YH Chapter 26

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Lin Shan didn’t expect the injured Du Hao to have so much remaining strength. She froze. By the time she reacted again, her entire body was pressed against the moist and soft soil wall. Du Hao had both his hands on the wall and glared at her very closely.

For a moment, Lin Shan couldn’t tell whether the person in front of her was Lian Feng or Du Hao. However, that moment only lasted for a few seconds. It was immediately clarified by Du Hao’s angry face.

Lian Feng was definitely not this scary! Lin Shan snapped out of it and could see that Du Hao looked at her as if he wanted to devour her. She felt guilty and tried to reason with him: “Your Highness, a nation has its laws, and a family has its rules. Even if you don’t like me, you can’t kill me here. If people find out, they will laugh at you! The Crown Prince of the nation…picking on a defenseless and weak Prince Consort…. ahhhh! Do you want to hit me? Um, just don’t hit the face. I need my face to make money!!”

While Lin Shan was rambling on and on, Du Hao had gotten distracted.

So much resemblance. Truly so similar!

The moment Du Hao saw Song Luo’s face, he noticed the resemblance of a maiden he once liked. Therefore, each time he came across Song Luo, he couldn’t help but noticed all his actions.

However, Song Luo was definitely not the woman he had fallen in love with. In fact, Song Luo was a man. Just because they looked alike, he shouldn’t confuse his feelings. That was not his style.

As a result, each time he saw Song Luo, he purposely picked on him. He wanted to tease and mock him, so that he could forget him. However, the more he tried to forget, the harder it was to forget. At this moment, he had a bizarre thought that Song Luo was the same girl he liked.

The hole was getting dimmer and dimmer. His mind was still dizzy from the rocks that had smashed his head. A non masculine scent went up his nose, and his thoughts were in utter chaos. He couldn’t help but wanted to get closer.

Lin Shan was flabbergasted. Not only did Du Hao not hit her, he was leaning in.

Oh my goodness! Could Du Hao be gay??? Lin Shan howled and wailed in her mind. Oh my f**king god, how could I not have realized? He keeps picking on me…because he likes me! Don’t little boys pick on girls they like? They refuse to admit, and instead constantly teases the girl. I’m doomed. As a woman, I have created a misunderstanding by pretending to be a man!

“Umm….Your Highness.. I… I don’t have this preference.. ah! Watch out!” Lin Shan’s eyes widen as they were filled with fear.

Du Hao seemed to have gained back some of his consciousness from Lin Shan’s extreme reaction. He frowned: “Don’t you know if you try using the same method three times, it loses its effectiveness?” Right after he spoke, he felt a pain on his arm and quickly took out his dagger to cut it away, but it was too late.

The snake fell onto the ground; it had been split in half. Du Hao felt a faint pain running through his arm, indicating he had been bitten.

Lin Shan leaned against the wall and patted her chest: “Oh my goodness. It scared me half to death! I told you to be careful. This time you can’t say it’s my fault…”

“This time it’s really not my fault. I already tried to warn you. You just didn’t believe me. As a person, you shouldn’t question others so much….” Lin Shan spoke a jumble of words, then suddenly realized that Du Hao was acting strangely. He gritted his teeth and looked as if he was suffering.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Hello…”

“Be quiet.” Du Hao barked. Then he lowered his voice, “I have been bitten.”

“Uh…what??” Lin Shan was stunned. “The snake bit you?” The Sun had just set and the hole they were in was getting darker and darker. Lin Shan never expected Du Hao to be bitten.

Wow, the snake sure has guts. It dares to bite the Crown Prince. It isn’t afraid to die?

Wait!! Lin Shan seemed to have thought of something… it….it wasn’t a poisonous snake, right?

She wanted to ask, but Du Hao had already sat down crossed legged in a lotus position. There was a faint glowing light coming out from his sack. When he opened it up, it revealed the three night pearls. The light from the pearls lit up the entire hole.

Lin Shan finally realized how poor their situation was. The hole must be at least ten metres in length. It was very narrow and there were no other passageways. The wall was a type of strange rock that didn’t look natural.

But at this moment, she didn’t care. All her attention was directed towards Du Hao’s three night pearls. Her eyes were almost shining as brightly as the pearls.

