YH Chapter 34

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The person who kidnapped Lin Shan’s surname was He, and he was the 3rd child in his family. Therefore, he was known as He Lao San (meaning: He the third). Ever since he was little, he had an innate talent and ability for martial arts. After being instructed by a talented instructor, he became even better.

When he was thirteen, he decided to sign up for the army to show devotion to his country. However, due to his young age, no one took him seriously. He was given odd jobs and ordered around. Therefore, the proud and arrogant He Lao San left the army in a fury and became a mountain thief. Next thing you know, it had been over ten years.

Logically, mountain thieves should not mess with people from the Imperial Court. However, this recent Spring, on the outskirts of the Capital near the Black Dragon Mountain, appeared a few mountain thieves who used their “Black Tiger” reputation and looted government official money wherever they could. Therefore, the Imperial Court decided to send troops to eliminate all  mountain thieves.

A few days ago, due to the Crown Prince’s suggestions, the Emperor himself personally wrote an Imperial edict and sent his Imperial bodyguard, the owner of the Golden sabre, Lian Feng to complete the task. The Black Tiger Gang was their main target.

Since He Lao San had been with the gang for years now, he wanted to help his big boss Wang Hei Hu deal with some of his stresses. Seeing how the big boss was distressed about the troops eliminating their people, plus his previous resentment towards the army, He Lao San decided to head to the Capital and barge into the Palace to kidnap the Crown Prince so they could bargain with the Imperial Court.

He Lao San did this because he was confident of his martial arts abilities. He didn’t even discuss it with anyone.

Honestly, He Lao San was the type that had the guts but no brain. He was truly fearless, and his martial arts skill was spectacular. But who would have thought he would charge into the Imperial Palace on his own to kidnap the Crown Prince?! Even though we all know that he had made a mistake.

As for Lin Shan, after being kidnapped by He Lao San, he conveniently found a sack bag and placed her in it while she was unconscious. That night, he rapidly left the Capital and ran back to his home, the Black Tiger Gang. When he arrived back at his campsite, he rudely dropped the sack bag onto the ground.

Wang Hei Hu, the big boss of the gang was stressing over the elimination of his gang. Suddenly, he saw He Lao San who had been missing for a day, threw a sack bag down in front of him. There was movement in the bag. Wang Hei Hu hesitated and asked: “Lao San, what did you bring back?”

“The Crown Prince.” He Lao San replied.

“The Crown Prince? What are you talking about?”

“The Crown Prince is the Crown Prince. The Emperor’s son. The future Emperor! You don’t understand? Big brother, your mind isn’t working!?”

“Oh, these days I have been so stressed. Blame the Imperial Court for trying to eliminate us….wait..what!?!?!” Wang Hei Hu suddenly seemed to understood the words being spoken: “WHO did you say is inside this bag?!!?!?”

He Lao San was surprised by his big brother’s reaction, but he was still calm: “The Crown Prince. Didn’t I already tell you?”

Wang Hei Hu slapped his thigh: “Lao San, you…you are crazy!” Then, he immediately bent down to untie the rope around the bag.

After being knocked unconscious and jolted for the entire night, Lin Shan was super dizzy. Suddenly being exposed to bright light made it even worse, and she couldn’t help but vomited all over Wang Hei Hu.

At this moment, everyone was shocked and turned to their big boss. They could see their big boss turning green and white, green and white. It took a while before he appeared to be normal again. His face was stiff as he questioned: “You’re really the Crown Prince?”

“Yes….! No….” Lin Shan was so dizzy. She nodded, and then shook her head, confusing everyone around her.

“So are you or are you not!?”

“I’m not!” Lin Shan finally managed to focus. Her eyes scattered around the room and she realized she was surrounded by a bunch of men with big bellies and thick waists. On the side stood a very mean looking man, he seemed to be the guy that kidnapped her from yesterday.

“Lies!” He Lao San cuts her off, “Big brother, look at his waist belt. There’s a dragon on it. Only the Crown Prince would dare to wear a dragon belt. You sissy, how dare you try to fool my brother? I’m going to beat you to death!” He Lao San lifted his fist and was about to strike Lin Shan. However, Wang Hei Hu stopped him.

“Lao San, you want to die? He is the Crown Prince! If something happens to him, we’re all dead!”

“Big brother, when did you become such a coward? Look how the Imperial Court has treated us? We’re just trying to earn a living. We never take from the poor, and now they are sending troops to eliminate us! If we’re going be burned regardless whether we are jade or common stone, we might as well be a courageous person!” Then, he pulled out his sword and was about to stab Lin Shan.

Seeing how she was about to be stabbed, Lin Shan rushed: “Don’t kill me! I’m really not the Crown Prince! I’m a woman!!!!!!! If you don’t believe me, just look!” Immediately, she unpinned her hair, and her fine black hair flowed out like spilled ink. It was a dazzling sight, and all the men were amazed.

Mountain thief A patted thief B: “Look, I think it’s a woman…”

Mountain thief B patted thief C: “Hurry and look! A woman….”

Mountain thief C patted thief D: “Look!! A woman……!!”

The mountain thieves were dumbfounded for a while, when suddenly, they all seemed to have snapped out of it and ran out of the building screaming like maniacs: “Buddha! Bodhisattva! The founder of Taoism! A woman has entered our campsite! It’s real!!!!!”

Lin Shan: “…….”

He Lao San couldn’t believe the Crown Prince he had went to capture had suddenly became a woman instead. He was speechless and widened his eyes as he carefully inspected Lin Shan.

Wow, it was actually a woman. And a fine looking woman.

He Lao San had been a mountain thief since he was thirteen. He was now twenty four but he was still an innocent pure virgin. Currently, he was bashful as he blushed. He coyly said: “Hehe. Miss. It’s all a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding…wait. No! It’s fate. Fate!!!”

Lin Shan’s face darken.

Seeing how the second boss didn’t kidnap the Crown Prince, Wang Hei Hu felt a breath of relief. He then looked at the woman and felt alert: “Speak. Who are you? Why are you wearing the Crown Prince’s clothes?”

Now that Lin Shan was confident that they weren’t going to kill her, she felt a bit more relaxed as she analyzed her situation in her mind. If she took this opportunity to disappear from the Palace, then no one would know she had disguised as a man, and her mother and father would be alright.

Lin Shan immediately created a dramatic television story in her head. First, she told them how she was forced to enter the Palace by her parents.

Then, the Crown Prince saw her beauty and attempted to assault her.

She also told them how she striked Du Hao unconscious so she could escape….

For more dramatic effects, Lin Shan even busted out a few tears during the touching parts. Since the men from the Black Tiger Gang rarely came in contact with women, how could they hold back when they see such a beautiful young lady telling them a sad story? All of them were emotionally touched, especially He Lao San; his tears and nasal mucus were about to come out. At that instant, he felt like he had found a soul mate.

He Lao San patted his chest and firmly said: “My dear, don’t be upset. No one cared about you in the Palace, but now you are at Black Dragon Mountain. This is under our rule! Don’t worry, as long as you stay with us, whoever that dares to mess with you will have to deal with me!”

Just like that, Lin Shan went from being a hostage to becoming the first female mountain thief. What a difference.

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