YH Chapter 6

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After negotiating for a while, Du Ming Yue and Lin Shan finally decided to unite and agreed on five rules: They will respect each other, no touching, no meddling in each other’s privacy, share profits equally, and coexist peacefully.

Before they were finished, Lin Shan added one more line: “I have one more request. I want the maid that had entered the Palace with me to come and personally serve me.”

What a pervert! Du Ming Yue secretly cursed as she nodded: “Fine!”

“And one more thing.”

Du Ming Yue frowned: “Can you just say everything all at once?”

“Whatever the Emperor had rewarded us, I want half of it!”

Du Ming Yue’s mouth twitched. While she was negotiating earlier, she had developed a bit of good feelings towards Lin Shan, but now it was totally gone: “You are so shameless. You can have it all!”

Oh?! Lin Shan’s eyes glowed: “Really? Are you sure? No regrets?”

Du Ming Yue: “…..”


The moment Xiao Lu was transferred back to Lin Shan, they acted like villains colluded together.

“Master, would you like some mung bean cake?”

“Master, would you like some tea?”

“Master, would you like a massage from me?”

“Master, would you want me to accompany you on a stroll to the gardens?”


Du Ming Yue kept rolling her eyes on the side: “Hey, are you seriously Lin Feng’s brother? How come you seem like a last minute replacement punk?”

“I am. Replacement guaranteed if fake.” Lin Shan had thick skin as she pushed out her chest.

Du Ming Yue blushed but was too curious to care: “Your brother is nothing like you, right?”

Oh my goodness, this woman still wants my bro!? Lin Shan earnestly replied: “Of course not? My brother is as gorgeous as a jade and of great talent. Anyone who sees him will fall in love. Flower will bloom, and even a chicken will lay eggs. How can I compare?”

Du Ming Yue breathed a sigh of relief and gave her the “I already knew that without you telling me” look.

At this moment, Lin Shan suddenly lowered her voice and acted all mysterious: “But those are things everyone can see. My brother actually has many little secrets in which only I know….”

Oh?! Now, it was Du Ming Yue’s eyes glowing, “Tell me about it?”

“I could tell you, but right now, I’m tired. I want to go out for a stroll. Xiao Lu!”

“Here!” Xiao Lu instantly hopped over.

“Let’s go and walk around the Imperial garden!”

“OK!” Under Lin Shan’s teachings, the maid even learnt how to speak English. She definitely had potential!

Du Ming Yue was left by herself as she stomped her feet: “Song Luo! You asshole! We are going to remain enemies!”


On the way to the Imperial garden, they were surrounded by the unlimited scent of spring time and fragrance of flowers.

The moment the Prince Consort appeared, it attracted the looks of many palace maids. Although Song Luo wasn’t as good looking as her older brother, she still had red lips and white teeth. As a man, she still managed to look neutrally attractive.

Originally, when she first arrived at the Palace, many ladies were disappointed because their expectations were too high. In addition, at the time, the almighty Lian Feng was by her side. Obviously, she was nothing in comparison.

But now, it was different. There was only Xiao Lu by her side. As a result, she instantly stood out. Plus, the maids were not used to seeing men in general. Therefore, the moment the Prince Consort arrived, it was like a fresh new scenery for everyone.

One by one, all of them stopped walking as they looked down and giggle bashfully.

Lin Shan was very pleased. After all, the women from the past were quite reserved. She could still recall how bold she was when she tried chasing the most handsome boy in her school back in her hometown. That guy nearly ended up finding a boyfriend. Who would have thought that the times would change. Today, she had become a “man” and was now surrounded by a bunch of maids with smitten looks on their faces. She was quite touched.

Lin Shan felt like she was floating. I have succeed as a woman, and I am so outstanding as a man. I have surpassed all others of my kind!

While she was being satisfied with herself, someone suddenly shouted: “The Third Prince is here!”

Immediately, all the shy maids went nuts and left her as they headed towards the same direction.

The confidence that Lin Shan had gained was cruelly shattered.

“Xiao Lu, I’m so disappointed.” Lin Shan sadly whined.

“Why are you disappointed, Master?” Xiao Lu blinked as she asked on the side.

Lin Shan bitterly replied: “How come people only care about the outside? So superficial! Shallow!”

“Lian Superior is here! Lian Superior is here!” Another person screamed.

“Ah!” Lin Shan’s eyes shone, “Let’s go, Xiao Lu! Let’s go take a look!”

Xiao Lu shook her head: “Master, you’re the one who is shallow….”

“Shallow your head! I want to see the golden sabre. It’s worth a lot!”

Xiao Lu: “…..”


Regardless of appearance or aura, both Du Jing and Lian Feng were incomparable to most people. For those in the Palace, seeing them both together was rarer than rare.

At this moment, the two of them surprisingly appeared in the Imperial garden. It was really shocking to everyone. All at once, the infatuated maids were super excited. Although they didn’t dare to go up close as they stared from afar, all of them reacted a hundred times more intensely than when they saw Lin Shan.

Maid A: “Hurry, come look! The Third Prince’s smile is so charming!”

Maid B: “I think Lian Superior is more handsome!”

Maid A: “The Third Prince is distinguished and accomplished!”

Maid B: “Lian Superior is handsome and confident!”

Maid A: “The Third Prince looks better!”

Maid B: “Lian Superior looks better!”

Maid C: “Stop arguing. Don’t you think they are a great match together?”

Lin Shan was secretly listening and nearly tripped: Wow, not only had fujoshis taken over the world, they even had the abilities to travel through time! So powerful!

At the same time, Lian Feng and Du Jing were currently talking.

“Your Highness, why are you looking for me?” Like always, Lian Feng was wearing his silver mask. It was difficult for others to see his expression. But from his cold voice, it was safe to assume his expression was blank at the moment.

“Lian Superior, there is no need to rush. I just want to take you to a place.”

“I’m the leader of the Royal guards. My duty is to protect the Palace. I cannot leave my post. Please understand, Third Prince.”

“Why are you so serious? There are many guards protecting the Palace. Nothing is going to happen without you. Come out with me and have some fun!” said Du Jing as he tried to pull Lian Feng with him.

“Please let go, Third Prince.” Lian Feng coldly responded. He tightened his grip on his golden sabre.

Du Jing was not afraid. Instead, he smiled as he whispered something in Lian Feng’s ear.

Lian Feng instantly stiffened.

“What? Are you still unwilling to come with me?” Du Jing smiled playfully.

Lian Feng didn’t respond but exchanged eye contact. At this moment, the surrounding maids were going nuts over the somewhat flirtatious gesture. All of them were making a huge deal.

Maid A: “Ah! Could it be? The Third Prince and Lian Superior are gay?”

Maid B: “Why?! Why is it the two of them? My heart is breaking!”

Maid C’s eyes shone: “What a beautiful couple! They match so well! So adorable!”

Lin Shan was sweating like rain as she watched from the side.

The maids’ pitched voices caught Du Jing’s attention. He turned his eyes towards their direction and dazzlingly smiled. All the maids couldn’t handle it and fell down. There was only person who remained standing and she was staring at Lian Feng’s golden sabre with glowing eyes.

“Song brother! Come over here!”

Du Jing’s voice brought Lin Shan back to reality. She realized she had revealed herself!

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