YH Chapter 23

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Lin Shan felt like a tragic soul as everyone had their watchful gazes on her. She summoned up the courage and reached for Wu Ying’s saddle. However, Wu Ying suddenly whined and galloped a couple steps; leaving Lin Shan behind.

Right away, those who were hoping for a good show all sighed in disappointment. Seriously? This was the skills of the Prince Consort? The ones spreading the rumours must have been blind.

A person who wasn’t afraid to start trouble jeered: “Prince Consort, why don’t you get on the horse?”

“Yes. Get on! Get on!”

By now, Du Hao had already leaped onto his horse with ease. This horse was called Chi Mei, and it had accompanied Du Hao during his battles in the desert. Chi Mei lifted its front hooves and neighed. The sound was so dominating that all the horses around backed off a couple of steps. The only exception was Wu Ying. Currently, Wu Ying had its head down and was chewing on grass.

Lin Shan was flabbergasted: “Hey bro. I know you’re a big shot. You don’t care to compete with others. But look! This horse is looking down on you. Are you just going to accept this?”

Wu Ying ignored her and continued to chew his grass in a carefree manner.

Lin Shan was enraged and slapped the horse on its back: “If you’re a man, let me get on!”

Everyone was shocked by her gesture. There was a lot of murmuring and pointing going on: Is that a male horse? Is it? It’s not, right?? ………..

Wu Ying stopped chewing grass and lifted its head. It was as if he could understand Lin Shan.

Lin Shan was beaming: Brother, you have guts. I like!

Lin Shan optimistically climbed onto the saddle as her feet stepped on the stirrup. Wu Ying clenched its teeth and actually allowed her to stay on!

At that moment, Lin Shan felt the pride coming from the bottom of her heart. She turned her head to look at Du Hao in a provoking manner, but saw him watching her with a smile on his face. The way he was smiling at her made Lin Shan shiver and she almost fell off the horse.

Lin Shan quickly wrapped her legs around the horse’s stomach area, but the horse took it as a signal for him to advance. Wu Ying started to gallop and Lin Shan was scared out of her wits. She had both her arms around his neck, and the tighter she held onto Wu Ying, the faster he ran.

Everyone was just watching in astonishment. Although Lin Shan was screaming for help, no one took a step forward.

Lian Feng wasn’t standing too far away, and his eyes revealed his concerns for Lin Shan. He was about to step forward, but Gu Zuo stopped him once again.

“I’m advising you not to get involved, Lian Superior.” Gu Zuo’s voice was cold and menacing. Although he said he was advising him, it was actually a warning.

Lian Feng remained where he was, but his hand was on his golden sabre. Just as he was hesitating, Lin Shan finally fell off Wu Ying’s back. She looked like a pitiful mess.

“Hahahaaha….” Everyone in the crowd burst into laughter. Someone ridiculed: “Oh, so this is what Prince Consort is capable of, eh? You can’t even control a horse, how can you control a Princess?”

“The rumours must be false…”

Underneath the cover, Lin Shan was a girl. This fall actually caused her a great deal of pain. It didn’t help that everyone else were also laughing and taunting her. Deep down, she felt very wronged and her nose trembled; she wanted to cry.

Lian Feng couldn’t hold back any longer. “Get out of my way!” He gravely said to Gu Zuo.

Gu Zuo replied callously: “Lian Superior isn’t worried about getting on the Crown Prince’s bad side?”

“I’m going to repeat once more. Get out of my way.” He growled as he lowered his voice a couple more tones. Underneath the mask, his eyes looked almost beast like. The glare unexpectedly caused Gu Zuo to feel slightly intimidated. Why did those eyes look so familiar?

While Gu Zuo was being distracted, Lian Feng had already appeared by Lin Shan’s side.

“Leave me alone!” Lin Shan pushed the hand away from her. “I don’t need your pity. I can get up myself!”

At that moment, Lian Feng felt a bit absent minded. This was the first time he had ever seen her like this. Her face showed her stubbornness, toughness, and determination to succeed. It was very different from her usually mischievous self. Although she didn’t appear to be frail, something ignited within Lian Feng’s heart and he wanted to protect her at all cost.

While Lian Feng was zoning out, Lin Shan had already gotten up on her own. Although she could be lackey at times, once her stubbornness had been aggravated, she will not give up.

The laughter continued, but Lin Shan didn’t let it bother her. She used her hand to wipe her dirty face and once again, tried to hold onto Wu Ying’s reins to get back up onto the horse.

Wu Ying fervently shook its body and caused Lin Shan to fall off once more.

Painful! So painful! But Lin Shan didn’t cry. She was clearly aware of her situation. In this time and age, she no longer has her parents to rely on. She also has no friends to cry to. If she wanted to get up, she coiuld only rely on herself.

With great difficulty, she got up from the ground. Fresh blood was seeping out from her arms. At this moment, the laughter seemed to have subsided a little. The demoralizing glances were also slowly disappearing.

Lian Feng stood on the side. He wanted to help her, but was mesmerized by the determination in Lin Shan’s eyes. Thus, he remained where it was.

Just like that, Lin Shan climbed onto the horse again and again. Each time, Wu Ying flung her off. After this continuously happened, Du Hao finally spoke up.

“There’s no point in competing. Gu Zuo!”

“Your subordinate is here.”

“Head back to the Palace.” Du Hao’s face stiffened and left without turning his head back. Gu Zuo followed right behind him, but he did turn back to glance at Lin Shan in a curious manner.

Since the Crown Prince left, there was no more show to watch. Everyone else departed as well. Soon, there were only Lin Shan and Lian Feng left.

Lin Shan seemed a bit stunned. It wasn’t because she had fallen many times, instead she was having trouble adjusting to the sudden change. After a few moments later, she finally snapped out of it: This means… I don’t have to compete!?!

Her eyes shone and the pain from her injuries seemed to have subsided. She lifted her head and made eye contact with Lian Feng. She gave him a foolish smile.

In the future, Lian Feng will ask himself. When did I start falling for this girl? The first thing that would come to his mind would be her smile.

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