YH Chapter 2

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The Song Family’s second son and Princess Du Ming Yue’s wedding occurred on the third day after Lin Shan had transported back in time.

It wasn’t actually that big of a deal. After all, it wasn’t like choosing a bride. No one had to check to see if the woman was a virgin. All Lin Shan had to do was use a white cloth to tie around her chest, walk like a boss and sound a bit manly. This was typically shown on television.

But what really bothered Lin Shan was the television commercial she had seen in her previous life. She recalled the line “Being a woman is great” and felt silent tears rolling down her cheek. Now that she had arrived here, her small buns had became big buns. Originally, she was extremely pleased, but her mother gave her a piece of white cloth.

“Luo-er, your life is at stake. For the sake of the Song Family, old and young, please do not take this white cloth off, understand?”

Seeing how solemn her mother was, Lin Shan swallowed down the words that she had wanted to say. Between choosing her boobs or her life, she obviously would choose the latter.

“Boobs could be flat. Anger could be held back. But my life must not be thrown away!” Lin Shan mumbled to herself. Then, she told Xiao Lu, who was helping her: “Tighter!”

“No problem!” Xiao Lu yelled and almost strangled Lin Shan to death.

After her chest was all covered, Song Luo wore the outfit that was sent from the Palace. Soon, she was ready to go live with her wife’s family.

Actually, based on ancient traditions, usually the wife marries into the family. Just because she was marrying into the Royal family, it didn’t mean she had to live in the Palace. However, Lin Shan was unlucky. The current Emperor actually favoured daughters over sons. He had so many sons that he didn’t mind sending a few to fight at the borders. Yet, when it came to his daughter, he wouldn’t even let one of her hairs be damaged.

The people from the Palace quickly arrived at the Minister’s residence. Aside from the mandatory marching band, there were also soldiers present. The one leading the troops was the golden sabre Imperial bodyguard, Lian Feng.

Anyone on the streets would know that Lian Feng was a powerful figure. The golden sabre was gifted to him by the current Emperor, and he had the authority to kill first and report later. He could pretty much do whatever he wanted, and that was enough for many young ladies to worship him as a hero.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was always masked and rumours spread that he wasn’t into women, most likely, Song Lin Feng would have difficulties keeping his spot as the top three hottest man in the Capital.

Xiao Lu was munching on walnuts as she dramatically spoke about Lian Feng. It evoked Lin Shan’s curiosity.

“Xiao Lu, do you like him?” Lin Shan teased.

“Who doesn’t like a pretty boy? I also like Elder Master, but sadly, he doesn’t like me. Oh Master…. how come your expression looks so dirty?”

Lin Shan puffed out her chest that was covered by the white cloth and smiled cunningly: “Your Master will take you to eat the pretty boy’s tofu, ok?”

The two of them entered the big hall. The entire Song Family had already gathered together to wait in standby. Amongst the guests, there were also many young ladies who normally wouldn’t step out of their rooms. Today, all of them cranked out their necks like geese as they desperately tried to catch a glimpse of the person.

Lin Shan followed their gaze and noticed a tall man that was standing in the centre of the hall. He was wearing a black sturdy outfit and despite the fact his back was facing her, the material was so fitting that it was obvious he had a very good physique. Lin Shan swallowed her saliva and turned to Xiao Lu: “When we get closer, I’ll accidentally shove you. Then you can go and grope him. My treat to you!”

Xiao Lu took a glimpse at the golden sabre and immediately paled: “Master, can I not grope? I have changed my mind…”

“No! What did you say a couple days ago? You are born my maid, and you will die as my maid. I’m letting you feel him, how can you refuse?”

Xiao Lu looked like she wanted to cry: “Master, this is called forcing an honest girl into prostitution…”

Finally, Lian Feng couldn’t take it anymore. Due to his high martial arts abilities, his hearing was better than the average person. He could hear everything as he turned around and coldly glanced at the two mice hidden behind the curtain.

“Ai ya, Master, he is looking!” Xiao Lu freaked out and panicked as she shoved Lin Shan, who was dressed as the groom, out.

