YH Chapter 66

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Lin Shan analyzed the situation in front of her. Du Ye was already in martial attire. Furthermore, he brought two subordinates with him. Oh, Xiao Lu was correct, Du Ye was definitely a gorgeous man. Despite his looks, he was too aggressive though. How dare they come into the Emperor’s residence with weapons out? That was disrespectful!

While Lin Shan’s thoughts were racing in her mind, Du Hao suddenly spoke up from the bedside. He hollered at the two subordinates behind Du Ye, “How dare you, servants? Who allowed you to carry weapons in here? Get the f*** out!” Du Hao showed no mercy. Although he was yelling at the servants, it was inwardly directed towards Du Ye.

What was more surprising was that the two subordinates did not seem to care. On the contrary, they calmly looked into Du Ye’s eyes for his approval. Only when they received his consent did they leave the room.

Lin Shan was impressed by Du Ye. The fact that he was able to train his subordinates to be so willingly loyal towards him must mean he was a powerful and dominating man. For sure, Du Ye must be here to rob during the fire! Looks like Du Hao is in for some trouble!

While Lin Shan was worrying for Du Hao, Du Ye spoke up: “Second brother, please calm down. I have brought the army back to the Capital because I heard Father was very ill. I was concerned, therefore, I didn’t wait for the messenger and came right in. It is a bit rude of me. Please forgive me, second brother.”

Although Du Ye was being polite, his words had hidden meaning. First of all, he did not refer to Du Hao as the Crown Prince; but rather, second brother. This meant that he refused to acknowledge his position. Secondly, Du Ye purposely hinted that he had his troops right outside of the Capital. He had made his statement very clear.

“Oh really?” Du Hao icily laughed, “If I knew brother was going to be so timely, I wouldn’t have needed to send a messenger. I should just summon him back. He probably hasn’t gone too far.”

“Second brother is busy as a machine, yet still found time to send me a messenger to inform me. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Brother, you are too modest. How can I compare to you? As a General, you need to attack the enemy for our country, yet you found time to worry about the issues in the Palace. It must be a lot of trouble for you.”

The two of them were having the battle of the lips. Each line had thorns. Lin Shan couldn’t help but sigh within: Who says they’re different? Based on their bickering abilities, they’re definitely from the same mold!

At this moment, suddenly an announcement was made: “To report to the Emperor, Liu Superior, Wang Superior and Cai Superior are all waiting outside to come in.”

“Can’t you see father is sick? Tell them to go away!” Du Hao angrily shouted.

“But…” The eunuch’s complexion didn’t look very good. “Liu Superior said they’re not leaving until they see the Emperor…”

“Shameless! Do those old geezers not care about the Emperor? Spread my words. Whoever that does not leave will be demoted and sent home!”

“Uh…..” On one hand, the eunuch must not go against the Crown Prince, but on the other hand, he cannot go against the Imperial counsellors either. The eunuch was stuck in the middle and didn’t know what to do. He looked horrified.

At this moment, Du Ye suddenly spoke up: “Since Liu Superior wants to come in. Second brother, why don’t you allow him to come in?”

“Are you the Crown Prince or am I the Crown Prince? Spread my words. Tell them to go!” Du Hao yelled as his eyes gleamed.

Lin Shan sighed. Nowadays, it was difficult to be a Crown Prince. There was a wolf at the front and a tiger at the back. It will be tough for Du Hao to become the Emperor. He must go through lots of adversity. From the looks of it, it looked like Du Hao and Du Ye were about to fight!?

Daddy Emperor, your sons are going to fight. Speak up!

Unexpectedly, the Emperor actually opened his mouth: “Let them come in….”

“Yes! Your servant obeys!” Finally, someone with the most power spoke up. The eunuch slowly got up from the ground and stretched his throat as he shouted: “The Emperor has allowed the Superiors to come in. You may enter!”

“Enter…enter…enter…” The echo lingered through the corridor. Immediately, a bunch of Imperial counsellors dressed in government attire came in. Lin Shan roughly counted and realized there were at least ten of them. From the group, many of them were very highly ranked in the Imperial court; especially the leader of the group, Liu Superior. Liu Superior was appointed by the late Emperor and his position was deeply respected amongst all counsellors.

