YH Chapter 44

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In a daze, Lin Shan heard someone calling Song Luo. It sounded like Lian Feng and she was unhappy. Her eyes were still shut as she muttered: “What Song Luo..? My surname is Lin. My name is Lin Shan. The Lin from Lin Shan.. the Shan from Lin Shan…..”

Lin Shan wasn’t making any sense, and Lian Feng panicked. He continued shouting: “Song Luo! Wake up. Stop sleeping!! Song Luo!!”

“I already said I’m not Song Luo. I’m Lin Shan. Lin…. I’m too tired. I’m going to sleep a bit more…..”

Since Lin Shan hadn’t regained consciousness, Lian Feng was freaking out. At that moment, he seemed to realize something and decided to try calling her: “Lin Shan….”

His voice wasn’t loud, but Lin Shan froze. She had stopped mumbling.

“Shan Shan.” Lian Feng repeated.

Who? Who’s calling her name? Since she had arrived here, she had never heard her name. It sounded a bit strange but exceptionally familiar. Shan Shan was what her parents called her when she was a child. Lin Shan started to reminisce.

“Dad…mom….” Lin Shan cried out. She finally opened her eyes, “Dad! Mom!!! Dad…” Lin Shan looked around her surroundings and knew that it wasn’t her mom and dad. She was just dreaming.

At that moment, Lin Shan was so sad. She looked up at Lian Feng and the rims of her eyes were red.

Lian Feng was relieved that Lin Shan had woken up, but seeing her tears fall shocked him. He had never seen a woman cry before.

“Shan Shan, what’s wrong?” He asked.

Lin Shan didn’t reply and sobbed harder. Now, her snots and tears were both running; it was not helping her image.

“Don’t cry…” Lian Feng had never comforted a woman before. Seeing how grief stricken Lin Shan was, he also felt upset. Without thinking, he hugged her tighter.

The warm body heat caused Lin Shan to be even more shameless. She started to wail as she tightly grabbed onto Lian Feng’s clothes. It was as if she was afraid to lose the warmth.

Just like that, Lin Shan continued to cry. After she tired herself out, she laid in Lian Feng’s arms and gently quivered.

Since Lin Shan stopped crying, Lian Feng felt better. He slightly hesitated, but then reached out and stroked her hair. As he was fixing her hair…Lin Shan suddenly lifted her head up and looked at him with her puffy eyes; her nose was red from crying and her face had tear stains all over it.

Lin Shan whispered: “I’m not wearing any clothes…”

Lian Feng turned bright red. He quickly wrapped her clothes around her as he stuttered: “I-I didn’t do this on purpose…..”

“Shh!” Lin Shan pressed her finger on his lips. When that finger touched his lips, Lian Feng’s hormones were raging again. Before he could react, Lin Shan had already reached out her other hand to unmask him.

“Don’t!” Like an innate reflex, Lian Feng forcefully grabbed onto Lin Shan’s hand. Lin Shan felt pain but she didn’t let go. Instead, she stared at Lian Feng with her puppy like eyes and Lian Feng melted.

Subconsciously, Lian Feng released her hand and Lin Shan removed his mask.

It was like a blind person seeing light for the first time. No one had ever seen his face while he was conscious. Lian Feng didn’t know what type of expression he should have on. All he did was stare into Lin Shan’s eyes.

The steam from the hot spring made the view kind of blurry. Lin Shan hazily looked at Lian Feng, the person who had the same face as Du Hao. Yet, it was a totally different feeling.

True, their faces looked exactly the same; even the outer corner of the eyes and the tip of the eyebrows looked identical. However, Lian Feng gave her a different feeling. His eyes were kinder and it made her feel at ease. Lin Shan wanted to continue staring into those eye forever.. forever and ever…. Lin Shan reached out and touched his face.

Lian Feng’s face would have been forever hidden by the mask…but now, the woman he loves was slowly touching it.

