YH Chapter 7

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Since she was seen, Lin Shan had no choice but to head towards Du Jing and Lian Feng. When she stood next to them, she realized their differences were huge. All at once, the maids started to criticize their previous judgements.

“Prince Consort is actually nothing special!”

“True, next to the Third Prince, he can’t compare at all….”

“Compared to Lian Superior, he looks so short….”


Lin Shan was annoyed: Can you stop expecting so much from a woman? I have a lot of pressure, ok? If you want to compete, I’ll compare breast sizes with you!

Seeing how depressed Lin Shan looked, Du Jing openly smiled: “Prince Consort, your complexion doesn’t look very good. Was it too tiring last night?”

“Hahaha….” Lin Shan dryly laughed. Deep down, she was screeching furiously: “Tired your head! You think I’m you? Watch you indulge in too much sex and die from excessive ejaculation!”

“Well, it was your first time. That can’t be helped. Once you have experience, it will become easier….eh… was it your first time?”

What an immoral person. Talking about this in such a calm manner! Again, Lin Shan laughed awkwardly: “Oh I definitely don’t have as much experience as you, Third Prince!”

“Why thank you for the praise, Song brother.”

I’m not praising you! Could you face be any thicker? Lin Shan was speechless.

At this moment, the quiet Lian Feng suddenly interrupted their conversation. “If your Highness has no other issues, I will dismiss myself now.” Then, he turned to leave.

“Wait!” Du Jing stopped him as he grinned, “What do you mean by having no more issues? We are going to go somewhere important. Song brother, you look like you’re free. Why don’t you join us?”

Lin Shan’s guard was up: “Go where?”

“Outside the Palace.”

Outside the Palace? Lin Shan’s eyes revealed its signature green light.

Xiao Lu chirped from the side: “Master, your servant wants to go outside the Palace too!”

“Sorry!” Du Jing shook his head as he smiled mysteriously, “Only men can go to the place we’re heading…”

Lin Shan understood right away. Wow. That guy is planning to go to a brothel! Although it sounded fun, Lin Shan didn’t trust Du Jing. She looked at him and her eyebrows immediately crinkled. This guy has a dangerous aura around him. If I go, I might be in danger!

Thus, she looked at Lian Feng.

Lian Feng didn’t say a word. Although he was wearing a mask, his eyes were visible. However, he looked so calm that nothing could be detected.

“Lian Superior, don’t say I don’t care about you. Many wishes for this type of stuff but can’t get any.” prompted Du Jing. It appeared he was trying to send a subliminal message.

To Lin Shan’s surprise, Lian Feng didn’t refuse. She figured the Third Prince must have something to used against Lian Feng. Wow. Who would have thought that even Lian Feng would have a weakness? I guess you truly can’t judge by appearance.

Since Lian Feng was going, Lin Shan had no reasons not to go. Her reasoning was: Where the golden sabre is, I will be….it must be worth a lot, right?


The three of them left the Palace and quickly arrived at the Capital’s most luxurious brothel -The Leaning Vermillion House.

Du Jing was clearly a regular. The moment the horse carriage stopped outside the entrance, a bunch of ladies in full make up rushed out to greet them. All of them had red lips and white teeth, and were as gorgeous as peach blossoms. They were definitely of high quality and very professional.

Aside from Du Jing, Lian Feng also received a warm welcome. Although he was always masked, he was extremely well known amongst the people. In addition, he was tall and his coldness gave off a sense of mysteriousness. In many women’s imagination, he was perfect. Naturally, many were attracted to him.

As for Lin Shan, she looked quite pitiful as she stood behind the two. She was automatically eliminated by the ladies as they latched onto Du Jing and Lian Feng. She was all alone at the back.

Shallow! So shallow! Lin Shan sadly cried on the inside as she angrily followed from behind.

They had arrived at the VIP room prepared for them. Everyone sat down and finally someone noticed Lin Shan.

Although the two were definitely the MCs, but if the Third Prince brought him, he was most likely also rich. Therefore, she decided to ask.

A lady smiled as she questioned: “Third Prince, this is….”