The moment the counsellors arrived, they got down onto their knees.

“Emperor!”The old Liu De Quan knelt down. His expression was grave. ” We have an abnormal meteorological phenomenon. Our country is suffering. I have just received the news that some of our provinces have experienced drought for months. Not a single grain was reaped. The big river is causing disasters. Our people cannot live. In addition, there are Japanese pirates glaring at us like a tiger watching its prey. At this rate, our country will fall apart. Your subordinate would like to earnestly request the Emperor to promptly confer a new Monarch during this desperate times!”

“Your subordinates would like to earnestly request the Emperor to promptly confer a new Monarch during this desperate times!” Behind him, all the Imperial counsellors repeated the lines.

Is this the legendary part where the Emperor is forced to step down? Lin Shan felt like her eyes were going to turn vertical. Based on how the current situation was unrolling, the Emperor will be forced to give up his position for the Crown Prince. However, at this time, Superior A is going to come out and say Du Hao is not suitable. Instead, Du Ye should take his place. Then Superior B is going to agree with him. Next, Superior C, D, E, F… all of them will go and beg the Emperor to reconsider. The eldest Prince have both talent and virtue! He should be the next Emperor!

Please! Can you be more creative? This has been performed several hundred times in TV shows. Why do you guys use the same script over and over again? Do you think the readers are stupid? No! I refuse to let you do this to the readers!

As a responsible female MC, Lin Shan felt a surge of energy. She lifted her sleeves and came out from the corner. She roared: “All of you shut up!”

Her line was extremely effective. All the Superiors instantly froze. A strange smile emerged on Du Ye’s face.

Lin Shan was a bit nervous since so many people were looking at her. But for the readers, she was going to go all out! She gritted her teeth and took one step forward as she puffed out her chest and lifted her head. She looked very persuasive: “How dare you? The Emperor is only sick. Who said he cannot be cured? Are you implying that the Emperor is going to die? What are your intentions?”

The Imperial counsellors felt slightly guilty, however, old ginger was still hotter than young ginger*. Liu Superior immediately responded in a normal state: “Prince Consort, are you saying you have the ability to cure the Emperor?”

Hehe! Spot on! Lin Shan responded calmly: “I cannot cure the Emperor, but I know someone who can!”

“Seriously?” Du Hao questioned.

Lin Shan took a deep breath as she nodded: “Yes. If you do not believe me, you can ask Lian Superior. We have came across this illness. It is actually curable!”

Du Hao directed his glance towards Lian Feng. “Lian Superior, is Prince Consort speaking the truth?” Du Hao asked.

Lian Feng nodded: “The Emperor’s illness looks very similar to the illness that we have encountered. A couple claimed to us that they could cure this illness.” Lian Feng was much more careful with his words compared to Lin Shan. His words were discreetly selected.

“Great!” Du Hao was relieved. “I’m assigning you to find this famous doctor to cure the Emperor’s illness first thing in the morning!”

“I want to go too!” Lin Shan chirped from the side.


“You’re forbidden to go!”

The two of them practically spoke in unison. Du Ye’s mouth curled into a smile. He then stated: “Since there’s a cure for Father’s illness, that should take priority. If Lian Superior requires help, I can offer my army to accompany you.”

“That is not necessary.” Du Hao flatly rejected on behalf of Lian Feng. “I will send out my own army to cooperate with Lian Superior. As for you, elder brother, you’ve led your troops from such a far distance. Why don’t you change your clothes and unload your sword before coming to see Father?”

“Second brother’s words are reasonable. I shall take my leave.” Du Ye calmly replied. Before he left, he intentionally took a glimpse at Lin Shan.

What are you looking at? You have never seen a sissy? If you want to look, go look at your third brother!

Despite trying to look tough, Lin Shan felt goose bumps all over from the glance. Du Ye doesn’t look like an easy opponent!


*It means, experiences count.

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