Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 7

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Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 7

Tea Cake who was right beside Rozenbach, let out a surprised gasp. She quickly whispered to her master, “Mistress, that is Prince Jimminx. The king’s only son, the crown prince!”

Unfortunately, Tea Cake’s voice was not soft enough, as everyone around them heard what she said clearly.

Prince Jimminx did not bother to hide his pride as he beamed in amusement. “You heard her. I am Prince Jimminx. Introduce yourself to me, beautiful~.” He then ended his declaration with a snap of his fingers and a wink.

Rozenbach felt his goosebumps rise from the prince’s cheesy pose and tone.

This was the first time he was being hit on by a man!

Timebun had stood by the side as she silently watched everything. She easily deduced that the prince had already discovered Rozenbach’s true gender!

As expected of the Danmei Lover!

Prince Jimminx’s love of cross-dressing men was the worst-kept secret in the entire Voltaire Empire. He did not even bother to hide his interest in danmei, but unfortunately, no men had the desire to wear female clothes!

As for how Timebun came to that conclusion was because… Prince Jimminx never flirted with those that never interested him, especially females! Timebun strongly suspected the main reason why Prince Jimminx was not interested in females was due to his childhood trauma!

Being a crown prince with handsome looks, many females regardless of their age, tried their best to entrap him!

Shamelessly females clinging to him at every opportunity.

Uninvited females guests in his bedroom during the night.

Attempts to drug him in his meals.

Two-faced females that showed fake kindness and holy mother facades.

Prince Jimminx had gone through them all! And so, Prince Jimminx’s preference turned sideways…

Timebun had expected the prince to kidnap the beauty back to his secret hideout – Timebun quickly pushed that rude comment in her head away – residence immediately. After all, Rozenbach could be considered as the most beautiful boy that the prince had ever met!

“No, Jimminx! This is appa’s concubine candidate!”

A flash of green swept past Rozenbach’s eyes as Princess Ruri placed herself between the two. Despite being shorter than her elder brother, the intimidating aura that she gave off caused Jimminx to subconsciously take a step back.

Jimminx’s haughty look faltered for just a moment before smirking mischievously. It was only then that Rozenbach noticed that this prince was actually quite good-looking.

But that does not mean I’m interested!!!

“Lil Sis, you and I both know that Father has no interest in picking a concubine in the first place. He only agreed because Mother tricked him into doing so.”

“So you do remember that Father was going to choose a concubine! Until the selection is complete, you will not lay a hand on any of them!” Ruri fearlessly declared.

The sharp-eyed Royal Chef was prepared to step in to help Princess Ruri stop the prince from trying to get close to the beauty. However, she noticed that Prince Jimminx’s heated gaze cooled down when Princess Ruri revealed Rozenbach as a concubine candidate. For that reason, Timebun decided to remain on the sidelines and would only interfere if the situation spiraled out of control.

A servant entered the tent right at that moment, reminding the princess that the Queen was waiting for her. The princess wanted to stay until her brother was far away from the rare beauty, but everyone knew that when the Queen summoned, they had better go quickly.

The Queen was a highly independent individual who depended on no one but her husband and herself. If she had asked for another person’s help, it meant that something had gone out of control.

Princess Ruri left reluctantly, even giving her elder brother few warning glances until she was too far away to be seen.

After confirming that his sister had well and truly disappeared, Jimminx was relieved. Although he loved his younger sister, Ruri was one scary fairy – armed with glitter dust that could easily help a person and just as easily destroy a person.

Jimminx let out a soft chuckle and whispered, “Fine, but sooner or later…” The prince suddenly reached out a hand towards Rozenbach’s throat, his thumb drawing circles around a certain protrusion.

Alarm bells began ringing loudly and furiously in Rozenbach’s head! Could this prince have found out about his gender?!

Slapping Jimminx’s hand away in a panic, Rozenbach shrieked in a manner unbefitting that of his actual gender, “Prince! Please be mindful of the conduct between a man and woman.”

Grin widely, Prince Jimminx asked, “Is it really between man and woman?”

He knows! He knows! He knows!

The prince seemed to take special delight upon seeing Rozenbach’s flustered expression.

“My father’s interest differs from mine, but your fetish fits me perfectly! Aren’t we the best pair?” Jimminx’s smile deepened.

A million alpacas stampeded through Rozenbach’s mind.

Your whole family is the best pair! You’re misunderstanding this!!!

“But then… I am interested in seeing what kind of expression he will make when he finds out the truth.” The prince chuckled at the troubled sight of the frowning beauty.

…You’re evil!!

“I will look forward to your performance,” the prince sneakily darted forward, his lips lightly brushing against Rozenbach’s cheek, before strolling away, humming happily, leaving behind a dumbstruck Rozenbach.

Was I… just kissed…by a GUY?!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Rozenbach frantically scrubbed the slightly wet area on his face using his sleeves. In his desperate trance, he would have chafed his cheeks if Tea Cake had not snapped out of her delusion.

