Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 8

Chapter 8!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 8

Leading Rozenbach and Tea Cake out of the tent, Timebun planned to bring them to the gathering location for the candidates, when Tea Cake suddenly stopped walking. Rozenbach, who had gotten used to having Tea Cake as his little tail, almost immediately noticed her absence.

“Tea Cake?” Rozenbach turned back to look at Tea Cake, who was currently standing still with closed eyes and her cat ears visible on top of her head. The cat ears twitched as she appeared in deep concentration. He could not help but sigh in adoration, the cat ears were just too cute!

Rozenbach was a pet lover. Although he loved dogs the most, cats were his second best choice. He loved rubbing their smooth and silky pelts as they lazed about under the sun.

“Mistress! Royal Chef! I heard someone calling us!” Tea Cake opened her eyes and then started jumping up and down with excitement.

“What did you hear?” Timebun asked.

“It’s the Imperial doctor! She’s trying to get Miss Rozie’s attention but she’s too far away. Over there!” Tea Cake pointed at one of the audience tents right at the end. Rozenbach squinted his eyes and barely managed to spot a white figure, waving frantically, trying to get their attention. He could not help but once again feel amazed at the enhanced physical abilities of demihumans.

“Then you should go and see what Grace wants. I need to go and see if my staff has managed to handle the food properly. Beauty, just ask Grace to point out where you’re supposed to go later. I’m rooting for you Miss Rozie!” Timebun chuckled as she walked off smiling.

“Got it…” Rozenbach replied listlessly. But can you stop calling me beauty?

Tea Cake excitedly dragged her master towards Grace. It was fortunate that high heels did not seem to be invented in this world or Rozenbach’s calves would be hurting like nobody’s business!

“So you could hear me after all Tea Cake! I was so worried that you couldn’t hear me!” Upon their arrival, Grace greeted the energetic Tea Cake and the exhausted Rozenbach, who was leaning against a tree in order to catch his breath.

Why was this body of his so weak?!

“Imperial doctor called my name, that’s was why I was able to hear you!”

“Good kitty!” Grace reached over and rubbed Tea Cake’s black ears as it twitched back and forth.

Tea Cake wriggled her body and squealed, “Ahahahaha! Please don’t, I’m ticklish! Ahahahaha~!”

Meanwhile, Rozenbach looked at this adorable scene with envious eyes. He wanted to touch those ears so badly! Sneaking up on his wriggling maidservant, he timidly extended a hand towards her twitching ears…

“Miss Rozie~ An educated lady such as yourself shouldn’t be seen playing with a maid’s ears, think about what everyone would say!”

Before his fingers even managed to get within an inch of those fluffy ears, he had been intercepted with a rebuke and a disarming smile from Grace. Rozenbach had wanted to say something in protest, but his courage soon withered upon seeing the seemingly nice doctor mouth the words, “Expose. Family. Execution.”

…She’s the devil… this one…! Rozenbach inwardly screamed.

“Doctor, why did you call us over?” Rozenbach asked in an attempt to switch the topic, feeling jealous that he did not get to touch Tea Cake’s cute ears!

“Oh, that’s right! I brought you something! But get inside first.” When they were safely hidden from view inside the tent, Grace hurriedly passed Rozenbach a long silk scarf.

As his fingers absent-mindedly ran through the good quality fabric, Rozenbach tilted his head in confusion. “What is this for?”

“Wrap it around your neck! Although most people would not notice, as a doctor, I spotted signs of your true gender.”

…Why didn’t you give me that sooner!? That perverted prince spotted it already!

Despite his complaints, Rozenbach obediently wrapped the scarf around his neck, hiding his throat from view.

Grace clicked her tongue, although he did as she asked, it was too messily done for her OCD to handle. “Wrong! Wrong! How can a maiden wear her scarf so haphazardly?! Tea Cake, lend your Mistress a hand!”