Thus, under the eyes of everyone, the entire household saw the second young master flying into the Imperial guard’s body as she scrambled and groped like a maniac.

After she was finished, Lin Shan looked up and smiled at Lian Feng: “Uh, sorry about that. My feet weren’t steady….” Before she could finish her sentence, she was distracted by the person’s mask. It was silver and it covered half his face. She was mesmerized. Wow, the craft, the material. I wonder how much it is worth?

Her eyes glowed like a greedy rat. Lian Feng’s mouth twitched. His original cold glance had added another layer of frost. He tightened his grip onto his sabre.

Fortunately, Song Xian was alert and instantly noticed something was wrong. He rushed to pull Lin Shan aside and introduced her: “Come, Lian Superior, allow me to introduce to you my son, Song Luo.” Then, he glared at Lin Shan and said, “You punk. Why are you so careless? Quickly apologize to Lian Superior!”

Lin Shan’s heart thumped: Wow, I have never seen such a cowardly Minister. A bodyguard can scare you this bad? Psssh, it’s just a golden sabre… humph! The golden sabre must be worth a lot, eh?

The atmosphere was filled with a sense of danger as Lian Feng took a step back and tightened his grip on the sabre even more.

“Cough cough” Song Xian purposely coughed loudly.

Lin Shan finally reacted. She reluctantly took her glance away from the sabre as she said to Lian Feng: “Yes. Sorry, brother!”

Lian Feng’s facial expression remained the same as he gestured, “The time has come, Prince Consort, please.”


By now, the outside of the Minister’s residence was filled with people. The majority of them were young ladies. Aside from wanting to take a glimpse of the mysterious bodyguard, they were even more curious about the Song second young master.

In the Capital, who didn’t know about the famous first master, Song Lin Feng? Yet, many had never seen the second young master. The amount of rumours about him had already spread throughout the streets of the Capital. In every single woman’s heart, he was like a legend.

There was a saying that goes, the higher your hope, the bigger the disappointment.

As Lin Shan strolled out in the red outfit and walked like a boss, the crowd gasped in horror.

The ones that created the rumours must be blind? Although the Song second young master wasn’t ugly, his teeth and lips looked like a woman! Compared to Lian Feng, it looked like a swan was being followed by a duck. Totally disgraceful.

Hence, most of the crowd instantly left. The ones who remained only stayed for Lian Feng. As for Song second young master, from today onwards, there will be no more rumours about him.

A huge brown horse was awaiting for their arrival. There was a red decorative ball around its neck. Lian Feng stood firmly and gestured to Lin Shan: “Prince Consort, please get on.”

“Can I not get on?” Lin Shan weakly asked.

“No.” The response was clear and crisp.

“But, I can’t climb on…” The horse was clearly prepared for a man. Based on her current size, it would be impressive if she could even ride a donkey.

Lian Feng’s mouth twitched. He made a gesture and soon, a boy servant came out. He quickly kneeled down.

“Prince Consort, please.” Lian Feng repeated.

This…isn’t this what they showed on tv..where they step onto the person to get on the horse? Is that necessary? That’s definitely against human rights.

Lin Shan decided to compromise and waved her hand: “Forget it. I’ll just try to get on myself…” She motioned the boy servant to get out of the way as she attempted to climb onto the horse on her own.

Under the shocking glances of everyone, The Song second young master used both her hands and feet as she struggled to get on. She even tore off some horse fur, but still failed.

Everyone started to sweat for the horse.

Lin Shan continuously tried climbing. I refuse to believe that I can’t climb onto a horse. I will climb! I climb. I climb climb climb…. ahhh I can’t climb on! T_T

Suddenly, there was a burst of energy pushing her from behind. It was just a tiny push but her entire body was lifted. By the time she could react, she was already sitting firmly on the horse. Then, she turned back and stared at Lian Feng. Lian Feng didn’t even looked like he had flinched.

What a huge difference! Lin Shan stared at the sky as she looked distressed.

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