Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 28


Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 28


In the end, Guan Zhong was forced to leave with Snow Potato, which immensely cheered up Rozenbach! Guan Zhong felt bad for taking the beauty’s potato, but Rozenbach had insisted he take it with him.

Take it with you, forever!

As soon as Tea Cake was no longer able to hear Guan Zhong’s footsteps, she immediately started moving. “Young master, let’s go!”

Tea Cake discarded her green robe, revealing a black suit that seemed to be made to facilitate movement. She grabbed a bag and stuffed a few sets of female clothes for Rozenbach. Then, she forced Rozenbach to wear the scary cat mask.

“Where are we going?” Rozenbach adjusted his eyesight through the slits on the mask.

“Meeting up with Miss Rozie.” Tea Cake pulled Rozenbach out of the room, her steps as silent as a thief. But Rozenbach, a person that had zero training on sneaking around, would basically announce to anyone that was listening that they were there!


“Shh! I contacted Miss Rozie earlier with an artifact she gave to me in case of emergencies.”

“You had it all along? And you didn’t even tell me?!”

“Shh!” Tea Cake quickly covered Rozenbach’s mouth with her palm. “Miss Rozie gave me the order not to tell you anything. She also told me to push the idea of you and King Sigil getting married…”

Seeing Rozenbach’s dark face, Tea Cake hurriedly explained, “But if you truly aren’t attracted to the King, I’m allowed to bring you away!”

In fact, it was Rozenbach’s tears that convinced Tea Cake that her young master had zero interest towards King Sigil. The urgency and fear in his eyes were genuine and there was no hidden affection for the handsome and dashing King Sigil.

Still, Tea Cake felt it was a waste.

She was still thinking of what to do when King Sigil made a move to force Rozenbach to marry him! Knowing that if she did not make a move, Rozenbach would not be able to escape and so Tea Cake communicated with Miss Rozie for permission to escape!

Rozenbach tapped Tea Cake’s hand that covered his mouth. Tea Cake searched for any signs of anger from her young master. Finding none, only then did Tea Cake remove her hand.

“How about the family? Will they be in danger if we run away?”

Rozenbach naturally wanted to run away, disregarding what would possibly happen to the original body’s family if the situation got worse. But now Tea Cake told him that they would be meeting up with Rosaline, so that meant Rosaline must have made plans for their family.

“Miss Rozie had someone sneak Master and Madam out of the Kingdom. Even as we speak, they are currently on the way to our neighbouring Kingdom!”

Hearing that, Rozenbach felt relieved. At least there would be no innocent people punished for his escape.

“I’m sorry Master Rozen!” Tea Cake knelt down and bowed until her forehead touched the ground. “Even if this was Miss Rozie’s plan, it’s still this servant’s fault for going along with it!”

“Stand up,” Rozenbach said but Tea Cake did not move. With a sigh, he said, “Stand up and let’s quickly leave or we will miss the chance to do so.”

Tea Cake quickly got up with a wide smile and nodded. “Tea Cake promises to bring young master back to Miss Rozie’s side!”

Rozenbach could not see in the dark, but for Tea Cake, it was an easy task. She successfully snuck past every maid or guard and brought them far away.

Rozenbach’s footsteps would have naturally revealed their position, however, that was why Tea Cake force him to wear the cat mask. The cat mask was specially designed for the thief profession, it could mask the sound of footsteps and the breath of the wearer.

She suddenly stopped and whispered, “There’s a group of people coming!”

Tea Cake and Rozenbach quickly hid behind some bushes. They peeked from the gap and found that the group of people were dressed all in black like Tea Cake, with most of their head covered.

However, they did not move past their hiding spot. Instead they seemed to know where they were hiding as they immediately dashed towards the bushes they were hiding in.

Tea Cake’s pupils shrunk as she could sense malicious killing intent from them. But the problem was, each of them in this group were more or less on par with her strength!

She would not be able to protect the young master!

“Young master, run!”

