YH Chapter 63

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It turned out the couple wasn’t from the village. They were actually a pair of wandering doctors in jiang hu. The reason why they entered the black forest was because they were being chased by their mortal enemies. The villagers from the black forest saved them, and they ended up residing here.

However, a year ago, there was a strange outbreak of a contagious disease. All the villagers that encountered the disease grew yellow spots. The spots gradually expanded until it covered their entire bodies. The victims eventually died from the pain.

Although the couple weren’t exactly good people, they couldn’t stand seeing all the villagers die from pain. They tried their best to invent some type of healing potion, but the disease was just too strange. Thus, they could only watch their saviors turn yellow and die.

Afterwards, nearly all the villagers were dead. The only ones that remained were the children. Perhaps since they were young, their immune system were stronger.

The couple tried the best to save the children. After researching day and night, they finally found a method to cure the disease. However, in order for it to be effective, the potion needed the blood of forty nine female virgins.

In order to gather the blood of forty nine female virgins, the couple took the risk of bumping into their mortal enemies once more. They only needed the blood of two more virgins, but at the time, they were going to be discovered and killed. Therefore, they had no choice but to retreat back to the black forest to think of a different plan.

At this point, the old woman elaborated: “We actually only wanted the blood from her fingertips. We weren’t planning to kill her or anything. Since our intentions are to save the children, please let us go!”

Lin Shan was very skeptical. What?! How did they suddenly turned from evil to good? They are so good with their words. They could turn a mouse into a cat. I bet they could even turn a monk into a woman. Those liars!!!

Lin Shan went over and grabbed the dagger from the old man and threw it onto the ground. She pretended to look fierce and threatened: “Don’t lie to me. Tell me where that young lady is! How dare you use her for your potion?! I’m going to kill you both!!!”

The old man was nearly in tears. Oh I’m so old, why am I always encountering these type of women? The previous woman was scary enough. This one is even worse!

He wailed: “Miss. We are truly telling the truth. If you don’t believe us, you can check our cellar. The children are still waiting for our potion!”

This time, it actually sounded more believable. Lin Shan looked at Lian Feng and noticed he was silent. Therefore, she continued to press: “Where is that young lady then? Where have you hid her?”

“Who would dare to hide that woman? The man that was with her took her away. While they were leaving, she even bit him. His buff arm was all bloody….” The old man recalled as he shuddered.

Based on his words, it did sound like Du Ming Yue’s style. Could she still be around the area? And who’s the man that’s with her? Is he the one that kidnapped her?

Lin Shan had a bunch of unanswered questions in her mind and she was bewildered. She decided to let Lian Feng make the final conclusion.

Lian Feng was firm and decisive: “Which direction did they go?”

After the couple pointed at the direction, Lian Feng woke up the rest of the guards and made some revisions. Then, they continued their path to locate Du Ming Yue.

Before they left, Lin Shan willingly gave the couple a few drops of her blood. The old couple were overjoyed.

As they went on their way, Lin Shan couldn’t help but questioned Lian Feng: “How do you know they’re not making things up? You’re not guessing, are you?”

“Of course not.” Lian Feng replied. “Actually, the moment we encountered them in the forest, I already knew something was fishy. Those two clearly knows Martial Arts.”

Lin Shan came to a realization: “So you purposely followed the old woman into her house?”

“Yes.” Lian Feng nodded.

“So how are you so sure they are not lying to us?”

“It was obvious. Firstly, the knife the old man had was not sharp enough. Even if he wanted to, it wouldn’t be able to cut through a major artery. Therefore, he clearly didn’t plan to end your life. Secondly, they had dried meat hanging from above. Those two elders would not be able to bite through it. They have no teeth.

In addition, they have children’s shoes inside their house; so I have no doubt that there are children living with them. Based on my observations, I could tell they weren’t lying.”

After Lian Feng explained himself, Lin Shan couldn’t help but felt a great sense of pride in her man. While she was slow and senseless, Lian Feng had already noticed so many clues on his own. Could he be the legendary “skillful king”*? He was too adorable! At that moment, Lin Shan felt like she was floating.

Now that they have an idea of where to go, they could ignore a lot of other paths and focus on their targetted direction. In order to maximize their efforts in finding the Princess, Lian Feng decided to disband his group. He wanted his subordinates to contact others around the black forest and form small teams as they all head towards the same direction. As for him and Lin Shan, they will be the first to go in for the search with the help of Wu Ying.

Based on the old couple’s descriptions, Du Ming Yue left two to three days ago. However, since the terrain of the black forest was unusual and filled with numerous plants, most likely Du Ming Yue wouldn’t be too far off.

As expected, Lian Feng and Lin Shan found some clues after searching for a day. One of the clues was a torn piece of yellow fabric. The material obviously came from the Palace. Lin Shan was positive that Du Ming Yue was nearby.

But by the third day, they had less than a day remaining from the ten days they were initially given. If they could not find Du Ming Yue by noon tomorrow, they will have to retreat from the forest and report back to the Palace. Time was getting tight, and the hope that Lin Shan had was diminishing.

If they fail to find Du Ming Yue, then what? According to the Emperor’s words, her whole family will be banished from the Capital. Her dad had been a government official all his life. Now, his life was going to suck because of his daughter.

As for her mother, her health was already poor enough. How will she handle the harsh conditions from the real world?

Her brother would be fine though. Overall, being free to do whatever wouldn’t be too bad for him. He could endure some hardship.

As for herself…. Lin Shan looked up secretly to scan the man in front of her.

If she were to leave, would he follow her?

Ever since she found out about Lian Feng’s secret, Lin Shan was deeply afraid that he would choose his daddy Emperor over her. After all, Lian Feng grew up alone with Lian Kuang all these years. Family meant a lot to him…but if he actually decided to stay in the Capital, then their relationship will….

Thinking of this, Lin Shan could feel her chest tightening from anger. She started to slow down her steps.

Lian Feng immediately noticed this change and instantly turned around to ask her: “What’s wrong?”

They exchanged eye contacts and Lin Shan felt an urge to grab onto his clothes and yell: “Are you going to f**king choose me or your dad? You can only pick one. Right now! This instant! If you choose your dad, I’m going to chop off your dick!”

But she did have a teeny bit of feminine side to her. The words were stuck in her throat for a moment. When the words finally came out, it sounded a lot milder: “Lian Feng, if the Emperor is really banishing my dad, would you leave with me?”

The moment Lin Shan said those words, she immediately regretted it. If Lian Feng were to agree, then it wouldn’t matter. But if he were to refuse, what was she going to do? Thinking of this, Lin Shan felt like her heart was thumping like a hopping rabbit. She was staring at Lian Feng’s mouth as she waited for his reply, but the moment he was about to respond, she interrupted.

“Umm.. I was just asking randomly. You don’t have to respond. Let’s just go find ….” Before she could finish her sentence, Lian Feng had raised his finger and pressed it against her lips.

The finger-on-lip move caused Lin Shan to freeze. She stared at Lian Feng.

“I would.” He lightly responded. His voice had never sounded so gentle before.


*Apparently it’s an internet slang. It means someone who is very skillful.

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