Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 25

Chapter 25!
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Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan
Pikachu Edit: Priest

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 25


“W-what-what are you doing here?” Rozenbach immediately tried to back away but the bed was behind him!

King Sigil slowly smiled, and if Rozenbach was a ‘bent’ person, he would have fallen for that devastating smile! A smile that seemed to be teasing yet seductive at the same time!

“Getting married to you.”

It took Rozenbach a few blinks to finally get what the King meant. Rozenbach’s eyes widened in horror. “Y-You mean a rehearsal? Marriage rehearsal?”

Suddenly King Sigil’s eyes darkened, and he radiated a dangerous aura. “Today, this King will have you as my wife.” He grabbed one of Rozenbach’s wrists and gently pulled him closer.

At that moment, Rozenbach spotted two large red candles and a few joss sticks were lit up! He trembled as this picture looked very familiar to him. It was the same setting as those dramas in his original world where the couple would marry!

“No! I won’t marry you!”

King Sigil’s eyes turned dangerous. “So what Teacher Etvo said was the truth. You do not wish to marry me.”

Rozenbach’s eyes widened. “She said that to you?”

“She tried to set the wedding in seven days. She had interfered when I married Purple. Now she even wants to interfere in my second marriage!”

Rozenbach could not help but tremble in fear at the sight of a very angry King Sigil.

“Tell me beauty, do you want to marry me?”

“I-I…” Rozenbach wanted to answer honestly, but currently, King Sigil was in a very dangerous mood! Would the King kill him if he does not like his answer?

Suddenly, King Sigil’s eyes warmed and shone with gentleness. “If you marry me, I will shower you with all my attention. I will love you till the day I die. I will not let you suffer even the tiniest bit. You will be known as my second wife, not a concubine.”

A loud smash saved Rozenbach from having to answer anything. A wooden door sailed straight towards King Sigil’s unguarded back!

“Danger!” Rozenbach could not help but cry out.

The warmth in King Sigil’s eyes grew at what Rozenbach said. His beauty cared about him! He did not face the incoming door and just let it hit his broad back. The door immediately turned to dust from at the slightest contact with King Sigil’s back!

Rozenbach gaped stupidly and King Sigil let out a soft chuckle seeing his beauty’s cute reaction. He could not resist dropping a chaste kiss onto Rozenbach’s tempting lips. The beauty immediately turned to stone.

I…I got kissed by a man!

“Sigil!” A furious voice cut in between the lovey-dovey interaction of the couple. Annoyance could be seen clearly in King Sigil’s eyes when he looked at Grand Tutor Etvo, but she was not even intimidated by it and glared angrily at him!

“I will marry her,” King Sigil stated arrogantly.

“I forbid it!”

Yes, good! Forbid it!

“Grand Tutor Etvo, is there a reason why you forbid their marriage?” Queen Purple appeared with Countess Ying, who only seemed to be there to watch a good show. Although Queen Purple asked in a polite way, no one would miss her eyes filled with hostility.

Grand Tutor Etvo gave High Priest a glance before turning back to King Sigil.

High Priest stepped forward to face Queen Purple. “Queen Purple, Grand Tutor Etvo explained it clearly yesterday.”

Grand Tutor Etvo and High Priest had thought they managed to get the reluctant King Sigil to postpone the wedding. King Sigil had originally protested vehemently, with Queen Purple backing him up, but, in the end, he gave in to the pressure.

If Grace had not suspected the twelve maids were actually Queen Purple’s private guards, she would not have gone to notify Grand Tutor Etvo. Then, King Sigil would have already forced Rozenbach to marry him!

“Seven days or three days does not make much difference,” Queen Purple pointed out.

“Delivering the artifact would take more than three days time,” High Priest explained.

“Grand Tutor Etvo, if Lady Rosaline isn’t King Sigil’s fated one, you will forbid the marriage?”

“Yes,” Grand Tutor Etvo answered Queen Purple. “Sigil, release Rosaline.”

“No. I will not let you stop me from getting what I want.”

“Are you challenging me?” Grand Tutor Etvo said dangerously, as sparks of electricity emitted from her body. Her terrifying aura was once again unleashed and Rozenbach found it hard to breathe as his legs turned weak and threatened to fold from the pressure.

King Sigil was quick to hold Rozenbach up before the beauty could fall to the ground. Rozenbach’s face was pressed onto a hard and muscular chest! He could even feel a large, warm hand around his waist!

H-help! Help meh!

King Sigil’s back was straight as he faced his teacher, but his pale face was the only proof that Grand Tutor Etvo’s dominating pressure had affected him.

“There is no need for seven days.” King Sigil took out a gold-framed round from his sleeve.

“That’s…!” Grand Tutor Etvo was the first one to recognize that mirror. It was one of the lost artifacts that could divine a royal’s fated one! “Where did you find that?”

“It was my wife’s gift to me when I reached a hundred years old.” King Sigil’s face was no longer as pale as before. The surprise had successfully dimmed Grand Etvo’s terrifying presence.

“With this, I already know… this beauty is my fated one.”

King Sigil pushed a small amount of his energy into the mirror and it shone brightly before showing a very familiar looking beauty!

“That’s younger sister Rozie,” Queen Purple said but there was no surprise from her as if she had already known of it.

“Finally found his fated one, huh?” Countess Ying said and glanced at Queen Purple out of the corner of her eye with worry.

King Sigil, Queen Purple, and Countess Ying had assumed that the beauty shown by the mirror was the beauty that the king was currently holding in his embrace, but Rozenbach, Grand Tutor Etvo, and High Priest knew the truth!

That beauty from the mirror was the real Lady Rosaline!

