Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 26

Chapter 26! Enjoy \0/

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 26


“There’s someone anxious about you, so we shall have our talk at my residence,” Grand Tutor said.

Someone that’s anxious about him? Could it be Tea Cake? That poor maid must have been worried about him!

The trip to Grand Tutor Etvo’s residence felt long and short at the same time to Rozenbach. He feared what Grand Tutor Etvo would do yet he hoped that she would be kind to him, offering him a way out.

When they entered Grand Tutor’s residence, Imperial Doctor Grace and Queen Ruyi were there, sipping tea leisurely. The round table was filled with simple snacks that the two ladies were enjoying together with their tea.

Upon seeing their arrival, both Ruyi and Grace immediately stood up and greeted Grand Tutor Etvo with a curtsy.

Although Queen Ruyi was surprised to see Rozenbach together with Grand Tutor Etvo, she did not inquire about it.

“Ruyi,” Grand Tutor Etvo began as she sat down and immediately a cup of hot tea was presented to her by Grace. “I apologize but there’s something urgent that needs my attention. Perhaps we can chat another time?”

Queen Ruyi was a good friend of Grand Tutor Etvo. Both enjoyed each other’s company as well as their love for tea.

Queen Ruyi nodded. “Of course, Grand Tutor. Actually, I’m here to pass my greetings and to inform that I would be returning back to my kingdom now.”

Grand Tutor Etvo stared at Queen Ruyi in surprise. “You have been here for not even a day.”

“I am in a hurry to give my husband a miracle medicine that Lady Rosaline has kindly used as the transaction payment.” Queen Ruyi smiled towards Rozenbach.

“Miracle medicine?” Grand Tutor asked, slightly curious. Queen Ruyi’s husband was one of the very few Kings that did not need Grand Tutor Etvo’s teaching before being allowed to be a King. With high intelligence and wise judgment, there was almost nothing Grand Tutor Etvo could impart.

It was rather unfortunate that this wise King had fallen ill three years ago, and his current condition had rendered him bedridden. Grand Tutor Etvo had given him the best medicine she could find but it could only slow down his deterioration.

“It’s a Beauty Pill, Grand Tutor,” Queen Ruyi gushed, flushed with happiness. Although Beauty Pill was famed for giving a person youth and beauty, it was also a very valuable medicine for the most dangerous illnesses.

Grand Tutor Etvo and High Priest stared at Rozenbach in surprise. It was not that they looked down on Rozenbach, but his background was not high in this Kingdom. In addition, the Beauty Pill could be considered as the rarest in the whole world.

“That pill was given to me by the hippo- I mean, Countess Ying.”

When they heard it was Countess Ying that had given the pill to Rozenbach, their surprise vanished.

Countess Ying, one of the best treasure hunters in Voltaire, would be the only one to give away a valuable pill without feeling any heartache!

“I have no use for that pill anyway,” Rozenbach added thoughtlessly.

All the ladies present felt their hearts burning in anger! The only reason Rozenbach could disregard that pill was because of his natural born beauty that could overturn a country!

High Priest discreetly let out a small cough as if to remind the ladies to behave themselves!

“Is that transaction between Guan Zhong and Rosaline?” Grand Tutor Etvo asked Queen Ruyi.

“Yes. It’s to help Lady Rosaline find her twin brother.”

“Tell Guan Zhong to hasten the search,” Grand Tutor told Queen Ruyi in a firm tone, “The time limit will be tomorrow night.”

Rozenbach felt his heart slowly released from the painful squeeze. The Grand Tutor was on his side!

Queen Ruyi was shocked that Grand Tutor asked this for a mere concubine! Perhaps the rumors of King Sigil being Grand Tutor’s favorite student was true after all!

There were many rumors about the fight between King Sigil and Grand Tutor Etvo. There was one version that was especially famous, which was where Grand Tutor Etvo adored King Sigil so much that she did not want him to marry!

“It would be difficult for me to promise that on behalf of my younger brother,” Queen Ruyi decided to speak truthfully instead of making false promises, “There will not be enough time to find Lord Rozenbach.”

“Tell Guan Zhong that I will pay for the expenses of using transmission stones.”

“G-Grand Tutor!” High Priest stared at Grand Tutor in horror. Transmission stones were very expensive items due to what it did, as well as the high demand!

With transmission stones, a person could have long distance conversations in real time. This item was especially loved by a group of people that committed shady dealings! The only disadvantage was that a transmission stone could only be used once.