“This? Guess.” Du Jing raised his wine class as he tried to build up climax.

“You’re terrible. I don’t know!” The woman shook her chest and her voice was comparable to the top Taiwanese Model, Lin Chi Ling. Lin Shan felt goose bumps running down her body.

“This is Song family’s second master, Song Luo.”

What? Song family’s second master? Isn’t he the Prince Consort? Princess Ming Yue’s husband?

At that moment, all the ladies who were sitting next to Lin Shan instantly got up and tried to avoid her. Some were standing, while others were sitting. But the seats next to her were empty.

What? Lin Shan was depressed. Do you have to be so obvious? I am under huge pressure, ok?

A woman responded: “Prince Consort, you have just gotten married and you’re already coming to a brothel? That’s not good…”

“Ming…Ming Yue Princess w- will be angry…”

“You should probably head home early…”

Lin Shan was flabbergasted: I swear, Du Ming Yue! How famous are you? You’re not even here and people are already scared to death just thinking about you.

“It’s normal for men to play. Don’t be so nervous!” Du Jing interrupted, “Come, Song brother. Let’s drink together. We have to make up for the wedding night! Xiao Hong, pour us some wine!”

Xiao Hong trembled as she poured Lin Shan’s cup. Then, she quickly backed off.

Lin Shan started to sweat as she tried to refuse: “Thank you for your gesture, Third Prince, but your brother here does not have a good tolerance. Allow me to use tea as a replacement please.”

Du Jing raised his eyebrows: “Song brother, I recall your tolerance was quite high on your wedding day.”

High your head! That day I was drinking water, ok? Just as Lin Shan was about to refuse again, suddenly the brothel keeper entered as she smiled: “Third Prince, Bai Lian lady has arrived.”

Bai Lian? Lin Shan was curious. She figured Bai Lian must be the famous beauty here. As expected, a beautiful lady came out from behind the manager. She was super hot!

A female wearing a pale light green outfit walked in. She had a very calm and peaceful aura around her, and her skin was gorgeous. Her eyes were lowered as she entered, and the woman around her paled in comparison. It was as if she was like the only white lotus on the pond.

Regardless of male or female, everyone was stunned by her beauty. Even Lin Shan couldn’t help but look at Bai Lian a few more times.

At this moment, Bai Lian slightly lifted her head and curtsied: “Bai Lian greets the Third Princess, and Lian Master…” When she gazed at Lian Feng, her cheeks immediately flushed and she quickly looked away.

Once again, Lin Shan was ignored. =_=

“Come come come, Lian brother. Let me introduce you to the number one beauty of the Leaning Vermillion House. Bai Lian has admired you for a very long time now. Xiao Lian, come and pour some wine for Lian Superior.”

Bai Lian took soft, gentle steps towards them. Her graceful charm was enough to make men go wild and women envious.

However, Lian Feng was as still as a piece of wood. He didn’t move at all.

“Lian Master, please.” Bai Lian’s voice was sweet and it had the ability to make people’s hearts melt.

But Lian Feng didn’t move. In fact, he didn’t even look at her directly. At this moment, Bai Lian’s arm was in mid air while holding the wine cup. She was in an awkward position because she couldn’t really put it down either. It was extremely embarrassing.

Bai Lian’s eyes were starting to turn red and Du Jing tried to fix the situation again: “Lian brother. You shouldn’t be like this. This lady has good intentions. How can you be so wasteful? Come on, drink it. If not, you’re not giving me face.”

After Du Jing spoke up, Lian Feng finally took the wine cup from Bai Lian and drank it in one gulp. Then, he slammed the wine cup on the table.

Originally, Bai Lian was going to take the wine cup from him. She looked so upset that tears were almost spilling out.

Wow, so pitiful! Lin Shan couldn’t stop shaking her head from the side. This is the fate of a beautiful woman -you don’t want the ones who fall for you, but the ones you want don’t want you. Oh beauty, you should wake up soon and lower your standards. Find a man that can support you instead of trying to find someone from the Palace!

As Lin Shan shook her head, Lian Feng’s face suddenly changed as he coldly glared at Bai Lian and asked, “What did you put in this wine?”

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