Rozenbach did not know if it was a good thing that others had not noticed that his elder sister in the mirror was dressed as a man!

As for the possibility that the image was actually Rozenbach…no one knew it clearer than Rozenbach himself!

That beauty in the mirror had a piece of jade with a streak of red through its middle which Rozenbach did not have!

“There is no other reason for delaying the wedding,” King Sigil said. “Or does Teacher Etvo admit she does not recognize this artifact?”

High Priest stared at Grand Tutor Etvo worriedly. She could use her position to command King Sigil to postpone the wedding, but that might harm their delicate relationship.

The hostility from King Sigil’s marriage with Queen Purple had not been completely forgotten. Grand Tutor Etvo knew that as well and could no longer delay the marriage.

“That is one of the high-level artifacts that had gone missing almost a decade ago. It is a wonderful surprise to know that the artifact is in good hands.”

“It was my grand uncle’s,” Queen Purple revealed the truth. “He had found himself in conflict and managed to discover this artifact to help find his fated one.”

“Your grand uncle? Perhaps… the legendary danmei?” Grand Tutor Etvo asked.


“The first man to ever marry another man,” Grand Tutor Etvo commented and gave Rozenbach a sideways glance that seemed to contain a deep meaning.

Although Rozenbach was not clear what the gaze meant, it still gave him chills.

“Sigil, did you not notice what the beauty in the mirror is wearing?”

Rozenbach jolted in surprise and stared at Grand Tutor Etvo in horror.

What is she trying to do?!

“Male clothes,” King Sigil answered with a frown. “Are you trying to say my new wife is a man?”

Rozenbach had already started sweating in fear! He did not even dare to move or breathe loudly!

“If your fated one is a man, will you still marry him?” Grand Tutor Etvo asked, her eyes expressed her anticipation of her student’s answer.

“Rozie’s a female.” King Sigil frowned. “There is no way that my fated one will be a man.”

Grand Tutor stared at King Sigil in good humor. “That sure? What if your fated one is truly a man?”

“I’m not interested in males,” King Sigil answered without hesitation. In fact, his eyes showed nothing but disgust at that thought.

Grand Tutor Etvo turned to Queen Purple. “You know your husband well, and yet you still gave him a treasure that belonged to your grand uncle.”

“I am nothing but respectful to my grand uncle. King Sigil knows it well.”

“Alright. I will not stop your marriage any longer.” Grand Tutor Etvo peered at the mirror and said nonchalantly, “It seems that Lady Rosaline enjoys cross-dressing.”

“I do not mind indulging my beauty’s enjoyment,” King Sigil said.

“Oh? Then, don’t mind this old lady’s worries if you accept her… enjoyment.”

King Sigil lowered his guard at Grand Tutor Etvo’s acceptance and broke out in a boyish smile so full of charm that Rozenbach nearly fell into a daze.

“But! The wedding will be three days later.”


Grand Tutor Etvo raised a hand to silence King Sigil. “This is your punishment for going behind my back. Or you want your wedding to be a year later… or more?”

Queen Purple stared at her husband with eyes that told him not to provoke Grand Tutor Etvo any further.

“Teacher, then, please attend my wedding in three days.” King Sigil had no choice but to swallow his protest. It was already a miracle to get his teacher to agree to his second marriage without raising even more of a fuss.

Grand Tutor Etvo nodded with a pleased smile. “I want to properly attend and celebrate your wedding in a grand manner. It’s been a while I’ve tasted your royal chef’s meat buns.”

Countess Ying walked towards Grand Tutor Etvo and held out a mouth-watering meat bun. “I got some from Timebun.”

Grand Tutor Etvo laughed and said, “Ying, you never fail to please me!”

“Is there one for me?” High Priest asked.

“Get it from Timebun yourself,” Countess Ying said, enjoying High Priest’s disappointed expression.

King Sigil stared down at the beauty in his embrace, ignoring the banter going on. She was peering upward at him with an adorable dazed expression, which made him feel as if a kitten had tickled his heart, making it itch.

“Then, it’s decided.” Queen Purple decided to take things over from the King, who was already lost in his own world with his soon-to-be-wife.

“Lady Rosaline, allow me to escort you back to your chambers,” High Priest said with a gentlemanly smile. When King Sigil did not react to his words and continued staring down at his lovely soon-to-be-wife, High Priest decided to interfere.

With a wave of his golden staff, a bright green light shot out and wrapped around Rozenbach’s body. The green smoke was trying to pull Rozenbach out of the King’s grip, but the King refused to release his beauty!

Grand Tutor raised a hand and a small ball of electricity formed within her palm. With a flick of her slender finger, the ball shot out and hit King Sigil’s arm.

The piercing sensation caused King Sigil to release his grip on Rozenbach, allowing High Priest to retrieve him.

“As per tradition, the bride and the bridegroom must not meet each other until the wedding vows. Do not break tradition, or you will be scorned.”

“Sigil understands.” Even as he said that King Sigil’s stared at Grand Tutor Etvo as if she had confiscated his favorite toy!

Grand Tutor Etvo laughed inwardly at her student’s sulking face and turned to walk out of the room, with High Priest and Rozenbach following quickly behind.

King Sigil’s eyes never left Rozenbach’s tiny form. He could feel the King’s intense stare all over and his body shivered in reflex.

When they were far away from the room, Grand Tutor suddenly spoke up, “I have something to discuss with you.”

Please be lenient on this pitiful me! Q.Q


Behind the Scene!

Two yellow long ears suddenly appeared on Grand Tutor Etvo’s head. With a mighty cry of ‘PIKA!’, her cheeks turning bright red and discharging an electric bolt! Huehuehue

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