“In my long life, I have accumulated many treasures and gold. What is there to worry about?”

Indeed, Grand Tutor Etvo was one of the top three wealthiest individuals in Voltaire. Paying for few transmission stones would not even make a dent in her wealth!

“I will inform my younger brother. I shall take my leave first.”

After Queen Ruyi left, Rozenbach turned to Grace. “Where’s Tea Cake?”

“I don’t know. She just ran off after saying she will look for help.”

Rozenbach was speechless. Where will Tea Cake look for help?

“Rozenbach. That person in the mirror, is that your sister or you?” Grand Tutor Etvo asked after taking a sip of her now-cooled tea.

Rozenbach, with a forced smile on his face, replied, “My sister. I do not have that jade with a red streak.”

“Jade with a red streak.” Grand Tutor revealed a shocked expression and needed more than a minute to readjust her expression back to a neutral one.

“Grand Tutor Etvo?” High Priest asked worriedly. At this age and time, there were not much that could shock Grand Tutor Etvo as she had seen and experienced a great many things.

“That’s a very strong amulet,” Grand Tutor Etvo mused, as she nodded as if she had finally understood something. “No wonder you can’t find her. That jade can stop any tracking spells used on her.”

“Scarlet Jade?” High Priest guessed tentatively. “But that’s impossible!”

Grand Tutor Etvo nodded in confirmation. “Scarlet Jade… it seems that the man that travels with Rosaline is a royalty of a neighborhood land.”

“A royalty needs permission to enter another land,” Grace said in excitement. “Do you know who that royalty is, Grand Tutor?”

“There isn’t any royalty that has visited Voltaire recently. Those that have visited have already returned to their own land.”

Rozenbach might not know much about this world, but he had some common sense. For his elder sister to run away with a neighborhood royalty was not good news. She could be labeled a traitor!

Grand Tutor must have understood what Rozenbach was thinking because she immediately told him, “Do not jump to conclusions. Until we find out the truth, be open-minded for any possibilities.”

Rozenbach nodded dejectedly. Even if she said that, his mind could not help but jump to a dangerous conclusion.

“You can only wait for news now. Go and take a rest.”

“Will it be easy to find Rosaline?” Rozenbach asked with uncertainty. Rosaline had, after all, managed to keep the search party from finding her up to now.

“Even if Priest’s eye of foresight fails, we can count on Guan Zhong’s ability. He isn’t the best mercenary for nothing.”

High Priest sighed, looking depressed. “I can only help in keeping an eye out for witnesses that have spotted them.”

“Priest, work together with Guan Zhong. Prioritize the search for Rosaline.”

High Priest bowed. “Understood, Grand Tutor.”

“Grace, bring him to rest,” Grand Tutor Etvo commanded and Grace immediately complied.

Rozenbach looked unwilling but he swallowed back his feelings of injustice and followed Grace out of the room. He could only hope that Guan Zhong managed to find his elder sister.

Grand Tutor Etvo sighed, and for the first time, behind the youthful facade revealed an old soul that had seen and experienced too much of the world.

“Etvo, you do not need to interfere with it,” High Priest said with worried eyes on Grand Tutor. “Just let King Sigil find out the truth by himself.”

High Priest knew that even if King Sigil were angry with Rozenbach after finding out the truth, he would not harm him.

But if Grand Tutor Etvo continued to interfere with King Sigil’s marriage, their fragile relationship might fall apart.

“Rozenbach does not deserve this,” Grand Tutor said calmly and poured tea into her cup.

What she did not reveal was her discovery of a foreign soul that had possessed Rozenbach’s body yesterday. It was unfortunate that the original soul of the body had departed to the afterlife, and Grand Tutor had no desire to punt this innocent foreign soul out of the body.

If she did, that foreign soul would immediately die as the tiny vortex that created a portal for it to arrive had disappeared.

High Priest sighed but did not continue to persuade her. Grand Tutor Etvo was a person that would help those in need, no matter how insignificant that problem was. As long as the citizens of Voltaire needed her, she would continue to guide and help them.

Rozenbach was busy pacing back and forth in his room that was as wide as an apartment back in his original world.

He glanced outside repeatedly, but it was still late afternoon! Although Guan Zhong was given time until the next night, he still felt that time was moving unbearably slowly!

How to end this torture known as waiting?! Q.Q

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