“Mistress! No! Stop! Your tender face has turned red! You’ll disfigure yourself at this rate!” Tea Cake waved her arms frantically to stop her Young Master from doing something regrettable.

Unfortunately, having heard Tea Cake’s wails, Rozenbach felt that it would be a better idea if he scrubbed his face so hard that blood appeared! After all, no one would want someone who had been disfigured!

Looking at his hands, Rozenbach took a deep breath before bringing his neatly trimmed nails closer to his pale smooth face with tears in his eyes!

Desperate to stop him, Tea Cake dove at Rozenbach, knocking him on to the floor. As a demihuman, Tea Cake’s strength was about three times more than her weak, sad excuse for a human master. After a brief but meaningless struggle, Tea Cake managed to stop Rozenbach’s attempt at self-harm by pinning his arms above his head with a single hand.

Rozenbach felt so aggrieved. Why did he have to endure such trouble for an older sister he had never met before? One that ran away with a man no less! Even though he knew that he would not want his sister to suffer such injustice, but he could not help but shed tears upon being taken advantage of because of it.

While Timebun was distracted by the magnificent scene that played out before her, a delicate maiden being forced down by her aggressive maidservant with tears in her eyes, the entrance to the tent flipped open and an elderly man entered.

“Minister Shortbread! T-this is…Are you alright?” Finally noticing the aged intruder, Timebun jumped in front of Rozenbach before noticing that Minister Shortbread had frozen in his tracks.

Having heard from his informants that Princess Ruri was in the registration tent, Minister Shortbread had decided to pay his respects to her. He had long wanted to pair his son with the King’s beloved daughter but had always met with unfortunate accidents whenever he tried to bring up the topic to the King and Queen.

Princess Ruri was widely recognized as one of the most sought-after beauty in Voltaire Empire. Wanting nothing but the best for his beloved son, Minister Shortbread felt that there was no other woman suitable to be his son’s bride. Little did he expect, that in that small white tent that isolated its contents from the world, that he would encounter someone with beauty that was on par, even surpassing that of Princess Ruri’s!

Minister Shortbread thought that a goddess had descended!

“Ah! A nosebleeding uncle!” Tea Cake commented, using her free hand to point at the unknown elder, while she continued to subdue the rampaging Rozenbach with her own body weight.

Shortbread snapped out of his trance, reaching a hand to his nose and realized that the little maid was right upon noticing his bloodied fingers. He had thought to find a suitable bride for his son, but the sight of this teary-eyed maiden that was lying on the ground with feverish delirium was too stimulating for him, and he ended up embarrassing himself by having a nosebleed!

“I-I shall take my leave first!”

Having embarrassing himself in front of the beauty and the Royal Chef, he decided to make his retreat first, and planned to find an opportunity to talk to this Goddess about marriage with his son!

It was a blessing in disguise for the emotionally-drained Rozenbach that the incident had occurred in a small tent. The ruckus had gone unnoticed by anyone thanks to the thick cloth, which might have proven disastrous had any more people entered.

“Young Master, don’t move now, this might sting a little…” Tea Cake soothed her red-eyed master as she lathered some cream onto his injured arms and cheek that had begun to swell. The medicine stung slightly but it worked wonders as the pain and swelling soon disappeared.

Timebun chuckled at the sight of Rozenbach wincing as Tea Cake treated him carefully. The way Tea Cake brought her delirious master out from his bout of insanity and comforted him was just like how a mother treated her child. On the topic of children, Timebun’s eyes could not help but linger on Rozenbach’s face.

Timebun subconsciously mumbled, “I wonder how would Miss Rozie’s child would look like? A child often inherits their parent’s appearance.”

“Miss Rozie looks a lot like Madam!” Tea Cake said.

A family huh…

The thought of his family dampened his mood. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness and arriving into this world, were the bright headlights of a car speeding towards him.

Did he die? His parents must be very sad if he had died. Wait a minute, if his body had died, then… even if he returned now, would he die too?!

“Is there really no way…?” A single tear rolled down Rozenbach’s cheek.

“Don’t be sad.” Timebun pats Rozenbach’s shoulder. “I will ask Grace to make a medicine to help you get pregnant!”

“I’m not crying because I want to be pregnant!” Rozenbach snapped back in anger.

“Tea Cake wants to carry Mistress’s babies!” As usual, Tea Cake was not on the same frequency as the people in the conversation.

Little Tea Cake, do not say unnecessary things! Q.Q


Behind The Scenes!

Choco: Master Rozen, I don’t have time today to write QwQ

Rozen: No problem! I’ll lend you a hand! Leave it to me!

In the midst of writing…

Rozen: … What are you adding Choco? A new character?

Choco: Uh-huh! Ehehehe~

Rozen: Smacks… you’re making it harder for me to connect the story now!

Choco: Ahahaha…. runs away

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