YH Chapter 22

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The black horse still refused to take a single step.

Lin Shan kept trying to reason with it: “I’m the Prince Consort (fu ma in Mandarin). You are a horse (ma in Mandarin). We are both from the Ma family! We have to unite and work together!”

The horse snorted and continued to disregard her existence.

From a close distance, Lian Feng heard Lin Shan and the corner of his mouth twitched. He stepped forward and reached out to grab the reins from Lin Shan’s hands. Then, he went up to the horse and whispered something in the horse’s ear. Within a few seconds, the horse started to move.

Woah! Lin Shan was astonished. She looked at Lian Feng admiringly: “You even know how to speak Horse tongue?? Respect.. Respect!”

Lian Feng was already accustomed to Lin Shan’s words and behaviour, therefore he didn’t seem fazed at all. All he said was: “Wu Ying’s temper is quite intense. Are you sure you want him, Prince Consort?”

Oh, so this horse was called Wu Ying? “You think I want to pick him? When I came, he was the only one left!” Lin Shan sharply said. The moment she said those words, it was as if the horse understood her. He hissed at her in a very unfriendly manner.

Lian Feng crinkled his brows as he held the reins tightly to control Wu Ying: “Ok, I’ll go look around to see if there are any other horses you could use instead.”

“Okay! Go!” Lin Shan nodded. Then she made a silly face at Wu Ying.

Wu Ying hissed again. As they looked at each other, they both looked irritated.

At this moment, Du Hao came over with his horse with an unpredictable smile on his face. He said in a clear tone: “Would the Prince Consort give me face to compete a round with me?”


The news that the Crown Prince and the Prince Consort were going to compete instantaneously spread throughout the range. All the Royal relatives and sons of important officials gathered around the center to witness this rare sight.

Right now, Lin Shan was in the center being surrounded. She felt very depressed.

This is definitely revenge!! He’s getting revenge!! Deep down, she viciously cursed at Du Hao as she lifted her head. She stiffly smiled and said: “Your Highness, my skills are inferior to yours. I think we should just let it go…”

Du Hao raised his eyebrows: “So Prince Consort is not going to give me face?”

Lin Shan wanted to burst into tears. He was clearly threatening her. As a Crown Prince, why must you pick on a tiny Prince Consort? You have no manners! She continued to swear at Du Hao in her mind.

Lin Shan placed her hand on her forehead and weakly said: “Aiii ya, I suddenly feel a bit dizzy. So dizzy… I’m going to go over there to sit down…”

She turned around, but was immediately blocked by Gu Zuo, who had a blank expression on his face. He bellowed to the crowd: “Prince Consort. Stop trying to reject and show us what you got!”

“Yes! I heard the Prince Consort is talented and his skills are out of the ordinary. Please allow us to see and experience!”

“We don’t believe what we hear. We only believe what we see. Prince Consort, stop trying to be modest….”

Those are rumours!! Rumours!! Lin Shan could feel the tears coming. Who the hell spread them? I don’t give a shit about being talented or having out of ordinary skills. I just want to keep my life! Lin Shan’s expression looked more dreadful than a crying face.

Du Hao came over and spoke in a harsh tone: “Prince Consort, please lead the way.”

At that moment, Lin Shan knew she was doomed no matter what. She lifted her head and whispered: “Then….can I at least use a different horse?”

Wu Ying impatiently dug his hoof.

“Alright.” Du Hao lifted his head and looked around as he spoke loud and clear: “Is there anyone willing to switch their horses for the Prince Consort?”

Everyone present, including the horses, took a step back.

Lin Shan: …………

“Prince Consort, you see? I have tried.” Du Hao shrugged his shoulders to show there are no other alternatives.

“Your Highness, I can find a different horse for the Prince Consort.” Lian Feng suddenly stepped out.

“How dare you?” Gu Zuo advanced forward and physically stopped Lian Feng from getting close: “The Crown Prince and the Prince Consort are talking. You have no authority to speak. Get out!”

Lian Feng looks at Lin Shan, and didn’t move an inch.

Everyone felt as if they had swallowed a breath of cold air. They all know that Lian Feng had once saved the Emperor’s life. Thus, the Emperor highly favoured him. Even most important government officials would respect Lian Feng and let him have his way. However, those were only government officials. They didn’t think Lian Feng would dare to set himself against the Crown Prince. Right now, everyone was expecting a good show.

Du Hao narrowed his eyes. He carefully looked at Lian Feng, but his expression was difficult to fathom.

Lin Shan could sense something was wrong immediately. Lian Feng and Du Hao looked exactly the same. It couldn’t simply be a coincidence. Plus, Lian Feng had already warned her never to bring up this topic. Undoubtedly, it was a taboo subject. But now, Lian Feng was openly trying to confront Du Hao. What if something happened to him? What if Lian Feng gets punished?

Although Lin Shan was a gold digger, deep down she was still a good person. She ran between Du Hao and Lian Feng as she lightly pushed Lian Feng: “No need to switch. No need to switch. This horse looks rather alert. You probably have no issues, right?” She turned back to glance at Wu Ying.

Wu Ying dug his hoof and with disdain, he flung his head.

Lin Shan awkwardly laughed and joked: “Not corrupted by wealth. Not shaken by poverty. Good horse! Good horse!”

Everyone: …………

Since Lin Shan stepped out, the intense confrontation had been broken. Everyone else’s attention was now on Lin Shan. Lin Shan totally regretted it now.

Oh my goodness, what ability do I have? I can’t even get on the horse. How can I compete? T___T


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