YH Chapter 48

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Seeing Du Hao, Lin Shan was momentarily stunned. He looked like Lian Feng, but the icy glares brought her back to reality.

That person was Du Hao!

The Imperial physician didn’t expect the Crown Prince’s sudden arrival and hastily kneeled down to greet him.

“Rise.” Du Hao waved his hand. He came by himself and he wasn’t formally dressed, but it did not diminish his dominating aura at all. Only one glance was enough to frighten the Imperial physician half to death.

“How is Prince Consort’s injuries?” He questioned.

“To report to your Highness, Prince Consort has already woken up. However, due to her injuries, she cannot speak at the moment. It will take a few days for her to get better.”

“Cannot speak?” Du Hao arched his brows as he gazed at Lin Shan.

Lin Shan immediately pretended to be asleep, as she heard the cold voice coming through her ears: “I guess that’s not a bad thing. It’s better than avoiding all my questions.”

Lin Shan instantly felt her whole body drenched in cold sweat. Her hands tightly clasped the blanket as she anxiously plotted her next move.

Soon after, Du Hao said to the Imperial physician: “There’s no more need for you to be here. Leave.”

“Your servant will do as you bid!” The Imperial physician looked relieved as he quickly grabbed his medicine box. He looked as if he was fleeing from a turmoil. Before he left, he didn’t forget to give Lin Shan a “best of luck to you” look.

Now that the Imperial physician was gone, only Du Hao and the pretend sleeper, Lin Shan, remained.

This must be a dream. I just have to wake up and everything will be okay…. Lin Shan tried comforting herself in her heart. However, since she was so nervous, her two hands were shaking subconsciously as she held onto the blanket very tightly.

Time slowly ticked by, and Lin Shan’s palms were starting to sweat. She felt like she was a bunny that had its eyes closed -a bunny that was waiting for death.

She clearly knew there was a tiger crouching right next to her. He was about to strike at any moment. She was waiting for the final blow. Yet, the wait was tortuous.

Can’t you just finish me off quickly? Just as Lin Shan was about to snap, she realized Du Hao had sat down next to her. Then, before she knew it, she felt a finger stroking her face.

Du Hao had been through many wars, thus the texture of his skin was much rougher than his spoiled siblings from the Palace.

When his finger touched Lin Shan’s face, it felt ticklish.

What the heck is he doing? Lin Shan was confused. Doesn’t Du Hao like men? How come he’s trying to eat my tofu*….wait a second! How can I be so passive and allow him to eat my tofu? The slow Lin Shan decided to wake up and opened her eyes.

The moment she opened her eyes, her eyes met Du Hao’s. Du Hao’s glance was much rougher than his gentle finger. With one look, Lin Shan already felt uneasy. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t speak.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Shan reached out her hand to take Du Hao’s hand off her face.

But the moment she took her hand out, he gripped her wrist. Although Du Hao wasn’t using a lot of strength, it was enough for her wrist to turn red. Lin Shan subconsciously wrinkled her brows.

“What, are you scared?” Du Hao sneered as he faced her with a cold expression. He roughly pressed: “The Song Family’s daughter is even brave enough to marry a Princess. I didn’t think she would be afraid of anything.”

As expected! I’ve been exposed! Lin Shan’s mind was now in a state of chaos. There was a voice that continuously repeated itself: “It’s over. It’s over. It’s over….”

But being the unbeatable cockroach that she was, Lin Shan was actually more calm now that she had been provoked.

Since Du Hao has already confirmed I am a woman in disguise, why hasn’t he reported it to the Emperor? Instead, he came here alone to talk to me. Clearly, he has a hidden motive. I wonder what type of motive would stop him from reporting me?

Regardless of his motive, based on his personality, as long as he hasn’t gotten what he wants, he isn’t going to kill me. If that’s the case, the best thing to do is to stall for time and try to reach Lian Feng.

Thinking of this, Lin Shan decided to take a gamble.

Seeing how Lin Shan’s expression went from fear to calm briefly astonished Du Hao. He darkened his expression and sternly asked: “Song Luo. Do you know what crimes you have committed?”

Don’t be nervous! He’s trying to scare you. He’s trying to scare you! Lin Shan told herself. She calmly pointed at her mouth, indicating she couldn’t speak as she shook her head.

“Pretending to be dumb, now?”  Du Hao arched his brows higher as he tightened his grip and pulled her closer.

From a closer view, her eyebrows were clearly dainty. She didn’t have the slightly masculinity on her. How the hell did she get away with this? Du Hao couldn’t believe he had actually questioned his sexual preference at one point. He could feel his anger boiling from within.

Du Hao’s glare actually looked even more frightening now. Lin Shan was flipping out on the inside. This was a dangerous situation! Aside from pretending to be dumb, with her IQ, she couldn’t think of any other solution.

Therefore, she gritted her teeth and continued to be an innocent little bunny. She gave her best effort at pretending to be pitiful in front of the big bad wolf.

Logically, Lin Shan’s move would have been useless if it was directed towards most people. However, she actually used it on the right target. The angry Du Hao immediately froze.

It’s her! I can’t be wrong. The maiden that was once constantly on his mind had appeared again. She had the same eyes….even her pout was the same. If she was really the same person, it would be the best excuse for his unexpected behaviour.

But, how could it be her? The maiden in his mind was elegant and refined. She looked like a goddess and every frown and smile accentuated her beauty. Song Luo was nothing like this person. This woman in front of him openly lacked manners. In addition, her mind was filled with ridiculous ideas; not to mention, her eyes lit up whenever she saw money.

Yet, despite knowing Song Luo’s true self, Du Hao still couldn’t stop himself from falling for her. Deep down, he even had a wicked desire to seize the opportunity to make Lin Shan his woman. Oh, what should he do?

Lin Shan could see Du Hao’s expression sinking into misery. She thought her plan had failed. Now, she was plotting whether she should attempt to seduce him instead. But unexpectedly, Du Hao released her hand and stood up without an expression. He didn’t even look at her as he turned away.

But right before he stepped out the door, he suddenly turned around and said: “I will claim my debt later on.” Then, he disappeared.

This surprising outcome shocked Lin Shan. What debt? Does he mean he doesn’t plan on exposing me because he doesn’t want me to die swiftly under one blade? He wants to use a dagger to slowly tear me apart?

He’s not even human! He’s a beast! At that moment, Lin Shan had tears running down her face.

“Your Highness, you honestly do not plan to report this to the Emperor?” Within a few moments after Du Hao left the room, Gu Zuo silently appeared from the shadows.

“I know what I’m doing. Gu Zuo, help me investigate a person.” Du Hao stated as he took out a slip of paper from his waist. On the slip of paper, written vertically in black ink were “The Prince Consort is on the Black Dragon Mountain.”

“Isn’t that the slip from that day…..”

“Yes. I want to see which person possess such remarkable abilities that he was able to find Song Luo before our secret agents.” Du Hao looked up the sky and couldn’t see a single star.

There appears to be a storm brewing towards them.


*eat my tofu: This is a common Chinese phrase. It means you’re trying to sexually take advantage of a person. I have no idea why it’s called that though. What does tofu have to do with this??? I’m so confused.. lol.. but it’s commonly used in Chinese.



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