Du Hao crinkled his brows. He could clearly feel the snake venom spreading throughout his body. If he didn’t do anything soon, his life might be in danger. He lifted his head to look at Lin Shan and saw her eyes staring intently at the pearls. He was disgusted. How could this person be the same person as the maiden in his heart?

“Do you want it?” He lifted one of the pearls.

Lin Shan fiercely nodded.

“Help me suck out the snake venom and this is yours.”

“Really?!?” Lin Shan looked at him happily, but quickly hesitated. Why would he be so nice? He’s not trying to trick me, right? Or…. Lin Shan shrinks her body, “Don’t tell me…you have been bitten on the ass….”

The corner of Du Hao’s mouth twitched. He patiently tried to calm the rage inside of him: “My arm has been bitten.”

“Are you sure… arm and ass is a huge difference….”

“Stop with the bullshit. Do you want it or not?” Du Hao felt like Lin Shan was going to give him an early death at this rate. He frustrated him so much, perhaps his anger will attack his heart.

“I want! I want!” Lin Shan went over like a happy dog and caught the pearl from Du Hao’s hands. She placed it by her side, then followed Du Hao’s instructions and helped him remove one side of his upper outer garment.

The bitten arm had already started to swell. Two inches above the elbow revealed two bloody dots as streams of blood were oozing out. It was a ghastly sight.

Lin Shan wanted to back off, but when she looked at the lovely night pearl, she grinded her teeth and ripped off some fabric from her clothes to tie on Du Hao’s arm.

Right now, she was grateful for the knowledge she had acquired in Primary School. At least she knew the emergency steps of dealing with a snake bite. After she was done tying, Lin Shan looked around and reached out for the dagger Du Hao had on his waist.

“What are you doing?” Although Du Hao was poisoned, he was still alert. When he fought in the war, he was always exposed and expected constant danger.

“Helping you suck out venom. What do you think? Your dagger is not made from gold.” Even if it was, it’s still incomparable to the golden sabre, Lin Shan thought to herself. Then, she aimed the dagger at Du Hao’s poisoned arm.

After the skin had been split open, black blood starting pouring out from the wound. Looking at it made Lin Shan want to puke.

By now, Du Hao was evidently suffering from the symptoms of being poisoned. His lips were turning purple and his eyelids were starting to droop.

“Hey, don’t sleep!!” Lin Shan was frightened. She didn’t expect the venom to spread so quickly. She no longer hesitated as she lowered her head to suck on his wound.

The black blood was slowly being sucked out from the wound. By now, the hole was reeking of blood. Lin Shan felt like she was also going to be poisoned at this rate.

Fortunately, the blood started turning colour, and the swelling was starting to go down. It gave her confidence to continue sucking.

After a long time, the blood had finally reverted back to its original colour and the swelling had diminished substantially. However, due to the poison and loss of blood, Du Hao looked extremely pale was and very fragile.

“Do you feel a bit better?” Lin Shan asked.

Du Hao nodded, but didn’t say a word.

Lin Shan felt a breath of relief and then realized she herself was about to collapse from exhaustion. When she fell down, she injured her leg. Currently, the numbness had turned into severe pain. She felt a burst of piercing pain, and couldn’t help but shiver and sighed.

“What’s wrong with you?” Du Hao weakly asked.

“What’s wrong with me? You think you’re the only one injured?” Lin Shan sat next to him and rolled up one of her trouser leg and saw that she was missing a chuck of skin on her knee. The blood had already solidify and her injuries were no less than Du Hao’s: “Which asshole did such a terrible deed and dug a hole in such an area? Clearly he/she wanted to cheat someone. Watch you get strike by lightning!”

*Rumbling* Suddenly, there was a huge clap of thunder coming from the sky.

Lin Shan winced. Hello!? I’m telling you to strike the person who dug the hole. Not me! Wait a minute, it’s raining??

Lin Shan couldn’t believe her awful luck. They were in the middle of nowhere, wounded and crippled. One had his arm destroyed and the other had her leg destroyed. Now, they were going to get a thunder shower? At this moment, Lin Shan wanted to imitate Tarzan and holler at the sky: “Are you playing with me, God?”

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