YH Chapter 3

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Marrying into the wife’s family was honestly the opposite of traditional Chinese expectations. Normally, the groom is the one waiting at home for the bride to arrive. However, today, the bride was waiting in the Palace to be wed, while poor Lin Shan had to do all the travelling.

In addition, not only was the Royal ceremony long, it was extremely detailed. In fact, compared to the commoners, it was a hundred times more complicated. For the 21st century Lin Shan, following the step by step to marriage was torture.

Fortunately, getting married wasn’t completely without reward.

Think about it. There were so many people in the Palace. All of them wanted to suck up to the Emperor. Since the Emperor’s beloved daughter was getting married, wasn’t this the best opportunity for them?

A bunch of Royal relatives and powerful officials surrounded Lin Shan. She heard congratulations on her left and right. In addition, the gold and silver pearls that were presented to her were breathtakingly dazzling.

Seeing all these treasures, Lin Shan suddenly felt that her back was no longer sore, her legs were no longer tired, and she actually felt alive to get married.

She beamed at Xiao Lu and ordered her to take the gifts away as she drank with the guests.

Speaking of drinking, Lin Shan used her modern 21st century thinking again. She knew it was inevitable that she would have to drink at the wedding. However, based on her low tolerance, she knew her cover would be blown within two drinks. Therefore, she secretly alerted Xiao Lu and told her to change the wine into water. Others could not tell the difference and kept praising the Prince Consort for his drinking abilities.

“Wow, although the Prince Consort looks weak, he can drink a lot! He definitely lives up to the title of the Minister’s son!”

“We shouldn’t judge a person by his appearance. The Princess is sure lucky to marry such a man. What a wonderful union!”


Hearing the praises made Lin Shan chuckle on the inside.

What is evolution? What is intelligence? I’m clearly an example of it! Only a fool would drink real wine!

When one is proud, one usually loses its cool. That’s when trouble arrive. The Emperor himself came up next to her.

“Luo-er, you’re going to be my son in-law! From now on, make sure you treat my Princess well.”

The Emperor was definitely the Emperor. He only said one line, but immediately caused Lin Shan to feel ashamed. I’m a woman, okay. How do I treat your daughter well? Give her massage, back and shoulder rubs?

Although she was fuming on the inside, Lin Shan obediently nodded: “Your son understands!”

The Emperor grinned and nodded as he called out: “Servants, offer wine!”

Wine? Lin Shan almost wanted to cry.

How come no one told her there was a wine offering? There was no way she could refuse the Emperor’s wine. But the problem was, this wine could not be switched to water. After drinking a little, she was already getting tipsy. If she drank anymore, she would be in trouble!

Fortunately, Lin Shan was clever. She understood that she had to pretend to be drunk before actually becoming drunk. Thus, she pretended to stumble.

There were still a huge line up of people waiting to cheers with her.

“Song brother, be careful!” Someone grabbed hold of her. It was the Third Prince, Du Jing.

Speaking of this person, the Capital’s hottest men ranking must be brought up again. For the last couple of days, Xiao Lu had told Lin Shan many things about this person. It had been said that the Emperor had many sons, but the ones that looked the best and had the most potential were the Eldest Prince and the Third Prince Du Jing.

This person was also tied amongst the top 3 ranked along with her brother. Yet, their appearance and personality were the total opposite.

Song Luo’s brother was known for being gentle and kind. There were women who wanted him from every corner. Yet, he only loved the General’s daughter. He was extremely loyal and his wife was his life. Many young women’s heart were broken because of him.

As for Du Jing, just like his name -a good scenery is hard to keep. Apparently, his stories had spread throughout foreign lands. Countless of women fell for him, yet he’d only fling his sleeves and move on. As of now, he hadn’t even married a single concubine.

After hearing all this from Xiao Lu, Lin Shan had already made up her mind about this person. He was obviously immoral and despicable. Just look at his facial features! His eyes looked like peach blossoms, his mouth appeared fickle, he has a heartless birthmark, and his eyebrows are hooked. Any woman who ends up with him will not have a happy ending.

Lin Shan’s heart shivered as she smiled awkwardly: “Sorry, Third Prince. I cannot handle the alcohol. Please forgive me.”

“Oh, really?” Du Jing’s eyebrows raised as he deepened his smile, “But I can’t smell any alcohol on you.”

Lin Shan’s expression was stiff. She knew she had met her match as she quickly placed her hand on her head and turned to Xiao Lu: “Xiao Lu, come and hold me.”

Xiao Lu reacted fast and held onto her as she dramatically announced: “The Prince Consort is drunk. The Prince Consort is drunk!”

Since everyone heard the Prince Consort was drunk, they decided to stop pushing Lin Shan to drink. After all, later, the Prince Consort would need to be sober enough to do the deed with the Princess.

“Servants! Send the Prince Consort to the Palace!” Lin Shan wasn’t sure who said those words, but she was finally done socializing for the night. She said farewell to all the government officials as she pretended to stumble around. In her heart, she was muttering Stephen Chow’s* famous lines: “I’m an actor. I’m an actor….!”

She continued acting until she arrived at the Princess’s residence. Finally, it was over. But she wasn’t relieved. In fact, her head started to hurt.

I could fake being drunk…but how can I fake it when we have sex?

As a woman, Lin Shan felt extremely stressed.

Lin Shan looked as if her world was over as she entered the room. The Princess’s room was huge. As she walked in, she imagined the Princess stripping and hopping on her.

What is she going to do?

Somehow, she was already inside the room. She could see the bride sitting by the bed with the red silk over her head. The Princess was wearing a red wedding gown with a golden phoenix sewn on it. Undoubtedly, it was very expensive.

But right now, Lin Shan wasn’t in the mood to think about money. Her mind was scrambling on how she was going to complete the deed. As she stressed about it, suddenly the Princess stood up and flung off her red silk. She angrily glared at her as she screamed: “You’re not Lin Feng! I am not marrying you! Get out!”

Lin Shan was shocked. Then, after thinking about it, she understood.

So what Xiao Lu said was true! The Princess wanted to marry her brother, but ended up with her instead. Most likely, the Princess went nuts after finding out the Emperor had sent the wrong marriage decree. However, the words of Imperial edict cannot be taken back. Since the Emperor had already made the announcement, they definitely couldn’t change their minds and say, “Oops, the Princess made a mistake. She’s not getting marry anymore!”

So based on Lin Shan’s assumptions, it meant both of them were unwilling!

Thinking of this, Lin Shan’s eyes brightened up. Muahahaha! Even the Heaven is helping me!

“Princess, I…”

“Get out! Get the F out!” Du Ming Yue screamed.

Lin Shan was simply ecstatic. She nodded as she bowed: “No problem! I’m getting out. I’m getting out! I promise I won’t disturb your beauty sleep. Don’t worry, Princess! Don’t worry!”

Du Ming Yue was stunned. How come she told him to get out yet he seemed so happy about it? Humph. Song Family’s men have no taste. They don’t want me. Well, you want what? I don’t want you guys either!

“Get out! OUT!”

As Du Ming Yue shrieked, Lin Shan happily fulfilled her wish.


*Stephen Chow is a famous Hong Kong actor and director.

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