YH Chapter 53

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This time, Lin Shan didn’t nod. She wanted the story to climax.

Now that Lin Shan stopped nodding, Yang Yu Er panicked. She took out a sack from her sleeves and shoved it into Lin Shan’s hands as she whispered: “This is a welcome gift from me. Please accept my kind intentions.”

Oh wow! I get money even when I’m on house arrest? Not bad!

This time, it was Lin Shan’s eyes shining. She pretended to reject the sack and continued to remain silent.

Yang Yu Er realized one wasn’t enough and fished out another full sack. Now, she shoved both into Lin Shan’s hands: “Prince Consort, please do not reject me. It’s just a humble gift. No big deal.”

This time, Lin Shan didn’t return the sacks and stuffed both into her sleeves.

Seeing how Lin Shan accepted her money, Yang Yu Er felt a breath of relief. She calmly asked: “Prince Consort, do you remember who the Highness’s desired candidate is?”

Lin Shan looked at her and shook her head.

Yang Yu Er almost spat blood: “Prince Consort… you can’t…” She was so emotional that she didn’t noticed the stone in front of her. Yang Yu Er stumbled and fell towards the lotus pond.

Lin Shan rushed to get out of the way, but it was too late. Yang Yu Er reached out and caught onto Lin Shan’s sleeves. All Lin Shan felt was a force pushing her forward. Before she could react, both of them had already fallen into the lotus pond.

Plop! Plop!

After the two sounds, there was a huge splash. Then, Yang Yu Er could be heard screaming like a slaughtered pig from the back garden: “Help! Help!! Help…..”


Just as Lin Shan and Yang Yu Er both fell into the waters, at the Crown Prince’s residence, Du Hao was having a serious chat with Gu Zuo.

“Your subordinate has discovered that the slip of paper is a from a special type of paper that is only produced from the Palace. Therefore, most likely, it was sent from someone here.” Gu Zuo stated.

It was someone from the Palace? Du Hao narrowed his eyes: “What about the flying dagger?”

“The flying dagger is an ordinary item. It is not created from the Palace. However, if a person can thrust such an ordinary item straight into the tree, he must have very strong abilities. I’m afraid he is not an ordinary person.”

Ordinary person? If he was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t dare to be so unbridled in front of my eyes. Du Hao coolly laughed.

At this moment, he suddenly heard someone screaming from faraway.

“Let’s go take a look.” Du Hao said to Gu Zuo. The two of them left the Study one after another, and followed the sounds of the screaming towards the back garden.

It was currently the peak of the midsummer. The lotus pond from the back garden was filled with large pieces of lotus leaves. By the time Du Hao and Gu Zuo arrived, the lotus pond had already been surrounded by quite a number of servant girls. All of them rushed to one side the moment they saw Du Hao; their faces showed signs of fear.

Du Hao looked at the lotus pond and saw Yang Yu Er fluttering like a duck. He couldn’t help but crinkled his brows. Then, he looked at Gu Zuo: “You, go in.”

Poor Gu Zuo was stunned: “Your Highness, I… I do not know how to swim….”

“Are you implying that I should go in instead?” Du Hao narrowed his eyes.

Gu Zuo hesitated: “Umm.. your subordinate shall order someone…..” Gu Zuo turned around and was about to leave.

At this moment, suddenly another weak voice could be heard amongst Yang Yu Er’s sharp screaming: “Help… help……”

Song Luo?! Du Hao immediately panicked and scanned around the lotus pond. He looked pass the layers of lotus leaves and Yang Yu Er’s extreme splashes. Finally, he noticed a familiar sleeve. Without thinking, Du Hao jumped straight into the lotus pond.

A *plop* could be heard. Gu Zuo instantly turned around and no longer saw Du Hao. He froze.

Then, he hollered: “What are you all standing around for? Quickly find someone to save our Highness! Our Highness cannot swim!”

Actually, Lin Shan can swim. However, the moment she fell into the lotus pond, Yang Yu Er went nuts and grabbed onto her clothes screaming. Thus, she couldn’t even swim to shore. She was being sunk.

At this moment, Du Hao jumped in.

The moment Du Hao jumped in, Yang Yu Er became emotional and released Lin Shan’s hand. She flopped her way towards Du Hao.

Since Yang Yu Er released her, Lin Shan felt much lighter. Although she did swallow a couple gulps of water and was slightly dizzy, she could still move her hands and legs. Therefore, she used her intuition and swam to shore.

But at this moment, there was screaming from the shore: “Quickly find someone! The Crown Prince has fallen into the lotus pond! We need someone to save him…!!!”

Why did the Crown Prince join us? He wanted to join in the fun or something? Before Lin Shan could fully comprehend what was happening, someone strongly wrapped his arms around her waist. Lin Shan turned around and realized it was Du Hao.

Du Hao’s lips were tightly shut and his face was deathly pale. He kept trying to push her above the water, but he himself was gradually sinking lower and lower.

Lin Shan knew something was wrong and quickly grabbed onto Du Hao. Fortunately, he wasn’t as difficult as Yang Yu Er. Lin Shan managed to get both of them afloat for a little while. However, since she was weak herself, she couldn’t hold on for much longer.

Just when she had no more strength, Gu Zuo found a bamboo pole from the shore.

“Prince Consort. Please grab onto the bamboo pole!” Gu Zuo yelled.

Lin Shan reached out her hand to pull. The two of them slowly got onto shore. By now, Lin Shan basically had no more strength left. She had to be dragged by Gu Zuo and the Imperial guards behind him. After she spat out a couple mouthfuls of water, she took a couple deep breaths as she looked up from the ground.

As she gasped for air, she was also feeling for the two sacks. She was beaming: Good! Good! They’re still there!!

While she was secretly celebrating, she heard Gu Zuo’s worrisome voice: “Quickly! Find the Imperial physician! Hurry!”

Lin Shan sat up and realized Du Hao was still unconscious. Gu Zuo was about to lift him.

Lin Shan rushed to stop him. You can’t lift him up when the water is still in his stomach! Come on! Use your brain?

Gu Zuo was clueless by Lin Shan’s gesture because he had no swimming knowledge or abilities.

Since Gu Zuo looked lost, Lin Shan lifted her sleeves and started pressing on Du Hao’s chest with both her hands. Once, twice, thrice…. Du Hao’s breathing still didn’t resume.

Are you kidding me? Do I have to give him artificial respiration? Lin Shan frowned. Du Hao’s face still had no colour to it. Uggghhhh. She gritted her teeth and was about to go all out. However, just as her lips were about to touch Du Hao’s, Lian Feng suddenly appeared in her mind. Although he quickly vanished, it was enough to make Lin Shan stop.

Two seconds later, Lin Shan straighten up and ruthlessly punched Du Hao in the stomach.

You f**ker! Wake up!

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