YH Chapter 10

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By the time Lian Feng woke up the next morning, the effects of the drugs had gone away. His head was still slightly dizzy and he felt a bit of weight on his chest. He opened his eyes and saw the Prince Consort lying on his chest. He was drooling and sleeping very soundly.

Lian Feng frowned and wanted to push him off. But before he could push him, Song Luo rubbed against his chest like a kitten as he licked his lips and continued to sleep.

The Prince Consort acted no different from a woman. Lian Feng’s hand paused in mid air and he vaguely remembered what had happened last night. He had almost lost control and committed a sin. Immediately, his cheeks started to heat up.

As the head of the Imperial bodyguards, he had never had any sexual contacts with women. Rumours have spread that he wasn’t lustful and that he was a good man. But the truth was, his love history was a blank piece of paper. That was the reason why he had almost lost control last night. If Song Luo hadn’t smacked him with the wooden pole, he honestly couldn’t guarantee he could have held back.

Speaking of which, despite having thin arms and legs, Song Luo sure had a lot of strength when he smacked him. It was the total opposite of the kitten behaviour he was demonstrating now.

But Song Luo was a man after all, he shouldn’t be comparing him to a woman!? Lian Feng suddenly felt like he was being ridiculous and his heart relaxed as he used his hand to push Song Luo lightly.

Feeling someone shove her, Lin Shan drowsily opened her eyes. She hazily saw a masked figure and it took her awhile before she realized what was going on. Then, she leaped and backed up like she was running for her life.

“You you you…. don’t get any closer!” Although she just woke up, she clearly remembered what had happened last night; especially the fact that she had striked Lian Feng with the pole. She used all her strength in that hit! Her hands were still hurting now. Although a hot man was delightful to the eye, an offended hot man with a sabre was no joke.

Seeing how nervous Song Luo was, Lian Feng froze and misunderstood. Could it be because he had frightened him so badly last night? That was why he was reacting with such fear? He felt extremely guilty as he reassured: “Prince Consort, the effects of the drugs are gone. Your servant can control himself now.”

I’m afraid because I know you can control yourself now! I’m worried you want revenge! Hearing this, Lin Shan was even more scared. She continued to back up and hid beneath the table like a quail.

Poor Lian Feng thought he did something that the Gods could not forgive. He felt like a sinner. This was the first time he had experienced such hopelessness as the head of the Imperial bodyguards.

As for Lin Shan, after hiding underneath the table for a while, she sensed Lian Feng wasn’t planning to get revenge. So, she bravely asked: “Umm… i-is your head ok?”

Once again, Lian Feng misunderstood. He thought that the Prince Consort cared about his injuries despite being afraid of him. How touching.

“To report to the Prince Consort, your servant is alright.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Your servant is positive.”

Hearing his serious tone, Lin Shan felt relieved. Since his head was ok, he probably wouldn’t get revenge. Therefore, she climbed out of the table and looked at Lian Feng in the eye: “Then… let’s return back to the Palace?”

Lian Feng was a bit shocked. He experienced a strange feeling he didn’t know how to describe. Then, he nodded, “Your servant will follow your order.”


The two of them ordered a carriage from Leaning Vermillion House and headed back to the Palace. Along the way, Lian Feng didn’t say a word while Lin Shan wouldn’t stop chatting.

“Lian bodyguard, you’re way too careless. Just because Du Jing told you to drink, you drank. Don’t you know what type of person Du Jing is? Clearly, he just appears like a gentleman. Deep down, he’s an immoral and despicable person. I could tell right away he is a bad guy. In the future, if he ever ask you to drink wine again….no! As long as he had anything to do with it, you can’t even take water from him!”


“Ahh choo!” Du Jing sneezed as he rubbed his nose, “Xiao Fu Zi? How come I feel like someone is cursing me…”

The tiny eunuch beside him quickly said: “A sneeze means someone is thinking of you, your Highness”


The corner of Lian Feng’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t say a word.

Lin Shan continued to curse: “I knew he was up to no good when he invited us out! He has failed as a Prince. Ugghhh and my golden sabre…ah, I mean, he even tries to bully a bodyguard. Is he even human? He can’t even compare to a pig! Pa pa pa! Comparing him to a pig is an insult to the pig!”


“Ahh choo!” Du Jing sneezed again, “Xiao Fu Zi, are you sure no one is cursing me?”

“To reply to your Highness, sneezing twice means someone misses you a lot.”

“Ahh choo!”

“Three times means the person greatly misses you.”

“Ahh choo, ahh choo, ahh choo!”

Xiao Fu Zi felt sweat running down: “…..Your Highness, perhaps you have caught a cold?”

Du Jing: “…..”


Just like this, Lin Shan wouldn’t stop cursing Du Jing the whole way back. Lian Feng didn’t say a word. Poor Lian Feng. He thought he was going to lose his mind. His face was so stiff, but clearly, Lin Shan didn’t notice as she had more to say.

“Prince Consort.”

“Being immoral isn’t scary, but what’s scary is how shamelessly good he is at it. As the saying goes, clear water results in no fishes; just like how nothing can touch a person with absolute depravity.”

Prince Consort!” Lian Feng raised his voice.

“What?” Lin Shan finally snapped out of her speech. She looked confused, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Lian Feng was speechless: “….Prince Consort. We have arrived back to the Palace.”

“Oh! So fast!?” Lin Shan awkwardly smiled, “Haha. Sorry, I was too passionate at cursing. I didn’t notice…. hey, next time we should meet up again and curse at Du Jing together. That guy deserves to be cursed at. If we don’t curse him, he probably wouldn’t feel good…. ah!” Since Lin Shan wasn’t paying attention, she was about to fall down head first.

Fortunately, Lian Feng was quick and caught her.

Lin Shan felt the sky spin as she paused in mid air. She opened her eyes and saw the bright morning sunlight spilling from head down.  Lian Feng entered her vision and she could see the silver mask shining from the sunlight. In one third of a second, Lin Shan felt a strange feeling in her heart. But it was instantly cut off by another bodyguard.

The bodyguard guarding the entrance was pale as he nervously spoke: “Lian Superior, how come you took so long to return!? I have bad news! Last night, an assassin came into the Palace!”

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