Tea Cake’s nails lengthened as they sharpened to a point, exchanging blows with the attackers, and at the same time intercepting any attacks toward Rozenbach.

Rozenbach was unwilling to leave his maid alone to face a large number of attackers, but if he stayed he would only be a burden.

“Be careful!” Rozenbach shouted before running away, however, a few attackers managed to dart past Tea Cake and chased after him.

Rozenbach could only run as fast as he could, while his eyes kept darting around, trying to find a good hiding place. But, the attackers chasing after him thwarted his attempts to hide!

The cat mask’s stealth spell would not work as those men was already aware of his position and had not let him out of their sight for a single moment

Because Rozenbach kept looking around, he tripped over stone path onto the grass, unceremoniously falling face-first to the ground.

One of the masked men laughed as he stopped before Rozenbach, holding a sword that glinted in the moonlight and said menacingly, “This job is too easy!”

With their black attire, covered faces and carrying weapons, Rozenbach could already guess these people wanted to kill him.

But why?

Seeing one of the them raising his sword to slash down at him, Rozenbach grabbed a handful of stones from the ground, planning to throw them at the attacker’s face and using that chance to run.

His nose twitched when a familiar delicious smell entered his nose. The attacker who was about to slash him suddenly exploded, flying far away from Rozenbach!

Rozenbach saw another masked man blasted away, but this time he noticed something was thrown at him right before it exploded, the force blowing him away.

Aren’t those cookies?!?!

“Lady Rosaline, are you alright?” Lord Cookie, resembling a hero saving a damsel in distress, cooly flung a few more cookies at the remaining masked men, sending them flying away from the force of the explosions.

Rozenbach was not in the right mind to answer; he was too busy feeling horrified at the fact that he had consumed a lot of the cookies that were given by Lord Cookie!

I ate exploding cookies!?

Can the cookies in his stomach be digested in time before he accidentally angered Lord Cookie one day and decided to detonate the cookies in his stomach?!

Wait, that’s not important! Will I die from eating those cookies?!

Thinking back, he suddenly understood why Guan Zhong did not eat any of the cookies despite the tempting aroma!

“Miss!” Tea Cake, with Queen Yuuko beside her, ran towards Rozenbach. “Are you alright?”

Rozenbach stared at Tea Cake with dead eyes. Here’s another one that might be killed by exploding cookies in her stomach.

Seeing her young master’s expression, Tea Cake started to panic. “What do we do? Young master has become silly!”

Rozenbach’s dead eyes immediately came alive and he glared at Tea Cake with a disapproving look. “You’re the silly one! Your entire family are the silly ones!”

“Argue later,” Queen Yuuko interrupted. “We need to get away from here before other people arrive.”

Right after she uttered those words, one of the fallen masked men suddenly jumped upright and headed straight towards Rozenbach.

“Young master!” Tea Cake shouted as she tried to shield him but the attacker was on the other side of Rozenbach. She would not make it in time!

Rozenbach subconsciously moved to face the danger. His eyes widened when he saw the moonlight reflected from the sword as it slashed straight towards him.

He quickly moved back to try and escape, and at the same time, Queen Yuuko sent the assassin flying with her potato root whip.

Lord Cookie finished off the assassin, while Queen Yuuko focused all her attention on the beauty. “Did the sword hit you? I didn’t see any blood.”

“I’m alright.” Rozenbach did not feel any pain so he knew that he had succeeded in avoiding the attack. But, strangely, his body seemed to be lighter.

Queen Yuuko suddenly let out a horrified scream as if someone had just killed her child.

“Oh no! Your meat buns!” Tea Cake stared at the pitiful end of the meat buns.

Rozenbach stared down at his chest and found that the meat buns had been sliced open. The contents were already half gone, either fallen on the ground or leaking all over his clothes.

“The meat buns! Cookie, the meat buns are injured!”

Queen Yuuko, why are you more concerned about the meat buns?! QAQ

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