Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 29

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Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names! Except Priest/Glitch, he’s just as awesome 😀

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Chapter 29

Tea Cake, seemingly out of nowhere, produced a perfectly intact replica of the dress he was currently wearing.

Queen Yuuko had helpfully produced a pair of meat buns to replace the damaged ones, but Rozenbach strongly refused them. He could accept wearing female clothing, but not the meat buns!

Since the escape plan was already halfway complete, there was no need to maintain his female disguise any longer!

What if someone managed to stop his escape and discovered his gender was male? Rozenbach couldn’t care less! Tea Cake had said that the original Rozenbach family had already escaped so there was nothing left to worry about!

But Tea Cake still took the meat buns and placed them inside her storage bag in case of an emergency, ignoring Rozenbach’s angry glare.

Suddenly, Lord Cookie’s hand quickly filled with cookies between his fingers like shuriken, his body turned towards a direction with thick shadows, perfect for people to hide. “Come out!”

Rozenbach’s eyes widened when he saw a familiar figure wearing a white robe step out from the shadows.


Oh no! We’re caught!

“You guys are too noisy for trying to secretly escape from the palace,” Grace reprimanded. “Silence and stealth is most important!”

Rozenbach lips thinned in frustration. “Are you here to bring me back?”

Grace glanced at Queen Yuuko and Lord Cookie, well aware from their body language that they would not hesitate to harm her if she tried to forcefully get Rozenbach to return.

“Nah~” Grace grinned. “I’m not here for that.”

“Then, what are you here for?” Lord Cookie asked guardedly.

“No offense, but I’m more familiar with the palace than any of you. To escape without anyone noticing, you will need my help. There are guards patrolling at every exit.”

“Bring Rozenbach and Tea Cake to Draygan. Can you do it?” Queen Yuuko asked.

“Yuuko!” Lord Cookie stared at Queen Yuuko disapprovingly. His meaning was clear – It was unsure if Grace could be trusted.

“Doctor Grace knows that we were sent by Grand Tutor Etvo to help Rozenbach to escape, isn’t that right?” Queen Yuuko glanced at Grace with a knowing smile.

If Grace had not known about Grand Tutor Etvo’s order to help Rozenbach escape, she certainly did now!

Queen Yuuko had said it as a warning to Grace not to do anything to ruin their plans or she would risk offending Grand Tutor Etvo.

“Of course. I will make sure Rozenbach meets up with Draygan,” Grace promised solemnly.

Queen Yuuko turned to Rozenbach and briefed him, “Draygan will fly you out of the palace and drop you off before the border to the next country. If you are lucky, you might even meet up with your sister.”

“Thank you,” Rozenbach said sincerely, giving her a deep bow.

“Okay, follow me!”

“Let’s hope that the next time we meet, you will be dressed in male clothes,” Queen Yuuko teased.

“Count on it,” Rozenbach swore it like an oath. The thought of meeting Queen Yuuko again in female disguise would not be a good thing!

Rozenbach and Tea Cake followed Grace, their path filled with twists and turns. There were some moments he doubted if Grace was really leading them to the exit, but Tea Cake earnestly followed her, so he did not mention his suspicions.

After walking for what felt like an eternity, they reached a small door with no guards around after passing by many courtyards. His legs felt tired and heavy from all the walking.

“Pass through here and go straight. You will be able to find Draygan,” Grace whispered while opening the door by a small gap to check the other side.

“Grace, why are you helping me?” Rozenbach asked, his mind filled with numerous questions.

Grace smiled with a hint of sadness. “I was the one that pushed you to be a concubine, so it’s only natural for me to end it as well.”

“Thank you.” Rozenbach wanted to say more but it was the only thing he could say out loud without sounding like blame.

“It’s kind of disappointing that I failed to matchmake you with King Sigil,” Grace said teasingly, all traces of her guilt gone. “But then you and him are not fated to be.”

Opening the door wider, Grace gave Rozenbach a gentle push on his back out the door. “Go. Find a lovely girl to marry.”

Rozenbach laughed softly and gave her a brief nod. He did not knowing if this was the last time he would see her. “Goodbye.”

The door closed behind him, and the sound of the lock felt loud to his ears. It was as if he had closed a chapter of his life and was moving on to the next.

“Young master, we need to hurry,” Tea Cake urged. With a nod, Rozenbach tried his best to keep up with Tea Cake with his tired, aching legs.

They reached the place where dragons of the guests could rest. Some were sleeping while the ones awake kept their eyes on the two of them but did not move.

“There it is!” Tea Cake whispered with joy when she spotted the miniaturized Draygan sprawled out in a wide open area. Draygan’s ears twitched as it caught the sound of Rozenbach’s footsteps and Tea Cake’s voice.

“Draygan!” Tea Cake glomped onto the black dragon without fear. The dragon flattened its wings so that it would not hurt the humanoid cat as it ignored Tea Cake’s ramblings about good luck.

Draygan allowed Tea Cake to hug it for a while before using its tail to smack her away in annoyance.

Knowing their purpose here, Draygan yawned lazily before stretching its entire body like a cat and stood majestically upright. Tea Cake quickly stepped away and the master and servant duo watched in awe as Draygan enlarged its body, its scales hardening as they dimly reflected the moonlight.

That being done, Draygan lowered its body for them to climb up. It did not move so that Tea Cake, who was carrying onto Rozenbach, could hop onto its enormous back. There was even a small box harnessed for them to sit.

Tea Cake giggled in excitement, while a terrified, pale-faced Rozenbach slowly sat down beside her. He was afraid to experience another puke-inducing ride!

“Yay~! Let’s go~!” Tea Cake shouted in joy, not at all like fugitives running away from the King.

The black dragon let out a roar and spread its wings. With a strong flap of its wings, they soared into the sky and slowly disappearing from sight, accompanied by excited laughter and a high-pitched terrified girly scream.




The disappearance of Concubine Rosaline enraged King Sigil. He sent out every soldier under his command to find Rosaline and promised great rewards for anyone that managed to safely bring her back unharmed.

Soon everyone knew about the runaway concubine, as it was a hot topic by the No. 1 Scoop Reporter Krrizis! It was through her long cultivated connections that reporter Krrizis managed to get exclusive news from the source itself!

King Sigil only agreed to meet with Reporter Krrizis with the purpose of spreading the news of locating Lady Rosaline, hoping that someone would return her to him.

It was unknown how Reporter Krrizis managed to find out about High Priest’s foretelling of King Sigil’s need to continue his bloodline to avoid calamity. That news had created a huge uproar and everyone instantly decided to butt into King Sigil’s marriage life!

However, the uproar instantly died when Reporter Krrizis announced an even greater earth-shaking news!

Prince Jimminx was going to marry a beautiful lady! The question on everyone’s mind was if the ‘lady’ was a male! To everyone’s surprise, that ‘lady’ was a genuine female!

Not long after, the citizens of Voltaire celebrated when it was confirmed that the calamity was avoided when the news of Prince Jimminx’s Princess Consort had gotten pregnant!

Grand Tutor Etvo was relieved but King Sigil refused to stop searching for his fated one. With the blessings of his understanding wife, he passed the throne to Prince Jimminx and personally went out to search for Rosaline, but she seemed to have disappeared off the face of the kingdom.  

Soon, Reporter Krrizis moved onto the news of a handsome travelling swordsman that helped those in need.


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