YH Chapter 59

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Lin Shan was trying to break from Du Jing’s grasp when suddenly it was as if her body had been shocked by lightning.

How…how did he find out?

Just as Lin Shan’s mind was going blank, Du Jing had already reverted to his smiling face. He casually said: “Aaaii, we’ve been looking for a while. I am feeling kind of tired. Why don’t we go for a drink at the Leaning Vermillion House? My treat.” He laughed as he dragged Lin Shan with him.

Lin Shan had never been so anxious before. Even when Du Hao found out about her identity, she wasn’t as worried. But today, facing the secretive Third Prince, Lin Shan felt a fear that she had never experienced before.

How did he find out she was female? When did he find out? Why didn’t he tell others her secret? What was his motive??

Lin Shan’s mind was spinning with questions. Next thing she knew, they had already arrived at the Leaning Vermilion House.

Once the ladies saw the rich clients, they swarmed around them so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak through. The Third Prince’s name was being called left and right in a very whiny and flirtatious manner. Lin Shan crinkled her brows but didn’t say a word.

What does he want from me? Currently, that was the question that Lin Shan was struggling with. Logically, he had more money than her. Physically, she shouldn’t be his type. As for family background, his and hers were incomparable. What could he want from her?

While Lin Shan was caught up in her thoughts, Du Jing had already lifted the wine cup facing her: “Come, brother. Drink with me.” His voice was rather courteous and there weren’t any hints of threats.

Lin Shan didn’t touch the wine cup on the table.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid I have drugged your drink?”

Of course I’m afraid. It isn’t the first time you have drugged drinks! Lin Shan shouted from the inside. However, she responded with: “Of course not. I didn’t sleep well last night so I do not have much of an appetite.”

“Third Prince. He doesn’t want to drink with you. But I’ll drink with you!” The beauties around Du Jing started to flirt.

“Alright. I have beauties to accompany with my wine, of course I will give face?!” Du Jing smiled. Therefore, he started drinking with the beauties. In fact, he was enjoying himself so much that he had one on each arm.

Originally, Lin Shan was very worried. Now that Du Jing wasn’t giving her any attention but drinking casually with these women, she was going nuts. Time was ticking and ten days will past by in no time. They still had no idea where the Princess was. What if her parents get send to exile? How will they be able to handle the hardship?

Thinking of this, Lin Shan was bitter. Even if she didn’t die now, it will happen ten days from now. If that was the case, she might as well go all out.

*Pa* A crispy sound was heard. A cup had been harshly thrown onto the ground as it broke into pieces.

The laughter from the ladies died down as they all stared at Lin Shan.

“Du Jing. What the hell do you want from me?” That was Lin Shan’s first line. All the ladies had clueless expressions on their faces.

“You were the one who tried to get on better terms with me. Now you purposely bring me to this prostitution place. What is your motive?” That was Lin Shan’s second line. Now, everyone just looked shocked.

“Could it be because I have rejected you from the past, and now you purposely want to get revenge?” That was Lin Shan’s third line. By now, everyone was just waiting for a good show. You can’t blame them though. How often would the prostitutes get to hear gossips from the Royal family? This was very satisfying for the lonely hearts of the beauties.

Although he was at the centre of attention, Du Jing wasn’t angry. Instead, he laughed. At first, he laughed lightly. However, he started laughing louder and louder. Just when everyone was mind blown from the laughter, Du Jing suddenly stopped. His eyes flashed and he icily said: “Leave the room.”

Du Jing’s face changed faster than a face changer. All the beauties in the rooms left, except for Lin Shan. She firmly lifted her head up and looked straight into Du Jing’s eyes. It felt like a scene from the battle royale.

However, very quickly, her heart started to beat like a drum. Initially, she thought Du Jing was a smiling tiger. But now, she realized that he was entirely two different people when he wasn’t smiling. Currently, Du Jing no longer seemed seductive, but demonic. Lin Shan could only sense danger.

At this rate, she was going to go crazy. She needed to get some stuff cleared up before she turned insane: “Third Prince. A bright person will not talk in a hidden manner. What do you want? Be swift and get to the point.”

Du Jing didn’t say a word. After coldly looking at Lin Shan, he could sense her timid heart. Eventually, he responded: “Honestly, it’s not a big deal. I just want to borrow something from Song second lady.”

Conspiracy! Lin Shan acted cool and reserved: “Third Prince. Which item do you want?” Deep inside, she was prepared. She was waiting for Du Jing to say something like the sunflower treasury, heavenly dragon, treasure map or some sort.

But instead, Du Jing said: “Last time, the Emperor granted you the Heaven stone. I’m wondering where you’ve placed it.”

Lin Shan almost broke down in tears. You nearly scared me half to death for that piece of shitty rock? First, you wanted the golden sabre. Then, you stole my horse carriage. Now, you won’t stop for a rock? You’re a Prince! Wow, grow up!?

If Du Jing knew the real reason why Gui Mei couldn’t find the Heaven stone after searching the entire residence was because Xiao Lu had used it to cover a mouse hole, he would probably spit blood.

“Third Prince, you want the Heaven stone, right? No problem!” Lin Shan looked at Du Jing. “I can give you the stone, but only if you help me find the Princess within ten days. If not, the stone will be buried with me!”

“Are you threatening me?” Du Jing narrowed his eyes. He looked annoyed.

“Third Prince. You’re thinking too much. The value of the Heaven stone depends on the eye of the beholder. If the Third Prince thinks it’s not worth a dime, then you can openly tell the world about my identity. However, if the Third Prince thinks it’s more valuable than a city, why can’t I use it for an exchange?”

Du Jing didn’t expect the slow Song Luo to be so sharp. His eyes revealed a look of surprise that was rarely seen. Then, he flashed his famous smile back onto his face.

He lightly laughed and said: “Ok. Deal.”

Time flew by and there were less than five days left. The Palace sent out all they could and flipped the Capital upside down, but still couldn’t find a trace of the Princess.

The Emperor was furious. He summoned Lin Shan a couple of times and caused her mental damage. Lin Shan knew her luck was over. If she failed to find the Princess, her whole family was doomed. Therefore, she looked day and night nonstop. Yet, she couldn’t find any clues.

By the seventh day, there were still no news of Du Ming Yue. And Du Jing had disappeared despite promising her that he would find the Princess. Since the deadline was fast approaching, Lin Shan couldn’t wait any longer and suggested to Du Hao to search on the outskirts of the Capital.

Outside of the Imperial city was the Black Dragon Mountain. The chances of being in danger was actually far higher than the chances of finding a person. Hence, Du Hao naturally refused. But Lin Shan was determined. She didn’t give a shit. She decided to secretly go and search without telling Du Hao. However, the guards stopped her at the Palace gate.

It turned out that Du Hao had predicted her actions. Now, she did not have permission to leave the Palace.

Lin Shan was shrieking: “How dare you? I have an Imperial order to find the Princess. How dare you block me?”

The door guards looked at each other and looked very uncomfortable: “Prince Consort. Please do not make our jobs difficult. We were ordered from above to not allow you to leave the Palace. If the Emperor gave you permission, then you should give us or show us proof. If not, it would make it very hard for us to explain to our boss.”

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