YH Chapter 8

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Lian Feng’s wine was drugged, but it wasn’t Bai Lian who did it. It was Du Jing.

Why did Du Jing drug Lian Feng’s wine? The reason was very simple. He just wanted to see the beauty smile. And the beauty was the one who was currently standing in the room right now, Bai Lian.

This was a long story.

Bai Lian was the most desirable woman in Leaning Vermillion House. Line ups would form from one end of the street to the other of men who purely wanted to take a glimpse of her. However, Bai Lian rarely took in guests. Du Jing was no exception.

Regardless of young or old, female or male, the whole Capital knew how promiscuous Du Jing was. Yet, he was still very well respected. Aside from being a Prince, another major factor was because he knew how to grasp a woman’s heart. All the women who had previously came in contact with him had great stuff to say about him; even if he had dumped them. Basically, this guy had game.

Du Jing liked Bai Lian, but he noticed how she always looked depressed. After doing some investigating, he finally found out the reason. Apparently, before Bai Lian sold her body to the brothel, she was a merchant’s daughter. She had followed her father to the Capital for business reasons. However, on their way, they unfortunately encountered mountain thieves and not only did the thieves rob their money, they also lusted after Bai Lian’s beauty.

At that time, Lian Feng was on a mission and happened to pass by and saved her whole family. From then on, Bai Lian’s heart was stolen and she decided to repay Lian Feng with her body.

Sadly, afterwards, Bai Lian’s family business failed and the family became bankrupted. The creditor sold her to the brothel, but her desire to save her body for Lian Feng remained.

The moment Du Jing found out about Bai Lian’s wish, he decided to come up with this plan just to see her smile. Du Jing was truly one in a thousand. To make his woman happy, he would be willing to find another man. No wonder all the women in his past were willing to die for him.

As a result, we are now in this situation.

“What did you put in the wine?”

After Lian Feng said those words, Lin Shan felt her heart surge: Holy shit! I never thought I would encounter something so ridiculous! This is so exciting! This is so thrilling!

But very quickly, her excitement dropped. Suddenly, a bunch of Du Jing’s servants came up to them and glared at Lian Feng like a tiger glaring at its prey.

“Take his sabre away.” Du Jing ordered as the servants got closer to Lian Feng.

The sabre? Lin Shan immediately felt her entire body quiver from shock: Are you f**king serious? You’re a Prince and you drugged an Imperial bodyguard for his golden sabre? Are you even human? The sabre must be worth a lot, eh!

Clearly, Lin Shan had misunderstood.

As for Lian Feng, at this moment, his whole body felt like it was going soft. He felt a hot, impatient current coming up from his body. He wanted to use his inner powers to suppress it, but he could barely stand firm.

Lian Feng knew he was too careless. As he faced Du Jing’s servants, he forced his eyes to focus as he tightly held onto the sabre around his waist.

Just as it looked like he was about to pull out the sabre and a bloodbath would be inevitable, a person suddenly stood up in front of him.

“Everyone, stop!!”

Lin Shan’s earth shattering scream astonished everyone in the room. By the time they had snapped out of it, they noticed the Prince Consort was angrily blocking Lian Feng from them. He wouldn’t allow anyone near him.

Du Jing was slightly dumbfounded. Normally, he was quite good at reading people. He initially thought the Prince Consort was girly, perverted, and weak-willed. He wanted to bring Song Luo to his side so he could have more options and choices if he needed something to be done. Du Jing definitely didn’t expect Song Luo to go against him and try to ruin his plans during a crucial moment. Now, he had a headache.

“Song brother, there are many women in Leaning Vermillion House. If you want, I can get a few to service you. Please don’t ruin my plans.”

What am I going to do with women? Useless. I want the golden sabre! Golden sabre! The fury on Lin Shan’s face had increased even more. She didn’t move a single step.

Du Jing was clearly annoyed. He coldly stated: “Song brother, you’re the one who decided to refuse a toast but drink a forfeit.” Then he waved to his subordinates, “Go.”

Choosing between the Prince or the Prince Consort, the subordinates obviously knew who to listen to. They instantly closed in on Song Luo.

Lin Shan was anxious. But her clever mind quickly thought of a solution. She loudly yelled: “Anyone who dares to come to me, I’m going to tell the Princess!”

Her sentence caused everyone in the room to freeze.

Although the group were as vicious as tigers, the Princess herself was more dangerous than a tiger!

Between the Princess or the Prince, everyone chose the Princess. If they pissed off the Prince, they just need to find another power to rely on. But if they pissed off the Princess, that was equivalent to pissing off the Emperor.

“Prince Consort….m-..make them all leave….” Lian Feng spoke up from behind Lin Shan. He clearly sounded weak.

Lin Shan nodded as she yelled: “I’m going to count to ten. All of you leave the room! If any of you are still in here after I count to ten, the Princess will take you into the Palace. The women will become maids, while the men will have their dicks chopped off and become eunuchs! One, two, three, seven, eight, nine, ten!”

Right away, everyone in the room scattered like birds and beasts. All the subordinates ran off holding their crotches. Even the sweet gorgeous Bai Lian tiptoed off very quickly.

At the end, Du Jing was the only one left in the room aside from Lin Shan and Lian Feng. He looked awkwardly at Lin Shan and didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.

“Prince Consort, actually….”

“Get out! Now!! F**k! You want to steal the golden sabre from me? You have no chance! I don’t care if you’re the Third Prince or the Thirteenth Prince!

Du Jing shook his head and swallowed the last part of the sentence, “I drugged him with aphrodisiac.” He gave Lin Shan a “Good luck to you” look and closed the door.

After thinking about it, Du Jing was so annoyed that he decided to lock the doors. After all, he was a Prince getting owned by a Prince Consort. He had lost face! After locking the doors, he felt triumph and ran off to find other women.

Lin Shan was now left alone with Lian Feng. She felt very courageous for standing up and protecting the sabre.

Even if Lian Feng doesn’t give me the sabre, at least he would let me touch it, right?

Therefore, she smiled greedily as she turned; she was ready to receive her reward. Then, her face froze.

Uhh…..the bottom half of Lian Feng’s face didn’t look right. Why was it so red? Hey hey hey! Why are you standing so close to me?

At that moment, she came to a realization.

Ah! Du Jing! You are such a bastard! You even drugged him with aphrodisiac in order to steal the golden sabre? I-I…. I better run!

Lin Shan turned around and ran towards the door. But when she tried to open it, she realized it was locked.

At this moment, Lin Shan only had one wish: My innocence…. you must prevail!

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