YH Chapter 4

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The way Du Ming Yue reacted caused Lin Shan to agree with the statement: The Heavens will never leave you with no path to walk on.

But very quickly, she was stressed again: Now that I am kicked out, where am I going to sleep tonight? I can’t just wear this wedding gown and sleep by the door? If anyone saw me, I would lose all my face!

After pondering for awhile, Lin Shan suddenly felt hungry.

Whenever a wedding takes place, it is always the toughest for the bride and groom. They cannot eat for the entire day because there is just too much to do. However, although the bride doesn’t eat, she doesn’t have to move around a lot. Whereas, the groom has to handle and deal with all the relatives and guests. The worse is seeing all the food but not being able to touch any.

Now, her stomach was growling.

Ok! I’ll deal with my stomach before worrying about where to sleep.

At this moment, a eunuch on his night shift walked by. Lin Shan swiftly reached out and pulled him over.

The poor eunuch only saw a pale white hand and a person wearing red from underneath the moonlight. He was scared shitless.


“Shhh!” Lin Shan covered his mouth, “Why are you yelling? I’m the Prince Consort!”

Prince…Prince Consort? The little eunuch snapped out of his fear and looked closely. With the help of the moonlight, it did look like the Prince Consort. Then, he started to panic.

Mother! Shouldn’t the Prince Consort be with the Princess right now? Why is he here? And why is he looking at me in such a perverted manner?

It’s over. Could it be that the Prince Consort ….has special preferences?

The little eunuch started to stutter: “P-Prince Consort…. w-why do you n-need my help?”

Lin Shan was smiling right now. She asked: “What’s your name?”

“T-to respond back to the Prince Consort, m-my name is Fu Quan…”

Oh boy, this little eunuch looks like he has no guts. I can easily bully him! Lin Shan’s eyes shone: “Xiao Quan, can you help me?”

Oh no. There is probably a 80-90% chance he wants me! Xiao Quan started to shake even more.

“P-Prince Consort….W-what can I help you with….”

“Take off your clothes.”

I knew it!? Xiao Quan nearly fainted.

“P-Prince Consort…. although your s-servant is……b-but……”

“But your sister! Hurry and strip!” Lin Shan was frustrated. This little eunuch was way too nervous. I just want your clothes so I can change and grab some food. Why is he acting like I’m a ghost?

Unexpectedly, Lin Shan’s angry reaction caused Xiao Quan to faint from fear.

“How troublesome!” Lin Shan frowned as she had no choice but to take the clothes off herself.


Fu Quan’s body was rather small, so the outfit was very well fitted for Lin Shan. She was in a wonderful mood as she sneaked out towards the courtyard.

Scouting for food was extremely successful since she had this disguise. All she had to do was lie and say the Princess was hungry and wanted some pastries, and the servants immediately gave her the food.

This is what you call a modern person’s intelligence!

Lin Shan was proud and happy as she carried the large case of pastries and found a random secluded spot to eat.

Wow, the food from the Ancient times sucks! It can’t even compare to the potato chips from a supermarket. I don’t even know how these Royalties eat this stuff?

Although Lin Shan was displease, her stomach couldn’t afford to be picky. She stuffed a few down her throat and decided she had to find a spot to sleep. But she ate them so quickly that she started to choke!

“Water…water…water….” Lin Shan was desperately holding her neck. Originally, she thought her identity was going to be revealed and her whole family was going to be beheaded. What a depressing way to die. But she never thought she might die from choking. She wanted to cry from despair.

Water! I need water!

When one is rushed, one usually doesn’t use the brain. Then again, Lin Shan normally doesn’t really use her brain anyway. This time, she just relied on her instincts as she stumbled around.

She noticed a stranger in a metal uniform walking by and she rushed over and grabbed him by the arm.

“Water…I….need….water….” She was desperate and clung onto him like a crab.

The person appeared to be stunned but didn’t do anything.

“Water…water….” Lin Shan felt like she was really not going to make it. Her eyes started wandering all over the place and it landed onto the person’s wine bottle. Without a word, she took it and started gulping it down.

*cough cough cough* After coughing dramatically, the pastries finally went down her throat.

Phew! I didn’t choke to death! Lin Shan was relieved and handed back the wine bottle to the guy: “Brother, thank you so much!”

The person still didn’t say a word. He stood there like a statue.

Lin Shan didn’t over-analyze because it was already late into the night. She was positive that the Royalties would have been asleep by now. She probably bumped into a guard or something. It shouldn’t be a big deal. Therefore, she frowned: “Brother. Don’t be so stingy. Your wine didn’t even taste that great. If you’re really that upset, I’ll give you two bottles tomorrow! Hey.. why aren’t you saying anything? Brother…..”

Huh? Lin Shan was stunned.

Holy shit! This person is so hot!

She finally took a look at the guy. He was wearing a metal uniform and he looked extremely heroic. His nose bridge was straight and his eyebrows were on point. She could feel a powerful aura around him. If it weren’t for the fact he was wearing a bodyguard uniform, she would have thought she had bumped into a Royal figure.

The Palace was really something else. You can randomly choose a few bodyguards and they will still look 360 degrees hot. Lin Shan suddenly felt that life was great.

“Brother, you look so handsome. Stop with the wooden expression. Smile. Come on, show me a smile!” She beamed.

The person’s mouth twitched.

“Ai ya, Come on man. It’s only a bottle of wine. Aren’t you a bit too stingy? Oh I know! The Palace must be giving you a low salary! I’m telling you, they’re all like that up at the top. They only care about filling their own stomachs and doesn’t care about the well-beings of those under them. I wonder who deals with your salary?” Lin Shan went on a talking spree.

“The Crown Prince*.” The person suddenly said.

Lin Shan was flabbergasted. Wow, not only is he hot, his voice is sexy too? How is anyone going to live?

“What? The Crown Prince is that free? He deals with the salaries? Actually, I guess that makes sense. After all, it’s his family’s money….ai ya. What type of wine is this? How come my head is spinning so much? Oh no. I can’t handle it….” Lin Shan mumbled as she started to sway.

“Can you hold onto me? I can’t stand still… I….” Oh my goodness, how come he wasn’t moving? Lin Shan didn’t care anymore and took the initiative and held onto the man’s arm.

Then, everything went dark.

But before she totally lost consciousness, she didn’t forget to touch a few times.

Hey! It feels pretty nice…! Ahh…losing consciousness.


*I’m not sure if the guy is referring himself as the Crown Prince, or whether he is saying the Crown Prince deals with the salaries. It was a bit confusing in the raws because he just said “The Crown Prince.”

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