YH Chapter 62

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The hay was now an utter mess. Lin Shan had fell on it when Lian Feng kissed her. But he wasn’t satisfied. As he deepened the kiss, his hands continued exploring. Lin Shan’s waist belt was coming loose and her entire shoulder was sticking out. She felt a bit of pain from the rough pointy hay, but disregarded it. At the moment, the situation looked unstoppable…

But suddenly, Lin Shan felt an item stabbing her. It was definitely not hay. It was a hard object. Her mind started to clear and she reached out to pat Lian Feng.

“Wait… wait a second…there’s something….”

It was very difficult for Lian Feng to stop. He was annoyed. “What is it?”

Lin Shan took a deep breath and pointed: “There’s something stabbing my back.” She turned and noticed a shiny object amongst the hay. Based on Lin Shan’s sensitivity towards expensive things, she knew right away it was gold!

Lin Shan’s eyes shone and she quickly reached out and dug. It was a golden hairpin! In addition, there were precious stones on it. The design was also very well done.

The hairpin probably looked something like this.

This must be worth a lot. Wow! I even found gold here!? My luck is pretty damn good!

Lin Shan used her mouth and blew onto the hairpin to clear off the dust. She was ready to stuff it into her pocket when Lian Feng reached out and took the hairpin from her.

“This is not part of the dowry!” Lin Shan was anxious as she tried to grab it back.

Lian Feng stopped her. His face became very solemn. He lowered his voice: “This is from the Palace.”

Palace? Lin Shan was a bit puzzled by his words. However, since Lian Feng was so serious, she swiftly snapped out of it.

Oh true! This was a remote area. Plus, this was a firewood room. Why the hell would there be a golden hairpin here? Judging by the material, this was definitely not something a normal citizen could afford. If what Lian Feng said was true, then most likely…this belonged to Du Ming Yue!

Thinking of this, Lin Shan was immediately attentive. If Du Ming Yue’s stuff showed up here, it meant that she was here. The messengers’ reports were true. Du Ming Yue was in the Black Dragon Mountain!

Lin Shan felt hope coming into life as she hastily got up. She wanted to question the old couple. But Lian Feng pulled her back.

“What is it?” Lin Shan was excited and didn’t noticed anything fishy.

“Something is wrong.” Lian Feng analyzed. “The couple told us they didn’t see the Princess.”

“How’s that possible? The hairpin is in their firewood room….” Lin Shan suddenly stopped. Oh yeah! The hairpin is here… how could they not have seen her? They must be lying!

Why are they lying? Could they be the ones that kidnapped the Princess?

Thinking of this, Lin Shan felt very uneasy. Now that she thought about it, the way the old woman looked at her was very strange. There was something suspicious about it. She was about to tell Lian Feng when suddenly Lian Feng covered her mouth and struck her acupoint.

Now, Lin Shan had no more remaining strength and she softly fell onto the ground. However, her mind was still conscious. She could feel Lian Feng fixing her clothes and then leaping away.

What…what the heck is going on?

Lin Shan was stunned. However, she couldn’t speak nor move. She could only remain flat on the ground.

After a moment, the door suddenly opened and someone came in.

Since Lin Shan’s acupoint was struck, she couldn’t move. At this moment, the intruders have already came in and lit up the room.

“Take a look. Are you sure she’s dead asleep?” The old man whispered.

“No need to take a look! Anyone who has experienced my sleeping pill in gas form will collapse. Even a cow can’t handle it.” The old woman was proud and arrogant as she stared down at Lin Shan.

Sleeping pill in gas form? Lin Shan started to panic. Could this be the legendary black market? She was deep in thought. Most likely, Lian Feng heard them from the outside and wanted to bait the snake out of its cave.

Knowing that Lian Feng was watching her nearby, Lin Shan’s fear of the black market went down substantially as she continued to fake her unconsciousness.

Since Lin Shan looked like she fell into a deep slumber, the couple started to raise their voices. The old man was hesitant: “Old woman. Are you sure she’s a woman? It doesn’t seem likely. Look at the way she’s sleeping? It’s comparable to a pig. The hay is all over the place.”

You’re the pig! Your whole family are pigs! Lin Shan yelled from the inside.

“Hummpt! Don’t doubt my abilities. This old grandma can sniff out a woman. In addition, she’s a virgin. Just like the previous one. She’s perfect for our potion.”

Mother! Not only does this black market kill people, they also cook people for potion?!

Wait a second. Lin Shan suddenly realized something was wrong. The previous one? Could that be Du Ming Yue?

Lin Shan recalled the golden pin she found from the stack of hay and immediately tensed up.

If Du Ming Yue was really cooked for potion, then what? Lin Shan started to freak out on the inside. Then, she heard the old man mumbled: “How the hell can you smell someone’s virginity? I should go and check…”

“Check your head! You perverted old man! Watch me chop off your dick and soak it in wine!” The old woman threatened.

Lin Shan was worrying for Du Ming Yue while she shivered. Wow, granny! You’re too much!

The old man became silent after the old woman scowled at him. After a while, Lin Shan heard the sounds of a sharp weapon being rubbing against something. Then, she heard the old woman grumbled: “Why are you being such a slow poke? Hurry up and let out the blood!”

Are you f**king kidding me? Why are you so unhygienic? You didn’t even wash me and you’re going to let out my blood? Who would want to drink your potion? Lin Shan screeched from the inside.

Soon, she heard footsteps heading her way. She secretly peeked and with the help of the lit lantern, she noticed the gleaming light from the dagger.

Lin Shan was trembling on the inside. Why was Lian Feng still hiding? Hey buddy! They want your wife’s blood!!! Lin Shan shrieked on the inside as the reflection of the dagger got closer and closer to her.

Just as the sharp part of the dagger was about to touch her, a flash of blade was seen and her acupoint was unlocked and a strong forced pulled her up and steadily placed her behind him.

“Speak. Who are you?” Lian Feng icily stated. His blade was pointing straight at the old man’s throat.

Lin Shan was hiding behind Lian Feng. She noticed the old man holding a strange dagger. It looked more like something they used in an operation room.

The old man was shaking from fear. His wife was also taken aback and didn’t know how to react. She just stood there.

“I’m going to ask one more time. Who are you?” Lian Feng pushed his blade closer. The blade was now on the old man’s neck. The old man started to babble like a child: “Umm…umm.. this hero… it’s a misunderstanding… misunderstanding…misunderstanding!!! We are not bad people…”

If it weren’t for the fact he was old, Lin Shan would have slapped him across the face.

You’re nearly seventy or eighty. Come on and be real. Putting out a sleeping pill in gas form in the middle of the night? And then planning to take my blood for a potion? How could you be so thick skinned to say you’re innocent??

Lian Feng’s blade inched closer. Now, the skin on the old man’s neck was breaking.

“Third time. If not, don’t blame me for what’s to come!” Lian Feng warned.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” cried the old man.

Lin Shan consoled Lian Feng: “Yes. Don’t kill him. He’s already so old. You need to respect your elders. This means you should chop off his dick and soak it in wine instead…..”

The old man’s legs buckled and he nearly fell down.

At that moment, the old woman seemed to have snapped out of her shock and rushed: “Please calm down, hero! I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything!

Since the old woman was willing to speak, Lian Feng no longer felt like it was necessary to harm the old man. However, he still had the blade on the old man’s neck.

“Who are you people? Why were you planning a sneak attack on us? And where is that young lady you mentioned previously? Be clear and precise or you’ll regret it.” Lian Feng’s tone was grim.

“I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!” The old woman exclaimed.

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