YH Chapter 31

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“Shh! Lower your voice! You want others to hear?” Lin Shan quickly covered her mouth and whispered in her ear, “Let me ask you, have you ever thought about what would happen to us if my disguise was revealed?”

“Umm….” Xiao Lu was speechless and shook her head.

Lin Shan lowered her voice even more: “These days I have been pondering over this question. If one day I get exposed, not only you, but my parents and brother, plus the entire Song residence will suffer a catastrophe. Instead of sitting and waiting for death, I might as well find an opportunity to leave the Palace. If they think I’m dead or crazy, that’s fine. As long as I am able to prevent them from finding me, everything will be ok. When that day happens, wouldn’t you think money is important?”

Xiao Lu seemed to somewhat understand and nodded: “It’s quite important.”

“So whenever I receive anything that’s worth a lot of money, make sure you sell it for me. We must save a lot. In the future, I want to open my own Leaning Vermilion House. Business will be good!”

Xiao Lu wiped her sweat: “Prince Consort, you have this type of desire…..”

Lin Shan rolled her eyes: “No!? I plan to be the big boss!”

The two of them were very intimate and close as they spoke. Suddenly, the door burst open and Du Ming Yue rushed in. Seeing how Lin Shan and Xiao Lu were so talking so closely, her anger went straight up.

“What are you two doing?” She demanded.

“Talking” Lin Shan replied blankly.

“Humph! You are alone with a woman speaking so closely. What kind of place do you think the Palace is? My people, come and take this shameless servant and hit her twenty times with the rod!”

“Yes!” The two eunuchs behind Du Ming Yue accepted the order and were about to grab Xiao Lu.

Lin Shan could tell something bad was going to happen and quickly stood in front of Xiao Lu: “Stop! How dare you? You guys dare to ignore the orders of the Prince Consort?”

The two eunuchs were startled as they have never seen the Prince Consort act so serious. They looked at Lin Shan and then at Du Ming Yue. They were not sure who to listen to.

Since Lin Shan stood up for Xiao Lu, Du Ming Yue became even more enraged. Her Princess syndrome started to act up. She pointed at Xiao Lu and shouted: “How dare you, servants? Are you disobeying my orders? I ordered her a punishment, so punish her! Who dares to disobey will be punished with the bitch as well!”

Her words frightened the two eunuchs tremendously and they briskly avoided Lin Shan to grab Xiao Lu.

Xiao Lu was so scared, she hid under the table as she babbled: “Prince Consort, save me! Save me!”

Lin Shan knew she was at a disadvantage. She definitely could not compete against Du Ming Yue. Thus, she pushed aside the eunuchs and went under the table as well.

“Xiao Lu belongs to me. If you have the power, then capture both of us!” Since she couldn’t fight them directly, she will use her shameless ways. Lin Shan rebutted against Du Ming Yue from under the table.

Du Ming Yue was furious.

“You, you you… you two are adulterers! My people, pull them out. If you can’t, don’t even bother coming back out!”

Her words definitely scared everyone out of their wits. In a blink of an eye, a bunch of female servants plus eunuchs came rushing under the table. The little circular table started surge like a tide. Voices could be heard: “Ai ya, my shoe!!!!” “Who’s touching me?” “Hey, don’t pull on my pants!”…..

Since no one was coming out, Du Ming Yue lifted her sleeves and dug her way in as well.

This moment was truly a spectacular sight. Gu Zuo has taken the Crown Prince’s order to come over, and the corner of his mouth started to twitch despite his usual calm composure.

*cough cough….* He coughed.

No one paid attention.

*cough cough cough…..*

He was still ignored.

*cough cough cough cough….* Poor Gu Zuo. He was coughing his lungs out and no one noticed his existence.

Finally, Gu Zuo couldn’t hold it in anymore. He gathered his energy into his core and roared: “Is the Prince Consort here?!”

Since Gu Zuo had practiced years of Martial Arts, his voice projection was magnificent. The table overturned and there were at least ten people all mingled together. All the eyes were on Gu Zuo, and then at each other. There were no words exchanged.

At that moment, Gu Zuo was about to crumble despite being used to seeing death on a battlefield. His face remained stiff but the corner of his mouth twitched again.

Out of the bunch, Lin Shan stood up and patted her clothes as she tried to fix her bird’s nest hair: “I’m here!! Gu General, we are honoured by your presence. I wonder why you’re looking for me?”

Gu Zuo had a tough time remaining stern. It took him a moment before he formally spoke: “Your subordinate has been ordered by the Crown Prince to invite the Prince Consort over to the Eastern Palace for a gathering. He would like to thank the Prince Consort for saving his life. Prince Consort, please!”

Du Hao? Lin Shan was on guard. This gay brother wanted to see me to give me more trouble? Oh my goodness, he even longed for his sister’s husband. What a beast! Beast, I tell you!

At this moment, Du Ming Yue stumbled and got up: “I’m coming too!”

“Why are you coming?” One gay was already difficult enough to deal with. You want to hand me a pair? Lin Shan wanted to cry.

“I’m the Princess. Who dares to stop me? I say I’m going, so I’m going!” Du Ming Yue had both her hands on her waist, and wouldn’t compromise.

Lin Shan was speechless. She looked at Du Ming Yue, then at Xiao Lu who had been captured by the servants. She gritted her teeth: “Fine. I’ll bring you, but you must promise to let Xiao Lu go!”

In reality, Du Ming Yue didn’t actually want to hit Xiao Lu. After all, she was Song Luo’s maid. If she made him so angry and he left, it wouldn’t be any good to her. Since Song Luo was willing to negotiate, she will accept his offer.

“Humph. Fine. Today, I’ll let you go. Get out of my sight! All of you, get out!”

In no time, there were only three people remaining in the room; one of them was still struggling to remain stiff. After composing himself, Gu Zuo raised his hand and said: “Princess, Prince Consort, please!”

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