Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 5


Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

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Chapter 5

“I’m so sorry about what Bobolander did,” Timebun apologized. She genuinely felt sorry, for if Rozenbach had really eaten that red waffle, she would never make it to the selection!

“No worries. It reminded me of a little child,” Rozenbach assured the royal chef.

“That’s good. Bobo is a nice person, and very sweet too… unless the other party offends Waffles.” Timebun looked troubled.

“Bobolander seems to love her waffles a lot,” Rozenbach commented. A love that was very close to murder…

Timebun sighed and rubbed her temples, looking stressed. “Waffles is actually one of my staff that handles desserts. But she can only make waffles. They are absolutely delicious though. The Queen became interested in that dessert recently and tasked her to create waffles in different new flavors.”

“Oh.” Rozenbach never thought a person’s culinary skills would be so specialized as to only make waffles.

“Waffles’ a very shy young girl, but she’s best friends with Bobolander. They are often together in the palace, eating waffles.”

Rozenbach made a strange face… That snowman’s stomach must be made out of steel!

“Of course, they only eat waffles with flavors that have been approved by the Queen,” Timebun continued, “However, Waffles makes different flavors for Bobolander to give people to try so that her craft can improve.”

…What a cruel person! Go taste your own creations!

“Then… what is the flavor of that red waffle that Bobolander tried to give me just now?” Cold sweat formed on Rozenbach’s forehead as he asked out of curiosity, recalling that vivid red color.

Timebun placed a finger to her chin in thought. “That’s a Chilli Waffle if my guess is correct. A few weeks ago, Waffles had asked me for some chili.”

“ C-Chili waffles you say?”

“Chili is not the worst flavor that Waffles has made. I remember there was a short period where Bobolander always gave out the grey-colored waffle to those it wanted to be friends with.”

Timebun’s face went pale as she remembered that time when she had tried that grey-colored waffle out of curiosity. She had to take leave from work for three days due to the trauma she suffered.

“I have never tasted something so bad in my entire life!”

…Will Bobo even get to make friends with that?

“Fortunately, our adorable snowman soon found red to be its new favorite color. Naturally, Bobolander has no idea what the chili waffle tastes like, it doesn’t even have taste buds.”  

So the real evil mastermind behind this is this Waffles person!

“So, who is this lady?” Timebun stared at Tea Cake curiously, who was acting as if she was Rozenbach’s little tail.

“I’m Miss Rozie’s maid, my name is Tea Cake! It is an honor to meet you, Royal Chef!” Tea Cake stared at Timebun with the same expression of awe as when she had met the snowman earlier. “I have heard about your great achievements!”

“Thank you,” Timebun said in a humble tone… but why was her chin pointed upward?

“Oh no, if we continue walking, we won’t make it in time!” Timebun fretted and walked around in circles while mumbling something that Rozenbach could not hear.

“Then let’s run!” Tea Cake suggested.

“No, running will ruin Rozie’s attire!” Timebun rejected it immediately. “I’ve got an idea!”

Timebun pulled out a white meat bun out of thin air and squashed it, before throwing it onto the ground. The squashed meat bun began to grow in size until it had reached the height of a few meters.

As Rozenbach’s jaw dropped in disbelief, Timebun jumped on top of the giant meat bun and slapped the top of it. Suddenly, the top half of the giant meat bun dipped inwardly, the indentation looked as if it was formed to provide safety for riders.

“Come! I will have my meat bun fly us over there!”

Fly…This Rozenbach wonders what kind of world he has transmigrated into!

“Miss Rozie, hurry up and come up!” Tea Cake called from the top of the giant meat bun.

… Tea Cake, since when did you manage to make your way up there?!

“How did you get up there?” Rozenbach asked as he tried tilting his head upwards to look at the meat bun’s passengers. The sun was blinded Rozenbach temporarily, making him shield his eyes with his hand while squinting.

Timebun suddenly squealed, “So adorable!”

“What’s so adorable?” Tea Cake asked.

“The beauty looking up at us with teary eyes, as if we are the lords who had defiled her!”

Rozenbach, who heard everything that Timebun said, almost vomited blood from rage. He wanted this chef to feel pain!

Moments after Timebun’s delusional state, she finally realized that what she said was slightly inappropriate and coughed in embarrassment.

“It’s all my husband’s fault. He keeps saying nonsense to me that it must have rubbed off on me!” Timebun made up a flimsy excuse while pretending to be interested in the shapes of the clouds above.

However, Rozenbach had an inkling that it was the Imperial Doctor Grace’s nonsense that had influenced this Royal Chef.

“Enough dawdling beauty, we cannot be late!”

“How do I get up?” Rozenbach asked again in exasperation.

Timebun and Tea Cake fell silent. Timebun smacked her palms together and uttered, “Forgot.”

Tea Cake’s reaction was much more dramatic, as she immediately burst into tears. “I’m so sorry Miss! Tea Cake forgot that you are just a human!”

Rozenbach remembered that this was the second time Tea Cake had mentioned that he was ‘just a human’. With miraculous medicine, a talking snowman and flying meat buns, he could not help but wonder just how complicated was this world?

When Rozenbach saw Tea Cake jump down from the giant meat bun, he subconsciously ran over to where she would land, afraid that she might get hurt.

With his arms outstretched, he was fully prepared to catch Tea Cake! Rozenbach had done a good job in estimating where Tea Cake would land.

But what happened next was totally unpredicted! Due to the blinding sunlight, he could not see clearly. Tea Cake had expertly orientated her body so that she would land feet first, but with Rozenbach standing there, she had no other choice but to land on him.

Her feet landed right on her young master’s chest, and as Rozenbach was ill-prepared for the sudden change of events, he was totally helpless and got knocked down onto the ground.

It hurt! His head, his back, and his butt all hurt! But his chest hurt the most!

“Mistress! Are you alright?!” Tea Cake quickly stepped off Rozenbach’s chest before exclaiming loudly in horror, “Oh no, your chest!”

Rozenbach did not feel like getting up.

Is this the feeling of giving up?

However, with Tea Cake crying pitifully while staring at his chest, he had to let her know that he was fine.

Wincing in pain, he lifted his head to look at his bruised chest and found the left side was flat… along with a large wet stain on his clothes.

Judging from the looks of it, Rozenbach guessed that one of the oranges had been completely flattened while the other was lucky enough to escape Tea Cake’s attack. Recalling the crudely-drawn smiley faces on the oranges, Rozenbach’s eyebrow twitched at the thought of a sad, squashed orange.

Timebun quickly leaped off the meat bun and ran towards them.

“Rozie! Are you alright?” Timebun screamed in horror as her eyes locked onto the wet patch on Rozenbach’s chest. “Oh no! T-there’s so much blood! D-doctor! We need a doctor! Someone! Anyone!!”

Timebun would have eventually found someone to call for Grace if Tea Cake had not held her back.

Good job Tea Cake! The last thing we need is for more people to find out about this! Now all I need to do is to lean on Tea Cake’s shoulder and we might just be able to pull this off!

“No, Royal Chef! T-those are not real boobs! They are fake!” Tea Cake blurted out in a panic.

Stupid Tea Cake!!! Don’t just confess your crimes so easily! Q.Q

Behind The Scenes!

Rozen: Reads Oh wow…You really do not make it easy for the poor MC…

Choco: Blinks Rozenbach was born in the fiction to be trolled.

Rozen: ……

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