Your Highness

Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs 

Written by: Haorenka


Translated by: Grace

Modern Lin Shan somehow ended up in Ancient China. When she arrived, she had to be disguised as a man due to some superstitious reasons at the time. Lin Shan was ordered by the Emperor to marry his daughter, Du Ming Yue.

“Luo-er, your life is at stake. For the sake of the Song Family, old and young, please do not take this white cloth off, understand?”
Seeing how solemn her mother was, Lin Shan swallowed down the words that she had wanted to say.
Between choosing her boobs or her life, she obviously would choose the latter.”Boobs could be flat. Anger could be held back. But my life must not be thrown away!” Lin Shan mumbled to herself.
Then, she told Xiao Lu, who was helping her: “Tighter!””No problem!” Xiao Lu yelled and almost strangled Lin Shan to death.

After her chest was all covered, Song Luo wore the outfit that was sent from the Palace. Soon, she was ready to go live with her wife’s family.

How can she get away with this? Read to find out!!

P.S. Lin Shan is very mischievous, perverted, and strong willed. If you enjoy comedy and romance, this is the story for you!!

Main characters

Lin Shan/Song Luo – the main female lead. Lin Shan is her real name from the 21st century. Song Luo is her name in the Ancient world.

Lian Feng – the leader of the Imperial bodyguard. He always has a mask on.

Du Hao – the Crown Prince

Du Jing – the player boy 3rd Prince

Du Ming Yue – the Princess that Lin Shan/Song Luo married

Du Ye – the eldest Prince

Xiao Lu – Lin Shan’s loyal maid



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