Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 27

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Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 27


“Young master!”


A beautifully-shaped eyebrow twitched but the owner remained sleeping.

“Young master!!”

Poke. Poke.

“Mmm… five more minutes, mom.” Rozenbach turned away and continued dozing off.

“Young master!!!”

A rough shake on his shoulder successfully woke Rozenbach but it nearly gave him a heart attack.

The shaking was so rough that it nearly dislocated his shoulder. However, the problem was the one that did the shaking was a person dressed in all black and had a terrifying face of a savage cat! There was even something on the stranger’s shoulder that resembled a wiggling tentacles!

“You’re finally awake, young master!” A muffled voice came… from behind the face?

The savage cat face was just a mask!

“W-who are you?!”

“Huh? Young Master, don’t you recognize me?”

“How am I going to recognize you with that mask?!”

“Eh? What mask- oh! I’m wearing a mask!”

This silly person…could it be…?

The stranger removed the mask, revealing Tea Cake’s face. “Do you remember me now, Young Master?”

“Yes…” Rozenbach had no energy left to scold her. He could predict that no matter how many times he ‘taught’ her, Tea Cake would still remain the same!

The wiggling object suddenly jumped off Tea Cake’s shoulder as it shot off few roots and wrapped them around Rozenbach’s neck!

“Mommy!” the Snow Potato rubbed itself on Rozenbach’s chest. It missed it’s mummy very much! The Snow Potato had gotten even larger now and would need two hands to hold it.

“Snow Potato was crying, so I bring it to meet young master!”

Rozenbach tried to pull the roots away from his neck but his attempt had accidentally snapped one of it. He froze and quickly checked the potato’s reaction but it did not seem to notice what it’s mummy did as it was still happily rubbing itself on him.

Rozenbach quickly removed his hands to the side, no longer trying to pry the roots away.  

“Why are you dressing up like this?” Rozenbach asked and rubbed his face to clear his head from the sleep. He glanced out of the window and found that the sun was rising.

Hmm, seems that I wore myself out from worrying and fell asleep.

“No! Young master, don’t be so rough! Your skin will get damaged!”

…I’m a guy, alright?!?!

In fact, after hearing that, Rozenbach would have loved to vigorously rub his face even more! This way, no one would keep calling him ‘beauty this’, ‘beauty that’!

What stopped him from doing that was the pain from the abuse. Besides, he was curious about something else.

“Tea Cake, you haven’t answered me.”

“I got good news, Young Master!” Sudden rapid knocks on the door interrupted their conversation.

“Lady Rosaline, are you in?” A deep sounding voice quietly asked, as if fearing others would hear.

“Madam Guan Zhong!” Tea Cake immediately was able to identify the visitor and whispered to Rozenbach.

This… was it okay for Tea Cake to keep calling Guan Zhong, ‘Madam’?

Tea Cake immediately hid the scary face mask under the pillow and pulled a bright green robe out of nowhere, donning it and quickly went to open the door.

Rozenbach wondered how Tea Cake could be a maid when she seemed to break every rule of being a servant! She even opened the door without his permission!

Rozenbach quickly climbed out of the bed and fixed his clothes. Due to being used to having short hair, he was not aware of the bed head he currently had and did not fix his hair. Even with bed head hair, Rozenbach’s attractiveness did not decrease at all!

When Rozenbach was fixing his clothes, Snow Potato thought that Rozenbach was trying to remove it and so it tightened its grip around Rozenbach’s neck with its roots.

Suddenly a short root dropped onto the floor with a tiny ‘clack’ sound. It was the very same root that Rozenbach had snapped off earlier!

Snow Potato let out a small ‘Ki’ sound as it stared down at the root with a confused expression.

(Ed: OMG poor potato! Roz you meanie! D:)

Rozenbach slowly and deliberately removed his gaze from the short broken root and pretended he did not notice anything and focused all his attention on Guan Zhong.

Rozenbach nearly cussed when he saw Guan Zhong. Now he finally understood why Queen Yuuko called him ‘Madam!”

If Tea Cake had not revealed the identity of the visitor, Rozenbach would never have thought that this tall and voluptuous lady was actually Guan Zhong! With an air of indifference and nobility, he nailed the role of Madam right down to a T!

“I apologize for disturbing your rest, but I feel that you are in need of the information earlier instead of later,” Guan Zhong apologized and flashed a grateful smile to Tea Cake, who had helpfully pulled out a round wooden chair for him to sit on.

“Guan Zhong,” Rozenbach greeted with a forced smile.

“You are so beautiful, Madam Guan Zhong!” Tea Cake gushed in a flattering tone.

Guan Zhong laughed in a coy manner as he used his wide sleeves to cover his mouth.  Rozenbach’s skin broke out in goosebumps from the sight of it.

