YH Chapter 61

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Lin Shan lifted her eyes and almost wailed. What? This is a house?

All the tiles from the house had fallen off, the windows were dangling, and the door was a piece of board!

“This house is too worn out. Are you sure? Perhaps the moment we go in, it will collapse.” Lin Shan mumbled. Before she finished her sentence, there was a rumbling sound.

The house then collapsed….

Everyone was shocked.


Lin Shan snapped out of it and dryly joked: “Haha. Good thing we didn’t go in yet…..”

Everyone: “…….”

Just as everyone was staring at the collapsed house, suddenly an old monstrous voice could be heard: “Ai ya, another one collapsed….”

“Ghost!” Lin Shan shrieked like a pig being slaughtered. She grabbed onto Lian Feng’s sleeves and tried to sprint. But within two steps, she was pulled back by Lian Feng like a little duckling.

“Why are you afraid? It’s a human.”

Human? Lin Shan was flabbergasted. She reluctantly opened her eyes and realized the ghost was actually a white haired old woman. The old woman was currently glaring at her.

“What ghost? You’re the ghost!” screeched the woman. Although she was old, she sounded quite lively while yelling.

After the old woman took a look at the group of people around Lin Shan and Lian Feng, she spoke in the regional dialect and demanded: “Who are you people? Why are you here?”

Out of the group, there was a soldier that grew up in Black Dragon Mountain. Therefore, he instantly went up to explain the situation. Lin Shan only heard gibberish and couldn’t understand a word.

At the end, the soldier went back to report to Lian Feng: “Superior. This old lady is the village head of this place. She said all the villagers have moved out and left. Her house is the only one that has remained. She said her wooden house is nearby, and she is willing to let us stay for the night…however…” The soldier stopped and looked troubled.

“However, what?” Lian Feng questioned.

“The old lady said her home isn’t big enough for all of us. Therefore, someone has to sleep in the firewood room.”

“That’s fine. I’ll go.” Lian Feng nodded.

“No….” The soldier awkwardly looked at the person next to Lian Feng.

Since the soldier was looking at her, Lin Shan reacted right away.

What the hell!? That old woman wants me to sleep in the firewood room? What the f***!? Just because I called her a ghost?

Lin Shan stared at the old woman and the woman just happened to be glaring at her. It was as if she was saying: Take that, you little! Calling me a ghost, eh? You regret it now, don’t you?

Lin Shan returned her dirty look: Granny. You’re not a ghost. You’re scarier than a ghost!

Clearly, the strange village head had decided to go against Lin Shan. Regardless of how they tried to negotiate, she refused to bend. Therefore, Lin Shan had no choice but to admit defeat. At least, she had a firewood room to sleep in. It was better than sleeping on top of a tree.

Once everyone knew they had a place to stay, they were happy. Like a swarm of bees, everyone followed the old woman.

Lian Feng slowed down and turned around to whisper to Lin Shan: “I’ll come stay with you tonight.”

Hehe. This is what you call “Misfortune turning into good fortune”! When I get horsesick, I get wrapped in an embrace. When I sleep in a firewood room, I get company. What is delightful love? This is delightful love!

Lin Shan was beaming on the inside. She slyly blinked at Lian Feng and caused him discomfort.

What’s wrong with this girl? She’s even content with sleeping in a firewood room?

Little did he know, Lin Shan was hitting on him.


Although the old lady was odd, her home was in alright living conditions. Based upon observations, she practiced medicine. The entire house was filled with herbal medicine.

The old lady also had a partner. Her husband was a white haired old man. He was much more welcoming compared to the old woman. He insisted on pouring water for them to drink. However, Lian Feng kindly refused.

After all, this was a deserted area. They must be careful and not let their guards down. Lin Shan could understand Lian Feng.

“By the way, have you seen a seventeen to eighteen years old young lady appearing nearby?” Lian Feng didn’t forget to ask about the whereabouts of Du Ming Yue.

“A young lady?” The old man smiled and shook his head, “Why would there be a young lady in this area? Witches, pheasants, and snakes are likely to be seen though.”

“There’s no young lady, but there’s a female ghost!” The old woman coldly interrupted and gave Lin Shan a dirty look.

Wow, come on, granny! You’re so freaking old and still holding on grudges. Ugghh.

