YH Chapter 11

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Assassin? Hearing this word, Lin Shan began to feel excitement as her eyes twinkled. She stretched out her ears and tried to listen more.

But the bodyguard was whispering in Lian Feng’s ear. Currently, both their complexion didn’t look good; especially the bodyguard. The more he said, the paler he became. He looked almost paralyzed.

Lin Shan could tell it was something serious. Did something happen to the Emperor? She was about to ask but Lian Feng had already came over.

“Prince Consort, I must deal with something urgent. So please head back to the Palace by yourself.” Lian Feng’s voice was calm. It was as if nothing had occurred.

“Uh, about that assassin…”

“Prince Consort, there is no need to worry. The assassin has already been caught.”

Oh, so they have caught him! Whew! Lin Shan felt relieved as the excitement entered her eyes once more: “I’m not busy anyway, why don’t you bring me along?”

“Although the assassin has been caught, we’re not sure if any others have escaped. Currently, the Capital is under emergency warning, so I urge you to head back to the Palace now.”

He had counterparts?! Lin Shan immediately started to feel anxious. Although she was curious about what a legendary assassin would look like, but compared to her life, her life was more important. She nodded continuously and started to head back. Within a few steps, Lian Feng suddenly called out.

Lin Shan turned and saw Lian Feng’s tall shadow that was stretched out by the Sun. His shadow reflected across the yellow city brick walls and it gave her a solemn feeling.

“Thank you.” Lian Feng calmly said.

Lin Shan felt an emotion she couldn’t describe. She smiled and nodded and quickly left.


From the City entrance all the way to the Princess’s residence, Lin Shan felt her eyelids constantly twitching. Thinking back to Lian Feng’s departing words, she felt unease. She couldn’t explain why though.

When she returned to the residence, she saw Du Ming Yue right away. Du Ming Yue didn’t even look at her. She acted like an arrogant peacock as she lifted her head and swung her hips around. Clearly, she wanted to show off her Princess attitude. But the Princess didn’t expect to be totally ignored by Lin Shan.

At this moment, Du Ming Yue was furious. She yelled: “Song Luo, stop right there!”

Originally, Lin Shan was lost in her thoughts. Suddenly, she heard someone yelling and she stopped walking. She looked around and noticed Du Ming Yue standing with a despicable look. Behind the Princess were a bunch of servants that were scared shitless.

“Song Luo, how dare you not greet me when seeing a Princess?”

Greet your sister! Lin Shan yelled from the inside. She was already a bit fidgety and was in no mood to deal with the Princess. All she said was: “Princess, you’re joking right? From history until now, the wife should be the one greeting the husband. Your expectations are unheard of.”

“W-who is your wife?” Du Ming Yue blushed and instantly her aura appeared a lot weaker.

“That’s strange. We have already completed our ceremony and even went in the bedroom. If you’re not my wife, Princess, then could the cat or dog from the streets be? Of course, if you don’t mind, Princess. I don’t mind either!”

“Song Luo! You you you….” Du Ming Yue was speechless as she furiously pointed at Lin Shan’s nose.

“I I I what???” Lin Shan shoved out her chest. My boobs are bigger than yours! What are you going to do, huh? “P-p-princess, if you have no other issues, I-I-I will be returning to my room to rest. L-l-last night at the Leaning Vermillion House was way too tiring.”

Seeing how Lin Shan was mocking her, it enraged Du Ming Yue even more. But she quickly realized something: “What did you say? You went to the Leaning Vermillion House?”

“To report to the Princess, I didn’t want to go. But the Third Prince insisted, so it was hard for me to refuse. Aiya, I am tired. I’m going to take a nap. No need to walk me out.” Then, Lin Shan turned around and started to laugh like a villain: Du Jing, you dare to take my golden sabre? Eat shit!

As expected, Du Ming Yue’s face turned green: How dare you, Du Jing? You dare to help an outsider to play me? You’re dead meat!

At the same time, all the servants behind Du Ming Yue stared at Lin Shan admiringly: Wow, the Prince Consort is too cool! He even dares to cross the Princess! What a hero!!

From then on, the rumour that the Princess was afraid of the Prince Consort spread far and wide. Song Luo’s reputation suddenly went up a few levels. He became the idol of many eunuchs and bodyguards. In addition, he went up from #108 to the top 10 on the Capital’s hottest men list! He had unlimited potential.

Of course, that will occur later on. Right now, Lin Shan still hasn’t realized she possessed so much power over the Princess. She sat on her chair and started peeling walnuts as she thought about what happened earlier.

Hmm, so strange. The assassin came into Palace and was caught. Why do I keep getting this bad feeling? Even if the Emperor wants to punish someone, he’ll probably just punish the one in charge….wait a sec! Lin Shan suddenly realized something.

Lian Feng…was a bodyguard? Bingo!

He was the head of the bodyguards? Bingo!

Last night, he wasn’t at the Palace? Bingo!

Therefore, he had failed to keep his post? Bingo!

He shall be punished? Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!

Oh my mother! Lin Shan slammed her hand on the table and all the walnut shells fell onto the ground. No wonder Lian Feng’s face looked so eerily calm. He knew he was going to be punished!

Oh it’s over! They say that staying by the Emperor’s side is like staying by a tiger’s side. Lian Feng has angered the Emperor! What if the Emperor wants his head? Then, his handsome face will be no more…. Lin Shan suddenly felt so bad and guilty. She was the one who knocked him unconscious last night. If anything, she had to take some sort of responsibility.

The more Lin Shan thought about it, the more restless she became. After walking around her room a few times, she decided to go out and take a look.

At this moment, Xiao Lu ran in after hearing that her Master had returned: “Aiya Prince Consort, you’ve finally returned! Last night, your servant was so scared! I heard the assassin was ferocious! He was this tall! This strong! And his head was this big! He also had three swords and he could fly!”

You make him sound like Ultraman! Lin Shan started to sweat. Then she remembered: “Oh yeah, they caught the guy, right?”

“Yup!” Xiao Lu nodded, “Apparently it took all the best fighters to catch him. That guy killed without blinking. He chopped off so many heads! Dozens of bodyguards were killed.”

Lin Shan felt a coldness in her chest: “Then, the Emperor….”

“Fortunately, the Emperor wasn’t sleeping in his residence last night. Oh yeah, one more thing! After the assassin was discovered last night, no one could find the head of the Imperial bodyguards, Lian Feng. The Emperor was furious. This morning, he had already summoned him for punishment.”

Lin Shan’s heart thumped.

“So….what happened to him?”

“Of course he was punished! Although the Emperor normally favours him, this time he really disappeared at a terrible time. The Emperor was so mad that he ordered Lian Feng to be whipped twenty times in public! Don’t underestimate those twenty whips. This type of whip is special; the top part even has thorns on it. It is very thick and durable…. aiya, Prince Consort! Where are you going?”

Lin Shan had already disappeared through the doors.

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