Her fingers were soft as she lightly traced his facial features. It was an extraordinary feeling.

Lian Feng felt an indescribable urge and wanted to kiss her very badly. The thought grew and he couldn’t suppress it any longer. He bent down and lightly kissed her on the lips.

This was their second kiss together. Just like before, he lacked experience.

Lin Shan was caught off guard but she quickly adjusted to him. Like a little kitten, she started licking. This reaction was causing Lian Feng to lose control. He tightened his embrace and his hand held on her nape as he gently deepened the kiss.

It was a very long kiss. Although it wasn’t as intense as their first kiss, Lin Shan felt like she was sinking deeper in this one. Like a vacuum cleaner, she felt like she was being sucked in. She was clearly no longer in the hot spring, yet she felt like she was heating up even more.

The moment the kiss ended, she nearly went limp. She tightly held onto Lian Feng’s clothes as she caught her breath.

“Do you want to know the story behind this?” Lian Feng had his arms around Lin Shan as he took the mask from her. He looked deep in thought as he rubbed the surface of the silver mask.

“Yes….” Lin Shan nodded and greedily rubbed against Lian Feng.


It was a truly ridiculous and sad story.

The current Emperor married late. He didn’t marry Empress Yao until he ascended the throne at the age of twenty three. Not long after their marriage, Empress Yao gave birth to a male baby. The Emperor was delighted and decided to name him Hao.

The word “Hao” meant broad or expansive; meaning the Emperor wanted his son to have a strong name.

Immediately, the Emperor issued an Imperial edict and announced to the world that Du Hao was the Crown Prince. Criminals were given general pardon, and there was an universal celebration.

While the celebration was going on, the midwife unexpectedly discovered another child within the Empress’s womb.

In regards to the Royal family, having twins was a very bad omen. Usually, if an Imperial concubine gave birth to twins, one of them would be drown to death in order to guarantee the longevity of the other child.

Since the Empress had given birth to twins, the midwife was conflicted. She thought about it and decided she must report this to someone of higher authority.

At this moment, the weak Empress tightly grabbed onto the midwife’s hand, and shook her head.

Empress Yao was the daughter of the founder state General, Yao Jian. Due to her background, she was very aware that there was no such thing as twins in the Palace. This child should have never been born, and his birth will definitely cause an endless amount of trouble for his brother in the near future.

Of course, Empress Yao didn’t want to see her two children slaughtering each other; yet, she didn’t want to personally kill one of them either. After thinking about it, the weak Empress made a decision. She was going to send the child out of the Palace before anyone could find out the truth.

The Empress kept everything concealed and secretly contacted the sworn brother of her grandfather. His name was Lian Kuang and he was the owner of a compelling blade. However, he was no longer active in the martial arts world.

The Empress entrusted her child to Lian Kuang and pleaded that he take the child away as far as possible. Ideally, he would never step into the Palace. In addition, she sent a mask as well; hoping that no one would see his face after he turns the age of sixteen.

Lian Kuang had lived in solitude all his life. He had no children or family of his own. When he received the request from the Empress, he ran off with the infant to live in seclusion deep in the mountains.

Lian Kuang decided to name the child Lian Feng. The name “Feng” meant wind; Lian Kuang wanted Lian Feng to live freely like the wind.

Time passed and Lian Kuang taught Lian Feng how to live a life of integrity. In fact, Lian Kuang passed on all the knowledge and skills he possessed.

This plan was perfect as not one drop of water had been leaked; even Du Hao had no idea that he had a younger brother who looked exactly like him.

However, by the time Lian Feng turned sixteen, Lian Kuang was nearly a hundred years old. He knew he was dying when he personally placed the mask on Lian Feng’s face.

Right after Lian Kuang warned Lian Feng to never take off the mask, he died. Poor Lian Feng was devastated by the death of his master and naturally obeyed his words. From then on, Lian Feng never took off the mask.

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