YH Chapter 32

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When Lin Shan and Du Ming Yue had arrived at the Eastern Palace, Du Hao had already prepared a banquet. Lin Shan had always been told that the Crown Prince was frugal; therefore, she was extremely surprised by what she saw.

Tonight, it truly represented a life of luxury. The atmosphere was very intoxicating. A group of revealing dancers were dancing in the middle of the hall. They were captivating.

Not only that, at the end of the hall, in the middle, sat Du Hao. Tonight, he wore a black embroidered golden dragon gown and his long hair wasn’t bind up to the greatest extent. There were a few loose strands, which somewhat softened his arrogant complexion. His eyes were circulating around the room, and the whole place was dripping in brilliance.

Lin Shan had already had quite a number of encounters with Du Hao, but she had never seen him like this. Right now, she had no idea what he was thinking.

At this moment, a beautiful woman came out and curtsey at Du Hao.

Du Hao waved his hand, indicating she could proceed. The woman bowed down her head and went over to Du Hao’s side. She helped him fill his wine cup and delivered it to him. Every movement was very flirtatious and charming. The dancers were all overshadowed by her.

Lin Shan was astonished.

Isn’t Du Hao gay?? He is suddenly interested in women now? Wow, this is so confusing!

Although she didn’t say anything, she continued to gaze at Du Hao. She saw him take the wine cup from the woman and made an intense eye contact with her. Then, he slowly drank the wine and whispered something into the woman’s ear. In no time, the beautiful woman blushed and leaned over in desire as she passionately kissed Du Hao.

Did the Crown Prince invite me over to thank me or invited me over to watch a show? Lin Shan was puzzled. At this moment, Du Hao suddenly stopped kissing the woman and lifted the wine cup facing her.

“Thank you for saving me, Prince Consort. Come, let me salute you with a cup of wine.”

So nice? There must be a conspiracy going on. Lin Shan couldn’t help but became alert again as she responded: “Your Highness, you are too courteous. Too courteous…” As she sipped a bit of the wine, she was careful not to drink too much.

Du Hao seemed to be in a great mood though. He looked pleased and finished his wine cup. Then he reached out and took the beautiful woman into his arms. He was totally portraying a player Prince.

“What’s wrong with your bro? Did he get sick and suffered from some type of trauma and became a pervert?” Lin Shan made eye contact with Du Ming Yue and asked through her glance.

Unexpectedly, Du Ming Yue glared at her and responded through her eyes: “None of your business!”

From an outsider’s point of view, the glances were signs of playful love. Du Hao noticed it and seemed irritated as he embraced the woman in his arms even tighter. He continued: “Since Prince Consort saved me, I have a present for you. I hope you will accept my gift.”

Gift? Ohhh finally, we get to the important point! Lin Shan broke off her eye contact with Du Ming Yue and concentrated all her attention on the box that Du Hao had ordered the servant to deliver.

Once the red silk was revealed, two golden ru yi appeared in front of her eyes. Lin Shan was so emotional, she almost cried. Oh ru yi, ru yi!! After going through so much, you’re finally returning to me!!

“Grow up!” Du Ming Yue’s mouth twitched as she scolded at Lin Shan under her breath.

“Do you appreciate my gift, Prince Consort? Do you like it?”

“I like, I like…!!!!” Lin Shan was glowing like a flower. Wow, so it turned out if you get bitten by a snake, you would turn abnormal. If I had known this earlier, I would have thrown a 5kg snake at you!

“I’m glad you like it.” This was the first time that Du Hao had ever been so courteous to Lin Shan. It was honestly poles apart from how he was before.”Yu-er, I heard you learnt a new dance. Could you please demonstrate to the Prince Consort and Princess?”

“Yes, Yu-er will demonstrate. Please excuse my incompetence.” Yang Yu Er got up and smoothly walked to the middle of the hall. She curtsied at Lin Shan and Du Ming Yue, and then started following the music and beats of the drum.

Yu Er’s long sleeves flipped in the air as she gently swayed her body. She was making an intense eye contact with the Crown Prince as she teased him through her sensual dancing.

Pssh, a dance for me and the Princess? Bullshit. She’s dancing for one man, ok?

Seeing this, Lin Shan couldn’t help but sigh. She had watched many television dramas, but now she has finally seen a living vixen.

However, although Yang Yu Er was a vixen, she was a great dancer. Ever since Lin Shan had arrived at the Palace, she had never been so entertained. She couldn’t stop watching and entirely ignored the Du Ming Yue who was beside her.

But what kind of person was Du Ming Yue? She would never allow anyone to forget about her. She purposely coughed twice.

Seeing how Lin Shan continued ignoring her, she turned irrational. She pretended to pour wine and gasped in surprise as she poured the entire bottle on Lin Shan.

Now, Lin Shan’s clothes were soaked. It looked as if she had peed herself.

“Oops. My hand shook. Sorry.” Du Ming Yue smiled fakely.

Oh my goodness, Princess. How childish can you be? Lin Shan was speechless and didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

“Come, my people, bring the Prince Consort to my room so he can change his garments.” ordered Du Hao.

“No, don’t worry about it. I can change when I get back….”

Lin Shan gestured with her arm saying it’s alright, but an eunuch had already indicated her to follow him. He smiled, “Prince Consort, you must not reject the kindness from our Highness. Please.”

Wow, even the staffs in Eastern Palace were powerful. Lin Shan had no choice but to follow him into the inner room.

“This is where the Crown Prince normally changes. Please pick a random garment, Prince Consort.”

“Ok, okay!” Lin Shan was trying to find something that looked relatively plain and simple. When she turned around, the eunuch was still there. It looked as if he wanted to help her change. She quickly said: “I can change myself. Just wait for me outside.”

“Yes.” The eunuch politely excused himself and left. Lin Shan went over by the door to secretly listen. Only when it seemed like the eunuch was out of sight did she feel comfortable to change.

After all, this was not her area. She already felt very strange and awkward as she changed. All she wanted to do was quickly get out of there. She needed an excuse to leave. This banquet was too weird. She had no idea what Du Hao was thinking. Who knows what he will do during the feast?

As she was thinking and rushing, she couldn’t help but grumbled: “This is huge. How am I supposed to wear this?”

This wasn’t surprising at all as Du Hao was rather tall. Although Lin Shan was not short for a girl, the body of a man was very different from a woman. After putting on his clothes, it felt very spacey inside.

Lin Shan had no choice but to look for a ribbon belt to tie around her waist. Out of the blue, she heard the door being pushed open. Someone came in.

Lin Shan was freaking out. She had her hands tightly around her ribbon belt as she forcefully pretended to be calm: “Who is it?”

No one replied.

Lin Shan was getting more nervous by the second. She was trying to comfort herself.

This is the Eastern Palace. There can’t be any issues.

She tiptoed towards the screen* and poked her head out. But the moment she stuck her head out, she smashed into something. She heard a “pong” and felt a burst of pain on her forehead. She saw stars and said, “Ai ya!”

At that moment, Du Hao came out from behind the screen. Needless to say, Lin Shan had crashed into him.

This is probably what the screen would have looked like.

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