“Yes, Imperial doctor!” Tea Cake quickly jumped over and helped her young master adjust the scarf correctly.

Giving Rozenbach a once-over, Grace finally gave her nod of approval. “Looks good! With this, your identity will be safer! It’s good that your voice is not that masculine! Your voice should have broken already right?”

Not that masculine?…’ Not that masculine…?!?!

“Yes!” Tea Cake answered  for her young master, who was still reeling from the shock of being labeled ‘not that masculine’.

“That’s great! Now let me lead you to the gathering place.”

They had just left the tent when a group of heavily armored men marched past, their eyes scrutinizing everyone in the area. They seem to be on edge for some reason.

“Imperial doctor!” One of the soldiers stopped in front of Grace and saluted reverently. “Have you seen the King?”

“King Sigil? No, I haven’t. What’s going on?” Grace tilted her head in puzzlement.

The soldier looked indecisive, glancing at the two young ladies beside the doctor in suspicion. After an internal struggle, the soldier signaled Grace to come closer as he leaned in to whisper something in her ears.

The expression on Grace’s face changed from surprise, disbelief and finally somber before waving the soldier off to join his comrades in their search.

Retreating back into the empty tent, Grace quickly motioned for Rozenbach and Tea Cake closer. “It’s terrible, the King has gone missing and the Queen has just mobilized the army to search for him!”

Tea Cake gasped and leaned even closer, looking extremely curious. “Why did he go missing? He got kidnapped?”

“Of course not! King Sigil is too powerful to get kidnapped. If he has been abducted, it will bring shame to the Grand Tutor’s teachings!”

“The Grand Tutor…? Wait, that’s not important! So, he ran away?” Rozenbach could not suppress the excitement in his voice. He suddenly felt that his luck was finally turning for the better!

Grace folded her arms, resting her cheek on her palm and sighed. “I thought he might have accepted it, but turns out he’s still against the idea.”

“Aren’t you guys being unreasonable? He doesn’t want a concubine, so why force him? He truly loves his wife and does not want another woman!” This was the first time that Rozenbach actually admired the King for his steadfast decision.

So cancel this selection to make your king happy! IT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY TOO! QAQ!!

Grace shook her head, “It’s not that easy.”

“How can a wife force her husband to find another woman? It’s simply illogical!” Rozenbach argued, but his gut told him that he was not getting out of this anytime soon.

Grace sighed. “It’s not the Queen’s idea in the first place. It was the Grand Tutor’s order for the King to accept a concubine.”

“Grand Tutor? The king’s teacher? Can a teacher order a King that easily?” Rozenbach’s nose wrinkled in contempt, his evaluation of the King falling once more.

Seeing that Rozenbach had gotten the wrong idea about the King, Grace began to lecture him sternly, “Grand Tutor is not just King Sigil’s teacher, she was also the one that created the Voltaire Empire. King Sigil is merely just a King of a small kingdom in Voltaire that she personally educated.”

“Grand Tutor is the strongest person in Voltaire!” Tea Cake added her few cents in. “She is the heroine of the realm that we live in!”

Rozenbach frowned. “But why does this Grand Tutor want the king to marry another woman?”

“That’s because the High Priest received a message from God. For the Voltaire Empire to avoid disaster, King Sigil must continue his bloodline.”

So, the one that I have to thank for my ordeals is this High Priest?! When I meet him, this Rozenbach will give him a good scolding!

“Unfortunately, Queen Purple cannot bear another child for the King anymore without risking her health.” Grace dabbed at her eyes as she continued.

“Then… shouldn’t it be the task of their children to save the kingdom?” Rozenbach felt the onset of a headache as he massaged his temples.

“Prince Jimminx and Princess Ruri were originally suggested to marry, but…” Grace sighed as she shook her head in pity.

“But? What happened?” Tea Cake asked eagerly.

Little Tea Cake, less gossiping will do you good!