Lin Shan felt a bit helpless and didn’t say a word. She recklessly ate some dried food and started to feel sleepy. They had travelled the entire day, plus she had also gotten horsesick along the way. Hence, she was deathly tired.

Unfortunately, the old woman was stubborn and the moment she heard Lin Shan was tired, she led her to the firewood room without saying a word.

Lin Shan was annoyed. Although the house was small, it could fit a couple more people if necessary. The granny just had to make her sleep in the firewood room. What a nasty woman. She clearly wanted revenge.

“Never mess with a woman!” Lin Shan reminded herself as she followed the old lady into the room.

The firewood room was shabby, but at least it was clean. Lin Shan didn’t care anymore. She noticed a pile of hay from the corner and she stacked them together as she sat on it. She was going to wait for Lian Feng to come so they could have their sweet alone time together. But she was so exhausted that she fell asleep on top of the hay before Lian Feng arrived.

Lin Shan had no idea how long she fell asleep for. She was half asleep when she heard the door opened. She drowsily looked up, and with the help of the moonlight, she saw the familiar mask and relaxed immediately. She waited until Lian Feng sat down next to her. Then she pounced on him without holding back.

Mm…a meat pillow was definitely much more comfortable. Soft and warm! Lin Shan felt very cozy and continued to sleep. She kept rubbing against Lian Feng to find the most comfortable position.

Lian Feng didn’t move at all as he waited Lin Shan to find her most satisfying spot. She was like a tiny kitten in his arms. He placed his arm on her shoulder.

Her shoulder was so thin. Compared to the previous times he had wrapped his arms around her, she had lost a size. Although she was lying on his chest, it was as if she had no bones. Lian Feng felt terrible.

The Emperor had been summoning Lin Shan daily to yell at her. Any normal human being would be mentally traumatized. Not to mention, Lin Shan was a woman. The fact she could still get up and continue with life was already quite impressive.

Lin Shan told him she had the “xiao qiang”* mindset; the harder you beat it, the stronger it becomes.

Xiao qiang? Certainly, she was “cheng qiang”**. Thinking of this, Lian Feng felt helpless. He looked down and watched her sleep. Lin Shan’s baby face was so thin that her chin was starting to look pointy. He couldn’t help but stroke her face.

At this very moment, Lin Shan was dreaming. She dreamt there was a huge cake in front of her face. It looked so delicious that she was drooling. The cream on the cake was so good. Holy shit! She started licking and biting.

However, the moment she bit on it, it felt very hard. Whatever. Continue!

An “Ahh” could be heard from her ears.

Lin Shan woke up from surprise. It was then she realized that she wasn’t eating any cake. She was eating Lian Feng’s finger! Lian Feng looked like he was in pain as his brows were crinkled. Lin Shan was startled.

She felt bad and tried to make it up to Lian Feng by sucking his finger.

This sudden movement caused Lian Feng’s body to shake. The pain instantly vanished. Instead, it was replaced with a fiery heat that was coming up from the bottom.

Lin Shan was still clueless. Since Lian Feng’s brows were no longer crinkled, she assumed her method was working. Therefore, she started lightly licking his finger. As she licked, she gazed lovingly at Lian Feng. Her gaze was trying to say, “There, there. It doesn’t hurt anymore, right?” It was extremely innocent, but she suddenly realized something was wrong with her gesture. Her mind became alert as she looked shockingly at Lian Feng.

They made eye contact and Lin Shan fully woke up.

Oh my heavens! What did I just do? Her face turned boiling red. She quickly tried to look away but Lian Feng grasped her chin. He was very rough as he quickly pushed his tongue in her mouth.

At this very moment, Lin Shan’s mind was totally blank. She could feel her body being pressed further and further down. The hay couldn’t sustain their weight, and she could only tightly hold onto a few strands. Her entire body had nearly sunk into the hay.

This was what you call “dry firewood turning into a blaze”. Lin Shan felt like she was suffocating. All her remaining strength was being taken away by the kiss.

Her hands and legs were weak, her mind was blank, all her movements were automatic reflexes. Her heart felt like it was sinking and all her problems also seemed to disappear.

Right now, only desired remained.


*Xiao qiang is a slang for a cockroach. Back in the days, people find battling cockroaches entertaining. Most of the cockroaches were called “xiao qiang”. Xiao means little, and qiang means strong.

**Cheng qiang means “forced” in Mandarin. The author wanted to be puny with the word “qiang”. -_-”

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