“Why… are you dressed… like this?” Rozenbach finally could not resist asking.

“If someone found out a man had entered your bed chamber unchaperoned, it would not be good. So I decided to disguise myself and pretend to be a good friend visiting a bride-to-be in case I’m spotted by someone.”

“I see…”

“Miss Rosaline. I have news for you.”

Tea Cake swiftly poured tea for Guan Zhong and Rozenbach with the appearance of a professional maid. After that, she hurriedly grabbed a beautifully crafted wooden comb and fixed Rozenbach’s easily smoothened hair.

“You found her- him?” Rozenbach quickly rectified his mistake. “Is my younger brother in disguise?”

“He’s currently disguised as a swordsman. My men found that he’s traveling with a noble man and his guards.”

Noble man? Could it be that prince from the neighborhood?

“Based on his tracks, we can safely deduce that he’s planning to cross the border out of Voltaire.”

“Can you bring him back?” Rozenbach asked hurriedly.

“I doubt it. The guards your younger brother are traveling with are hard to deal with. In fact, I don’t even want to be their enemy if possible. Your brother’s lov- friend is not simple.”

…Guan Zhong, you were going to say lover, weren’t you?! Elder sister, your taste is pretty dangerous!

“Did you find out who’s that noble that young master is traveling with?” Tea Cake asked anxiously.

Guan Zhong’s expression told them it was not good news. “That man, if I’m guessing correctly, is the Crown Prince from a neighborhood land.”

Tea Cake gasped in realization. Instead of worry, her eyes shone with pride! Rozenbach quickly pinched Tea Cake’s arm and manage to get rid of her inappropriate expression.

“I apologize for not being able to bring your younger brother back.”

“No, you’ve done well. I don’t want you to sacrifice your men’s safety.”

Guan Zhong’s eyes showed warmth. This beauty was rather understanding! If King Sigil had not laid claim to her, perhaps Guan Zhong would have pursued her!

Tea Cake suddenly placed something on the table. “Have some cookies.”

“Aren’t these cookies from Lord Cookie?” Guan Zhong asked in surprise. However, a hint of fear could be seen on his face.

Rozenbach stared at Tea Cake in disbelief. This was given to him by Lord Cookie, wasn’t it? And he could see some cookie crumbs around Tea Cake’s mouth!

Feeling cheated, Rozenbach quickly grabbed one and ate it.

“Oh, this is good!”

“Yes!” Tea Cake cheerfully agreed as she sneakily grabbed another one and ate it. “Madam Guan Zhong, have some too!”

Tea Cake, don’t act as if it’s yours!

“I already had my breakfast,” Guan Zhong declined with a forced smile. The master and servant duo did not notice as they were only too happy that there will be one less opponent to fight for the cookies.

“I will try to contact my friends. Perhaps we might be able to help get your younger brother back.”

Rozenbach was about to accept but Tea Cake cut in, “That won’t be necessary, Lord Guan Zhong.”

Rozenbach could feel himself trembling as he stared at the turncoat maid with bloodshot eyes!

Guan Zhong was surprised. “No need?”

“My Mistress will be anxious and worry for you and your friends’ safety, and would even feel guilty if anything were to happen to you and your friends. As a maid, how can I let my mistress undergo this pain?”

What anxious? What worry? What a bunch of lies!!!

“My Mistress only asks for Lord Guan Zhong to help locate Young Master Rozen. That will be enough to ease Mistress, Madam and Master’s worries.”

Guan Zhong stared at Rozenbach with unidentifiable expression. “You will only wait for your younger brother to return by himself?”

Rozenbach would have shaken his head and pleaded with him to bring Rosaline back, but the fierce, piercing eyes from Tea Cake threatened him to agree with her!

Tea Cake’s expression was serious, with no hint of her silly, bubbly antics. Her eyes seemed to beg him to trust her.

Rozenbach sighed and scolded himself for being such a pet loving fool.

“Yes, I will wait for Rozenbach to return by himself. I believe one day he will come back home… soon.”

Feeling as if he had sealed off one of his escape routes, Rozenbach did not hesitate to grab all the remaining cookies. Tea Cake stared at the cookies longingly but did not make a move.

“I understand. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Guan Zhong stood up but stopped halfway, his upper body bowed.

“W-what?” Guan Zhong was extremely shocked to find a spirit Snow Potato dangling in front of him with its roots circled around his neck.

What surprised him the most was that he had not noticed when this Snow Potato had approached him! As a mercenary, Guan Zhong’s senses were very sharp, so how could this Snow Potato breach his defenses?

“Pretty Papa!” The Snow Potato suddenly called out to Guan Zhong.

Rozenbach was not jealous of Guan Zhong being identified as a male despite his disguise! QAQ! NOT AT ALL!!!

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