear a mask? It’s as if he’s from the Phantom of the Opera. He probably has a messed up face. What a pity….

Huh? The mask… it’s probably worth a lot, right?

Our MC Lin Shan definitely had a pair of eyes that was good at discovering money. Regardless of situation, she always find a way to relate it back to money. She’s probably one of those people you call, “mad about money.”

Lin Shan took the risk of waking Lian Feng and crawled carefully towards him again. Her evil hands touched the half silver mask.

Currently, Lian Feng was still and Lin Shan was able to easily take off the mask. She couldn’t pay attention to the mask though, because underneath the mask was the face of the person she had bumped into on her wedding day!

Lin Shan instantly regretted. Are you kidding me!? Why are you wearing a mask when you look like this? If I knew it was you, I would have let you have your ways! You could done whatever you wanted! I would have let you violated me! Oh hero, don’t underestimate this flower. I can endure a lot! (Author: Xiao Shan Shan, what are we going to do with you? -_-“)

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