“Prince Jimminx is only interested in cross-dressing men, which would not help in continuing the bloodline!”

“Can’t he just get a wife for a child?” Rozenbach asked without conscience. He would utilize any method possible to free himself from becoming a concubine!

Grace had a bitter expression on her face. “It’s useless. His name is on my blacklisted patient list.”

Huh? That smells like juicy news.

“How about Princess Ruri?” Tea Cake asked. She surprisingly did not pester Grace about Prince Jimminx.

“As for Princess Ruri… that’s a mess!”

“A mess? How?”

Little Tea Cake, why are you getting even excited for?! Rozenbach felt that he should teach his maid about self-control sometime in the near future.

“She’s in love with Lord Cookie, but Lord Cookie is Queen Yuuko’s lover! Princess Ruri kidnapped Lord Cookie once and got into a fight with the Lord’s cousin, Lady Kuu!”

“Kidnapping… Then… what happened?” Rozenbach was unable to keep up with the introduction of so many new people that he did not know, so he decided to just ignore the specifics and went straight to the conclusion.

“Queen Yuuko suggested sharing Lord Cookie with Princess Ruri as wives of equal footing but Lord Cookie refused as he only loves Queen Yuuko!” Grace clasped her hands together as she squealed in fan-girlish admiration.

“…And then?” Rozenbach was speechless. To some extent, he was impressed with this Yuuko person, who was big-hearted enough to share her lover with someone else.

“Princess Ruri ended up heartbroken and decided not to wed anyone!”

Well…that’s the obvious reaction I guess…Rozenbach thought to himself, but decided to not vocalize his thoughts.

“Oh no!” Tea Cake gasped. “She shouldn’t have! She must be so sad!!”

“Don’t worry, she has already given up on Lord Cookie.”

What a decisive Princess!

“To sum it up, the royal progeny are not in the right state of mind to marry. Besides, even if Princess Ruri were to marry, her children might not able to be King Sigil’s heir. So the only choice is for King Sigil to marry someone. Queen Purple is very understanding and has been crucial in persuading the king to marry!”

“Did you guys forgot that I’m a man?!” Rozenbach said in outrage.

“Of course I do. But did you forget you are just standing in for your sister?” Grace smugly smiled before asking. “Now that I think of it, does your sister look like you?”

Stumped by the question, Rozenbach was saved by Tea Cake, who immediately answered for him, “Yes! The real Miss Rozie is as beautiful as Young Master!”

“Then there’s no problem after all! As for the King, even if he’s not there, we still have the Queen to carry out the concubine selection! Let’s go, I will lead you there!”

Grace stepped out of the tent first, followed by Rozenbach and finally Tea Cake. What Rozenbach did not expect was for Grace to suddenly stop right outside the tent; he nearly crashed right into her.

Rozenbach stepped to the side and found that there was a soldier standing right in front of Grace. The soldier’s bronze-colored skin seemed to have earned from long periods of exposure to sunlight. Despite being behind Grace, Rozenbach could see the rippling muscles that his armor was unable to conceal. With the soldier’s tall stature, he looked intimidating and large, radiating charisma that made people want to subconsciously follow his orders.

This soldier is so manly! He has such a great physique, unlike this body I have right now…Why didn’t I transmigrate into a body like this…

Rozenbach grumbled as he recalled the numerous misunderstandings and injustice he had to suffer in just a short span of a few hours.

Rozenbach was still deep in thought about his ideal physique when his train of thought was abruptly interrupted by Grace.

“Your Highness, King Sigil!”

…This is King Sigil?! Where’s the hundred and fifty year old grandpa?! Q.Q

Behind the scene!

Choco: Master, the King appears!
Rozen: Reads…I guess it’s time to start operation Save Main Character from Marriage!

Choco: Master, you can never escape from the male lead’s halo!

Rozen: Pats Choco, like I said. That Main Character….IS NOT ME!! D8

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