YH Chapter 57

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After returning from the ge lou, Du Ming Yue was very depressed. The more she thought about it, the more she felt like there was something going on between her husband and her brother.

Two men…alone…underneath the moon and dark silent sky…heavy rain…together in a room…clothes were in disarray… any element alone already sounded wrong. If you put them all together, it was downright dirty.

As Du Ming Yue analyzed her thoughts, she couldn’t help but remember how cold Song Luo had treated her after they were married. Even after when she had plastered herself on him, he seemed to take no interest in her. As a normal functioning man, how could he reject such a beautiful Princess like herself?

The only reasonable explanation was…Song Luo was interested in men!!


If it weren’t for an arranged marriage, Lin Shan couldn’t imagine any man wanting to marry the Princess.

Then again, Lin Shan couldn’t imagine a lot of things. She would never have thought a man would be so fearless that he would storm into the Palace -alone- just to see the Princess.

That unlucky man was He Lao San!

He Lao San’s love life was even more depressing than Du Ming Yue’s. At least, Du Ming Yue had loved a few people before. He Lao San didn’t even have an opportunity to love any woman until he mistakenly met Lin Shan.

Finally, he could look forward to love. But Lian Feng was too powerful as a rival. He Lao San couldn’t compete in terms of status, martial arts, or looks.

Logically, He Lao San should have given up. Yet, he was bitter and suffered from love-sickness. He couldn’t stop thinking of Lin Shan, and even his fan was unable to console his lonely heart. After battling in his head for a day, he decided to charge into the Palace to find his lover.

He Lao San thought it over. The reason why Lin Shan didn’t like him was because he didn’t come off strong enough. Didn’t his big boss tell him? Women prefer men that dominate. He Lao San knew his weaknesses and strengths. He may be bad at literature and dance, but he definitely knew how to “come on strong” from his experiences as a mountain thief!

Therefore, He Lao San didn’t bring anything else but a sack as he energetically skipped his way to the Palace to find his Princess Lin Shan.

As for Du Ming Yue, she was suffering tremendously from her imagination.

Oh God. I’m a Princess! Why can’t I find a normal man to love? Bodhisattva! Buddha! Laozi! When will I, Du Ming Yue, find my true Prince!?!?!

Just as Du Ming Yue was sighing to the moon alone, a sack fell from the sky and she was caught inside. He Lao San tossed the sack on his shoulders and said the most satisfying line he had said in the past twenty plus years.

“Mother! I’ve finally found a wife!”


Lin Shan and Du Hao quickly arrived back to the Palace. By now, the Emperor had been notified of the missing Du Ming Yue. He was currently in the Study screaming at all the guards responsible for the Princess’s safety. Seeing Lin Shan’s arrival made him even angrier. He slammed down his documents and shrieked: “As a Prince Consort, you can’t even protect the Princess. Why do I need a son-in-law like you?”

This was the first time Lin Shan had seen the Emperor so furious. She didn’t know how to react.

At that moment, Du Hao spoke up: “Father, please do not blame Prince Consort. I told him to stay with me for a couple of days because we were having a lot of fun. That is the reason why he couldn’t protect sister.”

The Emperor did not expect his son to interfere. He became even more enraged: “Are you telling me that I’ve wronged him?”

“Your son does not mean to offend you, Father. I just want you to temporarily put the responsibility stuff aside. Currently, the most important task is to find sister, and give Prince Consort an opportunity to make up for his crime.” Du Hao calmly replied.

“Make up for your crime, eh?” The Emperor coolly laughed. “Fine. I will give you the opportunity. Song Luo, take my command!”

Lin Shan was a clever soul and instantly got onto her knees: “Your subordinate, Song Luo, accepts the Imperial command!”

“I’m giving you ten days to find the Princess. If not, no need to return!”

Lin Shan was so emotional, she nearly cried. Emperor, you are truly too wise! Not returning would be awesome! Ideally, I would never return.

Then, the Emperor added his next line: “There is no need for you to return. Your father, mother, and brother also do not need to return. The day you find the Princess is the day your whole family can come back.”

Lin Shan was almost paralyzed. Emperor, you’re too cruel!

At that moment, Du Hao suddenly spoke up: “Your son is willing to assist the Prince Consort in locating Ming Yue.”

“Alright. I didn’t know your relationship with the Prince Consort was so good. If that’s the case…come, my servant!”

Lian Feng was waiting right by the door. He immediately came in and kneeled as he briefly looked at Lin Shan and said to the Emperor: “What can I do for you, my Emperor?”

“Lian Feng, I’m ordering you to lead the Imperial army to correspond with the Crown Prince and Prince Consort to locate the whereabouts of the Princess. You must ensure the Princess’s safety. Error will be unacceptable.”

“Your subordinate accepts your command.”

Just like that, locating the Princess became the job of Lin Shan, Lian Feng, and Du Hao’s. Lin Shan was very surprised by the outcome. When she left the Study, she felt relieved, but she was also anxious at the same time. Firstly, the Emperor only gave her ten days to find Du Ming Yue. Secondly, the two men that were supposed to help her just got into a fight prior to this. Could they really get along?

As expected, when Du Hao left the Study, he totally ignored Lian Feng and spoke exclusively to Lin Shan: “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to help you find her.” His voice was filled with confidence.

Lin Shan couldn’t understand Du Hao’s drastic change. Not only did he say good words for her in front of the Emperor, now he was voluntarily helping her. She didn’t know what type of attitude she should have towards him. After pondering for a while, she muttered, “Thanks.”

“I don’t need you to thank me.” Du Hao stared at Lin Shan. Then, he swept a look at Lian Feng and stated: “I only want you to remember what I have done for you.” Immediately after, he left without turning back.

Lin Shan honestly couldn’t understand what was going through Du Hao’s mind. At that moment, Lian Feng walked up to her and said: “I’m going to plan out our route for tomorrow.”

After not seeing Lian Feng for such a long time, Lin Shan had a lot she wanted to say to him. However, since the situation was critical, she had no choice but to put her emotions aside. Instead, she asked: “What about me? What can I help with?”

“You?” Lian Feng looked at her and saw that her focus was scattered and lost. Clearly, she had gone through too many surprises in one day. He couldn’t help but reach out to push aside a strand of hair as he gently soothed: “Go and sleep. When the Sun rises, we will be busy.”

Lian Feng’s touch was warm and it had an unusually ability to calm her heart down. Lin Shan gazed up at the sky and sighed: Du Ming Yue oh Du Ming Yue. When you were here, everyone felt alive while you were gone. Now that you’re missing, we’re all goners unless you’re alive. You’re truly something!

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