YH Chapter 51

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What’s he doing? Lin Shan was astonished. Du Hao had no expression on his face as he started drying her hair with the cloth.

He clearly had never helped anyone dry their hair before. His movements were rigid. At times, he would be very gentle; but then, he would be very rough. That wasn’t the point though. Right now, Lin Shan was stunned because the Crown Prince was personally drying her hair. What the hell?

Is he planning to suffocate me and then announce tomorrow: The Prince Consort was drying his hair, but then accidently suffocated himself….

Du Hao had no idea why he was drying her hair either. He couldn’t help it. It just felt natural. However, Lin Shan looked very alert and frightened. He could tell that she didn’t trust him from the way she was looking at him. Du Hao felt unappreciated and was enraged.

Lin Shan was still struggling to figure out what was on Du Hao’s mind, when suddenly, Du Hao stopped and stood up. Then, he threw the cloth onto her head.

“Dry it yourself.” Du Hao said bitterly as he walked away.

Once again, Lin Shan clumsily pulled the cloth off her head. Next thing she knew, another item was thrown at her.

She took a look and realized it was a robe.

“Change your clothes. Don’t dirty my room.” Du Hao flatly stated.

Wow! What a jerk. He only cares about himself. He didn’t even offer me a place to sleep! Helloooo… do you really have to be so noble and cold? At least throw me a pillow!

*Pa* A pillow was thrown at her face —

Lin Shan practically slept in the corner that night. The moment she woke up, she heard a loud commotion downstairs. It sounded like someone yelling. She was still half asleep when she opened her eyes and yawned. She stretched her sore back and crawled out to take a look.

The moment she opened the door, a glaring light shone into her eyes. Lin Shan frowned. She rushed to the railing to see who rudely interrupted her beauty sleep.

But when she looked down, her soul nearly flew away.

Why was Du Ming Yue here?

Du Ming Yue found her way here after interrogating Xiao Lu. The moment she found out Song Luo’s location, she stormed here with a bunch of her servants.

Once she saw Song Luo’s outer garment hanging from the entrance, Du Ming Yue went nuts and started screeching.

Du Ming Yue was so loud that Du Hao woke up as well. He rushed over to see what was going on. Ever since they were little, Du Hao had never gotten along well with Du Ming Yue. Their personalities differ too much and they weren’t from the same mother. They rarely interacted unless they had to.

Now that she had suddenly barged into his territory screaming like a maniac, Du Hao was annoyed. His face darkened and he gravely asked: “What is it, younger sister?”

Du Ming Yue was planning to “arrest” Song Luo and didn’t expect to see Du Hao. Currently, she felt a bit uncomfortable.

All of a sudden, she heard a few of her servants gasping in surprised and she turned to look at Song Luo. Song Luo was standing behind the railing on the second floor. There was nothing suspicious about this, but his hair was untied and his clothes were in disarray. Not only that, his clothes appeared to be Du Hao’s.

Du Ming Yue froze.

Although she wasn’t very bright, she had lived in the Palace for eighteen years. She had been exposed and heard of all sorts of stuff. She had heard about “homosexuals” but she never thought it would happen to her own husband.

No wonder Song Luo always runs whenever he sees me. It’s because…… Du Ming Yue came to a realization and now her face was stiff.

“Song Luo. Get your ass down here.” Deep inside, Du Ming Yue still had hope. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding.

For the past few days, Lin Shan was already so stressed by Du Ming Yue that she wanted to crash her head against the wall. Now, whenever she heard Du Ming Yue’s voice, she would naturally take a couple steps back.

Oh my Princess. I know you want action but please don’t try to get anything from me. I’m begging you!

Seeing how Song Luo refused to come down and trying to back off, Du Ming Yue was frustrated. She lifted up her sleeves and was about to storm up when suddenly, a person blocked her: “Younger sister, what you are trying to do in my territory?” Du Hao’s voice was intimidating and full of an Emperor’s aura.

Du Ming Yue wasn’t afraid of anything, except for her father. Now that she could sense the same aura from her second brother, she couldn’t help but feel slightly unnerved.

“Please do not block me, older brother. I just want to take Prince Consort back with me.” Du Ming Yue bravely confronted.

“Younger sister, the Prince Consort may be your husband, but this is my territory. How can you rudely storm in and out whenever you feel like? Does my presence not matter in your eyes?” Du Hao’s last line was said so coldly that all of Du Ming Yue’s servants trembled in fear.

Du Ming Yue’s complexion didn’t look good. After all, this was the Crown Prince. Ever since Du Hao had returned in triumph, Father has been doting on him even more. It was obvious that Father preferred him way more than Du Ye. Eventually, Du Hao was going to be the Emperor. If they have conflicts now, she would be placed in a bad position.

Although Du Ming Yue was usually unreasonable, she knew her place during the crucial moments. She immediately altered her tone.

“Older brother, please do not misunderstand. Your sister is just worried because Prince Consort didn’t come back last night. I thought he might have gotten into an accident. Since the Prince Consort is here with you, I’m relieved. Would brother allow me to bring Prince Consort back with me?”

Now that Du Ming Yue’s attitude had changed, Du Hao immediately took advantage: “Younger sister. Of course it is understandable that you miss and care for your husband. How could brother not know? But last night, I had a very deep talk with Prince Consort, and we are not finished. We have decided to continue our conversation for the next few days. Therefore, the Prince Consort will be staying with me for a while. Younger sister, you do not have an issue with that, correct?”

Du Hao’s voice was calm and collected. However, Du Ming Yue’s face was turning colour. She couldn’t help but think back on her assumption.

“Why is younger sister not talking? If you do not believe me, you may ask your husband.” Du Hao turned his glance towards Lin Shan. His eyes looked deep into her soul.

You f**ker. You know I can’t speak, yet you’re asking me? You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? Lin Shan didn’t even finish glaring, but Du Hao had already turned around: “Princess, did you see the Prince Consort nod?”

You asshole. When did I nod? I didn’t even blink!

Du Ming Yue’s facial expression was turning worse and worse. Thinking how her husband could be gay, her mind was a total mess. She gritted her teeth and said: “If that is the case, then younger sister shall take her leave now. I do not want to disturb your talk. Goodbye!”

Then, she flung her sleeves and left the ge lou. All her servants followed as well.

Only the two of them remained. Du Hao lifted his head and said to Lin Shan: “Why are you still standing there? You’re going to be staying with me for the next couple of days.

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