YH Chapter 41

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Lian Feng’s mission was very significant.

Firstly, the Capital had always been the core of the country’s politics, economy and culture. In order to get to the Capital, everyone must pass through Black Dragon Mountain. Therefore, creating a clear path without obstruction would greatly affect the whole country’s development.

Secondly, there was a high number of mountain thieves. The initial count was already more than a thousand. These people knew martial arts, had good physique, were able to bear hardships, and most importantly, were familiar with the region. They only require a little bit of training, and they could become the mountainous region combat squad.

They would be guarding the path to the Imperial City. If things go well, solely one person would be able to fight off a hundred.

Due to the two reasons mentioned above, the Emperor was exceptionally pleased with Lian Feng’s performance. The moment he received the document from the messenger, he immediately handed down an Imperial edict appointing Lian Feng with total authority over this matter.

The Emperor wanted Lian Feng to thoroughly settle this dispute with the mountain thieves; it had been a troublesome issues for decades.

Once this Imperial edict was handed down, Lian Feng became the talk of the town again. In addition, he also became super busy because he was responsible for a variety of tasks; including checking the numbers of recruitment and having discussions with the gang members regarding future plans.

Lian Feng was constantly on the move. He didn’t even have time to eat.

As a result, Lin Shan, who had just experienced the first taste of sweet love, felt abandoned. She was upset and wanted to join in the fun. However, Lian Feng refused. His reasoning was that he wasn’t going to a brothel, but seeing big hairy men.

After pondering for awhile, one day, Lin Shan came to a realization.

What the hell? Why do I have to be so obedient for? I can go watch secretly!! If I’m too noticeable as a woman, I’ll just dress as a man! Lin Shan oh Lin Shan. Don’t allow a man to control you just because he’s hot. A man can’t always get his way!

Just like that, Lin Shan secretly sneaked into the troop the next morning when Lian Feng was about to lead the group up the mountain. An unlucky dude had gotten his uniform stolen by her.

Today, Lian Feng’s objective was to deal with the “Black Moon Gang”. There were only seven members in that gang, yet they were the most difficult to deal with. All the other gangs have agreed to following the order of the Imperial Court. However, the Black Moon Gang refused to compromise. Not only that, they were also provoking other gangs to go against the Imperial Court.

You may be wondering why seven people have such power? There was only one reason. All of the seven members were women.

What? We’re going to find the Black Moon Gang? The moment Lin Shan heard the news, she staggered.

When she was staying with the Black Tiger Gang, Lin Shan had heard rumours about the Black Moon Gang. It was said that the boss of the gang is Liu Qiao Yue, and they were a group of seven. They were known as the “Black Moon seven women thieves”. However, don’t estimate this seven women army; they were much more vicious compared to the male thieves.

Money wasn’t the only thing the Black Moon Gang seized by force. They also wanted sex. It had been said that many young masters passing by the Black Dragon Mountain have been raped by them.

Even the thirty five years old gangster Wang Hei Hu was afraid of them. You can imagine how frightening they were.

Thinking of this, Lin Shan couldn’t help but panicked. Umm… this was more dangerous than Lian Feng going to a brothel! In a brothel, you have to pay to order get women. What if these seven women were like hungry wolves and wanted Lian Feng? Lin Shan instantly felt her blood boiled.

I don’t give a shit! Any woman that tries to steal my man, I will bite her! With that attitude, Lin Shan courageously marched up the mountain.

They arrived at the site at noon and found it surrounded by fresh flowers. In addition, the door was open wide with no guards watching. It looked extremely suspicious.

“Superior. In case there is a trap, allow me to go in first.” An Imperial guard bravely volunteered.

Lian Feng didn’t say a word but lightly nodded to show his approval. The Imperial guard promptly proceeded with his sword. Lin Shan, being curious, tried to stretch out her neck to see what was going on. However, within a short moment, a terrifying shriek could be heard.

Right after, the Imperial guard that went inside came rushing out in torn clothing. He bawled: “Oh my goodness. It’s too scary! Those people are women?? It’s truly horrifying…”

Currently, all the Imperial guards were halting. They didn’t know how to react. Originally, they thought a few women wouldn’t be a big deal; but now, they were standing looking at each other awkwardly. No one dared to volunteer again.

Lian Feng narrowed his eyes as he tightly clutched his sabre and took a step forward.

“Wait!” Lin Shan anxiously shouted as she ran out from the troop.

As expected, Lin Shan couldn’t hold back and watch her beloved go in. By the way, Lian Feng had noticed there was an extra person in the troop from the very beginning. He recognized Lin Shan right away, but knowing her temper, he didn’t say anything.

From Lian Feng’s glance, Lin Shan could tell he recognized her immediately. She was grumpy. He knew I was here all along yet he planned to go in unaccompanied? How dare he!?

Therefore, she stood in front of Lian Feng and blocked his path: “I’m going in with you!”

“Stop playing around. It’s dangerous inside.” Lian Feng felt a bit helpless. He knew if Lin Shan went in with him, it would only cause him more trouble. Yet, he didn’t have the heart to blame her.

“You know it’s dangerous and you still want to go in? I’m not letting you in!” Lin Shan fumed. She refused to negotiate.

The two of them were glaring at each other while the Imperial guards were watching with their eyes wide opened. At first, their faces were full of doubt. However, gradually, they came to a realization.

“Ohhh! So Lian Superior has this type of interest!!!”

“The women thieves do not stand a chance!”

“Good job! It’s better to let a man take advantage of you than women thieves!”

While everyone were whispering amongst themselves, suddenly from inside, a sharp female voice could be heard: “What? It has only been a few minutes and no one else dares to come in? I guess the people from the Imperial Court aren’t much of a challenge!”

Something was about to happen. Everyone stopped discussing and tightly held onto their weapons.

At that moment, a chilly wind surrounded them, and a few white figures appeared. They were dressed in white gowns and floating like ghosts as their long hair fluttered with the wind. It was a very frightening sight.

Holy shit! No wonder Wang Hei Hu rather lust after the old woman who delivered vegetable from the bottom of the mountain than them. Lin Shan secretly thought to herself. Then, she noticed the seven women’s eyes were on her and Lian Feng.

Oh no! Just as I thought, they wanted Lian Feng! Lin Shan panicked and without thinking, she walked up and stood in front of Lian Feng.

How dare you look! Stop looking!! She was very enraged on the inside. It was bubbled up with a woman’s intense need of possession.

At that moment, something unexpected occurred.

The seven women took a look at their direction, and one of them spoke up: “Big sis, out of all these men, I think this one is the best one.”

Liu Qiao Yue nodded: “Red lips and white teeth. Very fragile looking. My cup of tea!”

“I’m just afraid this little body will not be able to handle all of us.”

“Not to worry. Big sister’s room has the godly oil!”



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