YH Chapter 33

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“Why are you here?” Du Hao’s eyes appeared to be blurred; he reeked of alcohol.

Why else would I be here? Bro, you’re drunk but you don’t have to be like this? Lin Shan wryly replied: “Your Highness, you’re the one who told me to change into your garments.”

“Oh, I forgot…..” Du Hao was honestly intoxicated. His footsteps were wobbly as he stumbled around. To Lin Shan’s astonishment, Du Hao started taking off his clothes.

Lin Shan was appalled. In her mind, she was howling. Hey! What are you doing?! I’m still here!?! But she didn’t know how to stop him. Thus, she held onto her ribbon belt and tried to sneak out.

“Wait.” Du Hao called.

“Yes.” Lin Shan had no choice but to reluctantly return. Du Hao had already taken off his outer garment. He was currently removing his inner garment. His tan skin was exposed from the gap, and it emitted a strong masculine scent.

Wow, although the Crown Prince’s personality might be nasty, his skin is definitely top notched! If I were to sell it, it would definitely be number one quality! (…..wow…. -_-)

“Come, and help me remove my clothes.” Although he was drunk, his speech was clear and his tone did not allow for objection.

Lin Shan was baffled. Wasn’t he flirting with the woman just now? How did he turn gay again? She couldn’t figure it out. All she could do was tighten her waist belt and assist Du Hao.

Aside from helping Lian Feng remove his clothing during the time he was punished, Lin Shan had never helped any other male take off their clothes. Although the two of them looked exactly the same, the feelings she had towards them were completely different.

Around Lian Feng, Lin Shan never felt threatened or endangered. However, around Du Hao, each step she took towards him, she could feel the Emperor aura pressing down on her. It was suffocating.

Lin Shan absentmindedly removed his top and his muscular firm chest was immediately revealed. What surprised her was that there were many scars on Du Hao’s body. The deepest one striked horizontally across his chest and looked very brutal.

Lin Shan was slightly overwhelmed. She realized staring at someone’s chest was not a good idea, and quickly redirected her glance.

“What? Are you surprised?” Du Hao suddenly spoke up. His manly odour was so overpowering, it caused her to subconsciously take a step back.

“Your Highness, please do not take offense. I have always lived in the Capital and had never seen beyond. You…..” Her speech was cut off by Du Hao. He had reached out and was stroking her face.

At this moment, Lin Shan felt like she had been shocked by lightning. It took a lot of difficulty for her to snap out of it, only to see Du Hao passionately gazing at her. Since he fought in the battlefield, his hands and fingers were rough. As his hand gently touched her face, it felt ticklish.

Lin Shan had a horrifying prediction, which caused her to take another step back. She was about to dash and run.

Next thing she knew, her wrist was tightly restrained. By now, her waist was nearly touching the table. However, Du Hao had one hand on her waist, and the other gripped her hand. A huge force hauled her forward, and just like that, she landed in his arms.

The sense of danger was slapping on her face. She could smell the drunkenness, and she was freaking out. Lin Shan rushed: “Your Highness, you’re intoxicated. I’m Song Luo, your sister’s husband….!”

“Song Luo?” Du Hao was truly stoned. His voice was slurring, and he moved closer. Both his eyes looked disconcerted as he was sizing up Lin Shan for awhile. He murmured, “Look at you, how are you like a man? You’re a woman…aren’t you….”

Lin Shan’s mind felt like it was going to explode. Oh no!? Have I been exposed?

At that moment, Du Hao leaned in even closer; his nose was nearly touching her face, as he thought aloud: “If only you were a woman, that would be wonderful…..” Then, he lustfully kissed her.

Lin Shan didn’t think Du Hao would make a move on her. She tried to escape from his grasp, but he held on so tightly that she couldn’t move. All she could do was try her best to pull back and avoid his “attack”.

Du Hao was annoyed that Lin Shan was shifting away. Thus, he released her hand to grab hold of the back of her head and continued making out with her.

Lin Shan felt like she was being devoured, and was frightened to death. She clumsily used her two hands to touch around and finally found an item.

Without thinking, she smashed it onto Du Hao’s head.

A *Pa* sound was heard and Lin Shan froze.

Oh my goodness, how could she didn’t pick a good item? She smashed an ink slab onto Du Hao’s head, and she used a lot of strength! Du Hao’s eyes rolled back and he fainted directly on top of Lin Shan.

Lin Shan felt as if her waist is going to snap. It took all her strength to get Du Hao off of her. She felt as if she was moving a stone.

He should be ok, right? Lin Shan’s heart was hanging by a thread as she reached out her hand to check Du Hao’s breathing from under his nose.

Good. His breathing was still strong. It was as if he had lost consciousness from overdrinking. But the problem was, she smashed him….what if he woke up and wanted to punish her?

Thinking of this, Lin Shan started to feel anxious. After hesitating for a while, she decided the best solution was to flee from the scene. After all, if she told others about the sexual assault, Du Hao would lose face. Plus, he was so drunk. Perhaps after he woke up, he wouldn’t remember a thing.

Lin Shan quickly put the ink slab back in place and fixed up the garment she just changed into. Then she sneaked out like a guilty thief.

Huh? The eunuch wasn’t there! There was actually no one guarding the outside.

Lin Shan was surprised but didn’t want to think too much. She stepped out and as she was closing the door, a sharp sword was placed on her neck.

A low threatening voice appeared in Lin Shan’s ear: “Tell me immediately where the Crown Prince is!”

Lin Shan was stunned. At this moment, her mind was flashing the word “assassin”.

Was she really this unlucky? First, she bumped into a drunkard. Now, she bumped into an assassin? What the hell? In her heart, she yelled at God.

Lin Shan stuttered: “T-the… Crown Prince went out… he is not back yet….”

“You punk, don’t you dare lie to me!” The sword was inching closer to her face. The killer’s attitude was cruel, and she could feel the aura of death.

Lin Shan was so scared, her legs were going soft. But thinking about the unconscious Du Hao, she knew if she allowed this guy in, he would die for sure. She felt her heart softened and she grinded her teeth: “Hey Mister. I’m telling the truth. Why would I dare to lie to you?”

“I bet you wouldn’t dare!” Then the person lowered his voice, “Who are you to the Crown Prince?”

Lin Shan wiped her sweat: “Mister, I’m just a person doing odd jobs. Not anyone important to the Crown Prince.”

“Ha! *spitting sound* If you are the Crown Prince’s important person, I would slaughter you!” This person had a cloth wrapped around his face and his language was crude. His eyes revealed the killer gleam, and was extremely intimidating.

“Mister. If you want to find the Crown Prince, perhaps you should walk around the Imperial garden. The Crown Prince likes to take walks…..”

“Really? Don’t you dare lie to me. Or I will chop your brain off!”

“I don’t dare, don’t dare….” Lin Shan mumbled.

“Alright. For every debt, there is a debtor. Since you don’t know where the Crown Prince is, you can leave!”

“Thank you, Mister!” Lin Shan felt relieved and quickly turned to escape. But within a few steps, she felt a pain on the back of her head and fainted.

The masked person laughed: “You sissy. Your waist belt has a dragon on it. You think my eyes are used to take a dump? You’re clearly the Crown Prince. I’m going to tear your skin off later!” Then, he placed Lin Shan on his shoulder and flew into the air and disappeared from the night sky.

Just like that, the ribbon belt caused poor Lin Shan to be mistaken as the Crown Prince and kidnapped from the Palace.



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