YH Chapter 5

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By the time Lin Shan woke up, she was in the Princess’s room. Du Ming Yue was staring heatedly at her.

“Didn’t I tell you to get out? Why are you in my room?”

Lin Shan just woke up and her head was pounding furiously. It took her awhile before she recalled the incident from last night. She remembered eating and choking. Afterwards, she drank a hot guy’s wine and she couldn’t remember anything else…

Ugh… she shook her head: “Sorry Princess. I don’t know why I’m here either.”

Du Ming Yue was so mad that she almost bounced: “Do you think the Princess’s room is a place where a man can randomly enter? Get out!”

Lin Shan was still half asleep as she nodded and swayed. She climbed up and got ready to leave.

At this moment, a shrilling voice from outside could be heard: “The Emperor is in the Imperial Study. He is summoning the Princess and the Prince Consort!”

The moment the Emperor’s name was mentioned, the two of them froze. They both looked at each other and Du Ming Yue started to feel anxious.

“Ok, I’m telling you now. When we see my father, you’re not allowed to mention what happened last night!” Although she appeared to be proud and confident around Lin Shan, when it came to her Father Emperor, the most she could do was throw a little tantrum. After all, she didn’t dare to refuse important matters.

Pssh, even if you didn’t tell me, I would know. Do you think I’m an idiot? Lin Shan was annoyed. Then, she realized something. The Princess treated her terribly…but whenever her father was mentioned, she would look nervous!? I guess the rumours are false. The Emperor probably doesn’t allow the Princess to do whatever she pleased!

Now that she knew Du Ming Yue’s weakness, Lin Shan felt comforted.

Soon, the maids came in to change their clothes. After they were finished, the eunuch led the two of them to the Imperial Study. Along the way, they encountered many people from the Palace. All of them stopped to greet them.

“Good morning, Princess! Good morning, Prince Consort!”

Lin Shan had never experienced this type of treatment before, and immediately felt like a leader: “Hey! Good morning, good morning, good morning! Everybody, good morning!”

A bunch of maids couldn’t help but looked down and giggle at the half asleep Prince Consort. The Princess glared at the them and yelled, “How dare you, servants? You have nothing to do? Watch me punish you all by sending you to the junk room! Get out of my sight!”

The maids instantly ran off.

Lin Shan saw this from the side and shook her head: Princess, you need to be virtuous in order to get people to willingly listen to you!

But Du Ming Yue swung her head back and gave her the killer stare: “I’m telling you, Song Luo, don’t think just because you’re my arranged husband that you can do whatever you want! I know you resent me, but if you dare to take revenge using this opportunity, I promise you that you’ll never live a good day in your life again!”

How would I dare to resent you? I’d rather you never want to see me again! Lin Shan secretly chuckled as she nodded obediently.

“That’s right!” Du Ming Yue made a humph sound and walked like a proud chicken. So arrogant!

Watch you trip! Lin Shan said from behind.

The result —

“Ai ya!” Du Ming Yue actually tripped.

Holy shit! My words worked?! Lin Shan was stunned and couldn’t help but started to laugh hysterically.

The two eunuchs that were leading the way didn’t know what to do as they stood and looked afraid.

“Song Luo, you!” Du Ming Yue knew she had lost her face and clumsily stood up. Her face was bright red, “You…. you bastard!” She was a Princess. Who would dare to laugh at her? She was frantic and enraged.

At this moment, the Emperor suddenly appeared.

“Yue-er, Luo-er, what’s going on?” The Emperor looked like he was in a wonderful mood. His back was straight and he looked energized as he steadily walked up to them.

“Your child greets you, Emperor!” Lin Shan recalled what her mother said and rushed to greet the Emperor.

Du Ming Yue didn’t formally greet her father. Instead, she grabbed her Father Emperor by the hand and whined: “Father, He….he is bullying me!”

Wow, you sneaky woman! How dare you try to get me in trouble? Lin Shan was irked as she lifted her head and smiled at the Emperor: “Emperor, we’re simply playing around.”

The Emperor knew his daughter’s personality and noticed the smile on his son in-law’s face. Then, he saw how red his daughter’s face was and was extremely pleased.

“Good, good, good! This is what young love is! I knew you two would make a great pair! The Emperor waved his hand and told his eunuch: “Give rewards!”

Rewards? When Lin Shan heard that word, her eyes became as glossy as a yellow rat.

Ohhhh! Looks like there are pros to being a Prince Consort! Lin Shan beamed: “Thank you for the gift, Father Emperor!”

On the side, Du Ming Yue looked like she had steam coming out from her head.


After they had returned from the Emperor’s Imperial Study, Du Ming Yue confronted Lin Shan.



“Song Luo!”

Lin Shan finally stopped after Du Ming Yue called her for the third time. She slowly turned around: “Why are you calling me, Princess?”

“You —” Du Ming Yue felt like she had been losing to Lin Shan the entire day. Psychologically, she was already exhausted. However, due to her prideful ego, she gritted her teeth and pointed towards Lin Shan, “Earlier, you did it on purpose, didn’t you? You purposely wanted to make me look bad in front of Father. Right?”

Lin Shan smiled but didn’t respond.

“Wow, Song Luo, you….you dare to bully me?” The Princess had been spoilt all her life. How could she handle this type of injustice? She finally unleashed women’s ultimate killer weapon -first -cry, second -make a scene, and third -threaten to hang oneself if all fails.

Unfortunately for the Princess, her opponent was also a woman. Women understands how women thinks. Lin Shan may not be as good at scheming as Du Ming Yue, but she could easily see through her thoughts.

“Princess, you say I have bullied you. What proof do you have?”

Du Ming Yue didn’t expect Lin Shan to ask her that. She was slightly stunned, and then she crinkled her nose and said: “Aren’t you bullying me right now? You….earlier you purposely made me look bad in front of my father!”

“Princess, I think you have mistaken.” Lin Shan immediately turned very serious, “Have you ever thought about the consequences if you had blame me and angered the Emperor?”

“Uh….” Du Ming Yue was a bit confused.

“Since you seem a bit confused, allow me to tell you.” Lin Shan straightened her clothes, “First of all, if the Emperor was angry, he would definitely punish me. I’m sure that was your original intentions. However, have you ever thought about how you would be affected as well?”

“Me?” Du Ming Yue was surprised.

Lin Shan continued her reasoning: “Yes. Currently, my position is the Prince Consort. I’m the Princess’s husband. If I end up being punished,  do you think you’re in a great position? Your reputation would be affected. Think about it. The Princess got married for a day and her husband had already been punished. How do you think others will see you?

Du Ming Yue’s face instantly darkened.

“I know you don’t want like or want to see me. I don’t like you either. But the Imperial edict was sent, and we have already wed. What can you do, Princess? Are you going to divorce me? Or am I going to divorce you? You have a lot of face, but so do I. Since we have been fated to marry, why don’t we sit down and have a good chat?

Lin Shan’s words definitely striked her weakness.

True, she loves face! Because she cared so much about how others see her, that was why she secretly wrote a note to her father to begin with. Since she cared so much about what others think, she couldn’t help but agree with everything Lin Shan said.

After thinking about it for a bit, Du Ming Yue finally gave in.

“Alright, what do you suggest?”

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